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  1. AaronH, That's a great price who did you get them from??? I would love to find someone to sell at that price shipped :-)
  2. I agree on the 7ii perhaps Christmas will com early and I will find a seller
  3. I live in the Bridgewater, NJ area... And I would love to find some 7ii's And the 64ii for just around 2K so we will see.. and yes I did say I was looking for a 4 speaker center but a well matched 2 speaker center that kicks butt would do. again thanks for all the input...
  4. Budget is sort of an issue already spent 2K on the in ceiling and plan on getting the 2 subs @ approx. $899 ea, so sort of left with about $2k so unless some one wants to sell me 2 - RF 7ii and a RC-64 ii and 2 - RS 62ii any takers Ca$h I'm all in and would be a happy camper, now in reality I am budget restricted so would the 2 - RF 82ii with a RC 62 ii and 2 - RS 62ii work in a room my size, which I can get for just shy of $2K Thanks for your reply
  5. Hi, Any suggestions / recommendations would be great A few specifics... The room is 18' W x 24' D I like a mixture 40/60 movies/music Yamaha rx-a3040 with some external 5 channel amp @200w+ . I am looking at for mains and center and surrounds Mains....is between RF 82ii or RF 62 ii Center ...either RC 64ii or RC 62ii or the rp-450 c or 440c The thing is, I would like 4 center speakers not 2 on center channel surrounds.. ?? need help with mains first I already have 6 CDT-5650-C in the celling in an Atmos config in addition I plan on having 2 R-115SW subwoofer so with all the above said and the room size and media mix, what would the best configuration be Thanks in advance for any suggestions Mark
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