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    Gentlemen, I thank you one and all for the responces as well as the generous offers to put a spare mic in the mail and send it all the way to the Canadian Arctic to a person you have never had the chance to actually meet.
    This speaks volumes about the character of the members of this forum.
    It seems we share more than just a love of the classic American sound and our hobby in general.
    Through my personal network up here, I have fluked into one which I can borrow tommorow ( what are the odds?) so my situation is solved
  2. YK Thom's post in Speaker Wire Gauge Recommendation was marked as the answer   
    Thanks LaScala at rio, 14 it is.
  3. YK Thom's post in AV Furniture for large centres was marked as the answer   
    Had a few pints and went over plans with my friend last night. He is going to replicate the Haven 72 for me. We are going to purchase the lumber tomorrow and I'll have to do some searchingly for nice hardware - hinges and handles.He assures me it will be ready in time for our move into the new condo the end of August.
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