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  1. I'm looking for the following capacitors to repair MCM-1900 crossovers. I would appreciate if someone has these parts or knows of the best option for replacement, I would appreciate it if you let me know.


    Thanks for your time


    W41A1070E01    70 UF 100  60 HZ 90C        AEROVOX
    W45A1013E21    13 UF 100V 60HZ 90C        AEROVOX
    KKSF25030GQP1    30UF 250VAC 60HZ 70C    CORNELL DUBLIER



  2. On 8/2/2020 at 1:40 AM, carlthess40 said:

    Did you get the passive crossovers with them? If not you will need a dsp unit or amps with them . If you have the crossovers. Then they will sound great with a high power kt88 tube amps. Nice find and great sound from them. Hope your room has a ton of space

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    yes I have the klipsch MCM Passive Crossovers type M-3B, Thanks friend!

  3. On 11/26/2008 at 3:02 PM, Billy joe said:

    I have k43 woofers in my lsi's and i am thinking about installing k33's in them. Does anyone know what a fair asking price for the k43's would be? or maybe someone has k33's that they would like to trade for them. Thanks.

    hi friend, if you sell the k-43 please let me know, I need a pair



  4. On 8/31/2018 at 4:05 PM, Chris Kidd said:



    I have a complete MCM 1900 System that I am considering selling. They are the black fiberglass coated with the metal edging like the ones in the earlier post in this thread.

    (2) MWM Duals with K43E

    (3) MWM Singles with K43E

    (1) MWM Single Clone I built to match with K43E


    (I may have MSSM and MSM transposed below. I forget which is which.)

    (2) MSSM with 12" EV woofers   (I have the original Eminence drivers but they need reconing) + some more spare EVs

    (2) MSM Horns with the (4) Manifolded k55s each

    (2) MTM Piezo arrays (These will need rebuilding)

    (2) Similar tweeter boxes with (2) Small bullet Tweeters each (not Klipsch)

    The speakers are connectorized with EP-4 and I have some multi way harnesses and rack panels . 


    I was using it in a multi Amp 4 way configuration, but I also have the (2) Passive crossover units.

    I can throw in a single LSI split bottom cabinet without driver and (1) one or two extra k43E frames that need reconing.


    I am in Monroe, LA .


    I was thinking to ask like $ 5,500 for all but I am open to negotiation.


    I enjoyed using this system when I could but it has not been out in a while and if someone else could put it back into service and enjoy it , I'd like to see that happen.


    Not getting rid of any of my LaScalas or Heresys any time soon. Always been a Klipsch Fan !


    Please let me know if there is any interest.


    Chris Kidd


    hi friend, I looking for a pair of MSM, do you have any for sale?

  5. On 11/12/2016 at 3:17 PM, jdlanctot said:

    Hi All,


    **This is a re-post from January with several updates.


    I have an MCM 4-way system with a noteworthy background and in very nice condition that’s looking for a new home.


    This set was originally built in August, 1984 and used as the house “mains” in the 1180-seat Performance Hall at Lincoln Center (pictured) in Fort Collins, CO – a premier concert venue that played host to literally dozens of national/international musicians and Broadway shows while this system was in service (I have a fairly good list of artists and play dates drawn from local archives and the historical society). These speakers have carried the voices and music of many names you’d recognize, including Willie Nelson (1999), Nickel Creek (2006), Tracy Chapman (1995), Michael McDonald (1994), Ray Charles (2002), Manhattan Transfer (1992, 2009), Charlie Daniels (1986), The Beach Boys (2000), Wynton Marsalis (1992, 2008), B.B. King (2003), The Indigo Girls (2010), Ricky Lee Jones (2009), and Lyle Lovett (2007), to name just a few. Hank Williams’ daughter Jett played there (1993) in a unique appearance with a rendition of Hank’s Drifting Cowboys Band.


    The system was removed from Lincoln Center as part of a major renovation to the building in 2010, in which the architecture and acoustics of the Performance Hall were significantly updated. They made their way into the hands of a local church where they were used as part of a portable system for a period of time, taking a number of dings and scratches along the way. I purchased them at the end of 2013 from a gentleman in nearby Loveland who was using them as part of his home theater system and was preparing to move to a smaller residence.

    Over the last two-plus years, I’ve spent time giving them a refresh. In addition to the cabinet bumps and bruises, one of the K-43s was missing, one of the K-55s was inoperable (no obvious reason why), and several modifications had been made for portable use – Neutrik Speak-On connectors were added to the input panels, some of the fuses were bypassed, and the MWM input panels were recessed so they’re flush with the surface of the cabinets.



    I’ve taken care of the driver & other electrical issues and the system sounds absolutely amazing. There’s no evidence it has ever been pushed to its limits. I turned it up in a 50 x 80 foot room with a 9-foot ceiling (200W/channel Soundcraft amp), and it actually started snowing tiny pieces of ceiling tile all across the room. I’ve also spent significant hours on the cabinets, replacing/updating hardware, fixing the more significant cosmetic issues, and painting them with Duratex paint from Acrytech (3 coats on the exterior surfaces). Having worked with Klipsch MCMs professionally in the past and having also spent some time rubbing elbows with engineers at the Klipsch facilities shortly before these were built, I couldn't pass up this project. I’m now looking to find them a new home since I don’t have the space for them at my place.

    Here’s the low-down on the system components:
    2 – double MWM subs, each with 2 Klipsch K-43 15-inch drivers
    2 – MSSM low mids, each with a single K-41 10-inch driver
    2 – MSM high mids, each with 4 K-55-M compression drivers
    2 – MTM tweeters, each with 5 piezo drivers
    2 – MMTM tweeters that were added to the system later, I believe in the early 90s based on serial numbers, each with 4 K-77-M drivers (nice bonus!)
    2 – M-4-B passive crossovers. One has a City of Fort Collins asset tag on it.

    Each section pair is sequentially numbered, and about half of them still have their inspection tags.

    Keep in mind I don't see this as a touring system - no handles or trim to make them roadworthy. Permanent installation in a 500-1500 seat venue, home theater, or some other non-travelling use is going to be ideal (although I suppose some of you more clever folks could retrofit them).


    Some additional notes in the interest of transparency:

    As stated above, during the time this set was part of a portable system it sustained a number of dents and scratches. While great care was taken and quality materials were used in the refinishing work, there are still some imperfections in the finish. However, the original finish was not as durable as the new, and the cabinets likely took some dings & scratches in their original installation and subsequent removal. Overall appearance is almost certainly much better now than when they left the Performance Hall.


    Other cosmetic defects of note:

    1. Klipsch logo plates on the MWMs and MTMs have some scratches (pictured). I checked with Klipsch and they no longer stock the plates, so I left them as-is.



    2. The logos on the MSM horns took some dings that a previous owner touched up with less than perfect results (pictured). Not being an expert with fiberglass, I left them as I found them. It doesn't really detract from the overall appearance.



    Weight and Transportation

    Those familiar with MCMs know they’re a bear to move. Larger sections move quite easily on furniture dollies, which I'll include if desired, but they have no handles so lifting must be done with care and forethought (and several sets of hands). That said, transporting them from Colorado myself when I bought them turned out to be easier than I anticipated.

    I’ve checked into transport via freight door-to-door, which seems to run an average of about $1.50 per mile. I'm open to exploring that option with the buyer, and would pack & pallet for no extra charge.


    I have several avenues to sell them but want to start with the Klipsch Community first.

    Given their present condition and where they came from I'm asking $4500 w/pickup in Minneapolis, but I’m open to discussion.


    As for myself, I’m a Klipsch enthusiast dating back to 1978 when I heard my first pair of La Scalas. Since I was doing some freelance sound work and my budget was tight back then, I picked up a pair of Industrial Heresy’s (HI-BG) for use in small venues and got raves. In 1982 I went to work for a local company that sold the Klipsch Professional line, and I had the privilege of spending some time at the Klipsch facility in 1983, including visits to the Paul Klipsch home (any others of you know about Paul's train set? He gave me a demo - funny story.). I upgraded to La Scalas that year (still have them), and I never get tired of their magnificent sound.


    Thanks everyone!




    IMG_1931.JPG   IMG_1919.JPG


    IMG_1952.JPG       IMG_1953.JPG


    IMG_1927l.JPG   IMG_2973.JPG






    hi friend, still have the components? I was interested for a pair of :  MSM,  MTM & MMTM, for your attention to my request, thank you 

  6. On 6/15/2018 at 10:42 PM, carlthess40 said:

    Here’s a few pics that I took for someone else here on the fourm
    It’s basically two sets put together of the mids and lows
    It’s a four way with the crossover boxes
    The last thing I remember is some where around 2k without drivers. I though that was way to high. But I could pass you his info if you like though email. He is in Longwood Florida and the system is at his wood shop 





  7. 1 hour ago, carlthess40 said:

    I know where some are. But they don’t have the Klipsch drivers in them any longer
    I tried to work out a buyer for the guy on the hole setup but he wanted to much cash for it all.

    there are only boxes without components? if you have the contact to request pictures and prices we appreciate your help , 


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