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  1. Nice, I will buy it. I enjoy many genres. Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
  2. I'll have to check this series out.
  3. Recently wrapped up the complete Safehold series by David Weber. If you like military sci-fi and classic naval adventures this is very original and highly recommended. https://www.goodreads.com/series/58713-safehold It would make for an incredible movie franchise.
  4. YK Thom

    Any Knife guys?

    This is the sort of set I need.
  5. YK Thom

    Any Knife guys?

    Great thread. I have been using some very modest chef knifes that I keep as sharp as possible. I also have a very heavy and very sharp Chinese cleaver which is perfect for certain uses. I'm definitely in the market for a good quality chef's knife and a proper carving set. I've never owned one and have been carving with the chef knife which isn't ideal.
  6. Hi, an alternative to redoing the doghouse is to adhere black cloth like the Belles. I've seen photos from several people who have done this over the years. Really dresses them up IMO. Something like this:
  7. Stain and varnish in a colour that matches or is close to your other wood furniture.
  8. Thanks for the information MeloManiac.
  9. I enjoy direct comparisons like these. I can definitely hear the improvements with the new Hersey, the JBL/Cornwall was good as well. Both sound very very good, an edge to the Cornwall for a bit more detail and clarity. Horns make a difference.
  10. Another great one lost.
  11. I concur with the others re repair/rebuilding the 650s. Nice heavy duty units specifically designed for movies. I can't see how replacing some parts would exceed your tentative budget. Edit: I just found an old thread that may be useful. RF 7s could be a good option for you as well if the repair proves difficult. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/138370-kl650-thx-or-rf7-iis/
  12. You'll be fine with them in that room.
  13. I haven't heard a pair of the IVs in person. With all the covid restrictions I haven't been outside of the Northwest Territories since March 2020. I was flying out of Ottawa back home just as the initial wave and shut downs hit Canada. I have watched and listened to just about every video review I have been able to find. They seem pretty damn good, although at the present time time too large for my current space which the Forte IV might fit nicely. One of the only wide baffle speakers out there, which is quite unique in 2022. The only other that comes to mind are the DeVore Fidelity various "ape" series speakers which are supposed to be extremely good. We have some family business in Ontario to attend to this coming summer, I'll find a pair to demo whilst there.
  14. -40 the other night (Dec 28). No photo shop. I didn't finish the whole beer outside though.
  15. I have one more thought; have you considered rearranging the room? Placing the TV and speakers on the short wall to the right? My concern is that you will end up regretting getting rid of the Fortes down the road. Truth be told, they look very nice with your hardwood flooring. Far nicer than black speakers ever will.
  16. Very nice, they are immaculate looking. Congrats.
  17. Probably a good way to go. Will they sound like the Fortes? No they will not, but a pair on nice stands with a small sub will sound very good in a room this size. I used to run a pair of their predecessors (RB61 IIs as my mains) on nice metal stands. Visually they open up the room, and if you spend a little time noodling with the sub settings they will sound like floor standers.
  18. My BB Priv died on me last year, I got a Galaxy, the first non BB in my life. My wife's Priv died in the fall, she has also gone the Galaxy route. I still miss my physical keyboard.
  19. Nice to hear, a friend suggested it may be what I am after so I have been looking into them.The reviews sound very good. Not insanely expensive either. Was it a pretty seamless addition for you?
  20. Very good. I like this guy and his presentation style. Nice to see his wife has gradually become an integral part of the process. They work well together.
  21. The Pro-Ject turntables are quite nice, the Klipsch edition would be well worth having.
  22. I am seriously considering a Bluesound Node 2 this year.
  23. Starting off the new year a little nippy, -41 with a -52 wind chill. Good day to stay in and listen to tunes which is exactly what we are going to
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