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  1. Feezelbum

    Car Thread

    Missed this thread somehow... Here are my girls (yes, I am a Mustang guy): I track the '67 Fastback, and I'm currently restoring the '68 Hardtop (J Code Sprint). The '86 "four-eye" is the father-son project that is also a work in progress
  2. Just popping in to add a little Kyuss love....
  3. Been buying from Sweetwater for years. I have almost as many guitars as I have speakers >.< Yes, I have a problem, and my Wife is an enabler. I just ordered 4 monitor stands for my rears and surrounds this weekend. Michael Bolton is "my guy"... Good company.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated! Our room is approximately 10' x 22' (width measurement is based on the alcove where the equipment sits) and is somewhat challenging for the size of the 115's (please ignore the TV wiring and clutter in the pics, as that's my wife's new 75" that I just put up and I'm not managing the wiring until the new Marantz arrives). Our viewing area is about 19' back and a door, windows and fireplace also make it a bit challenging for the surround speaker locations. As you can see from the pic, wall space is limited up front, which is why the 10" subs were my initial plan. That being said, my purchase is complete, and all items are being shipped: 2x RP-250S 2x RP-160m 2x RP-500SA 2x R-115SW The wife purchased a narrower A/V stand for the equipment so I can cram the subs in, but my concern is there will only be about 40" of separation between them. I could move them outboard of the RF-7's, but then I would need to bring those in a little closer which may obscure the TV, which is currently centered on the viewing position. Did I go a little overboard for this space?
  5. Greetings all! I am looking to setup my first HT system, and was hoping for some recommendations (or blessings) for my speaker purchase(s). I currently have a Marantz SR6013 9.2 channel AVR on it's way that will be powering my existing RF-7ii's, an RC-64ii and a R-10SW. I was looking at adding another R-10SW, 2x RP-140SA on the sides, 2x RP-250S for rears, and 2x RP-500SA for (Atmos evelvation). Does this seem to be a good path for my first HT set-up?
  6. What options does your 67 have? You need a Cammer in that car! Roger The best option was the pretty blonde in the drivers seat (the wife) . Course, she'll spend most of her time in the passenger seat if I have my way. She's got her own pony. The decoder plate on the door is long gone, as the door isn't original, so unless I cough up $200 for a Martini report, I really wouldn't know. Motor is stock from a '94 mustang according to the seller. It has an 8" rear end with 3.73 gears, and he included a new 4.11, but I think I'll stick with the 3.73. Once I recover a bit financially from the initial purchase, I do plan on dropping in a Tremec TKO 500, and a maybe new motor. I was contemplating a 347 stroker or Coyote down the road, but this motor has plenty of life left, and there is a few things I would like to do suspension wise first (coil over 4-link rear and rack and a Mustang II front end). Another cool thing that was included with the car is the original owners manual. Car was built in Jersey and sold in Jacksonville. It made its way to San Diego in 1969 where it's been ever since. I am the 4th owner.
  7. After many years of dreaming, I finally picked up the car I've always wanted, but for one reason or another, never obtained. I've had 2nd and 3rd generation stangs along the way, but the fastback had yet to make it to the stable... until last Friday that is. '67 Ford Mustang Fastback 302 from a donor late model Paxton Novi 1500 5 speed Needs clutch and tranny work, some electrical and all interior and trim done, but I needed a little project to stay outta the wife's hair anyway. Wife approval... Check. His and her stangs... Check. Mid-life crisis aversion... Check.
  8. I guess I'm with the group of fortunate souls that have forgiving and understanding wives. Every time I say I want something, she says "well, go get it.' And when I tell her I don't have the coin, she ends up buying it for me. I keep hoping that I come home one day to find that '67 Mustang Fastback in the driveway I have been telling her I want for the last couple of years....
  9. no, it's about the NFL owners sucking the publics money dry… ^^ This! The stadium issue has been an ongoing soap opera here in SD for 14+ years. I WAS a long time Charger fan until about two years ago. I could no longer turn a blind eye to the corporate welfare these NFL teams extort from their host cities. The Chargers have been in essence playing rent free in a stadium that has cost us taxpayers millions of dollars a year just to maintain. I do hope that the Chargers opt to move to Inglewood, and the Raiders, as well as the NFL in general, just keep their distance.
  10. Donation sent last week, but I guess I used an incorrect address. Corrected and resent, hope it's not too late. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  11. Sent one as well... Location helps. You guys are quick to the draw! Looks like he's located in Beaufort, South Carolina. Nice Belles, GLWS!
  12. In your Internet Options, under the advanced tab, you can disable debugging, which should stop the message. Script errors can be caused by an error in downloading a webpage, but it's usually an error in the webpage itself.
  13. Haha... Yes, the subs, the subs... I still have all of next week off, and only have 2 "honey-do's" left on the list. I priced some Baltic Birch plywood while I was out and about today, and I'm I might try my hand at that F-20 since my confidence is on the high right now
  14. Thanks for the advice! I usually keep it at fairly respectable levels, but ya, I was a little over 12 o'clock when it happened O.k., who am I kiddin.... I run 'em a bit hot most times. Crossover conversion is a little unnerving given my weak understanding of all things dealing with electrons, but I give it a go if all goes well with the diaphragm. Put a 1 amp fuse in the speaker line and it will stop blown tweeters. Klipsch recommended 1 1/4 amp when I bought my speakers but they can be hard to find. It will still play plenty loud before fuse blows and if it blows you then know you had it too loud. There are other ways to protect the delicate k77 but it involves some electronic knowledge. Sounds like a great idea, and one that I can handle with my limited skills. The good news is I got the new diaphragms installed. My confidence is growing a bit with the soldering iron. I hooked up the tweeter placed it on the top of the cabinet to make sure it was working before putting it back in, and it sounded a wee bit weaker than the other original tweeter, but at that point, I was just happy it was actually producing sound. Odd thing was that after I mounted the tweeter back in the cabinet, it seemed to gain a little more projection, and was much more closely matched volume wise to the original. Overall, it seems pretty evenly matched with only a slight variation that I can certainly live with. I'm just glad to be back to listening again.
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