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  1. One K-31-K Woofer for sale. Used but in great working condition. These woofers are very rare and hard to find since they are not longer in production. Made for the Klispch KLF-30 Speakers Asking $90 + Shipping to the US only. Paypal only, I'll cover the fees. Please let me know if you need some more info or pictures. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info talmadge! I think I'm going to end up replacing the four woofers too.
  3. He does but I'm trying to get the original to match all the other woofers. I'm also considering the GoldWood GW-12PC-8 which is recommended by Simply Speakers (Authorized dealer for klipsch repair parts). What do you guys think? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info, unfortunately the CF3 woofer is smaller than the KLF-30's
  5. Hi! Long story short, one of the woofers on my KLF's cracked I called Klipsch and they don't sell it anymore. I also asked about the K-31-E and it's gone too! I know that Bob Crites sells a replacement on ebay, but I'd like to match the woofer to the originals. If someone has a replacement for sale please let me know. I could pay via paypal or cash if you live around the Chicago area. Thank you! David
  6. Yes, I would really like to match all the woofers. Are there any physical differences between these two? Thanks!
  7. Are there any differences between the K-31-K and K-31-E? Other than the manufacture? Thanks
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