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  1. Type E-2 crossovers pulled from a pair of Heresys before replacing with Crites. Note: I did no critical listening thru these before replacing, buy at your own risk. $55 PP F/F conus shipped for the pair.
  2. Pulled for a pair of Heresy grills. A bit of corrosion on both, pictures tell the story! $50 PP F/F conus shipped for the pair.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a pair of La Scalas from the 70's or 80's somewhere near the Los Angeles area (will drive up to 3 hours each way). A natural woodgrain (birch, walnut, etc) with no grills would be preferable...see attached photos for reference. Please PM me if you have a pair you'd be interested in selling. Thank you! -
  4. hello everyone, i'm looking to buy a pair of 70's or 80's la scala's in the southern california area. in a perfect world they'd be the ones in the photo below, but i'm open to other ideas as long as they're a lighter wood variant and don't need too much work to be up and running. please PM me if you have anything available. thanks!
  5. hi everyone-- shipping to my neck of the woods was a bit pricier than i'd hoped...therefore, these excellent speakers are still available!
  6. Anyone have a spare/functional Heresy II crossover they'd be willing to part with? The one I'm in search of is in the photo attached. Thanks!
  7. oops! my apologies...longtime forum lurker, not a whole lot of posting experience. i have a friend coming by for a demo this weekend. let's consider these sold, however, i will alert the forum and post prices if he ends up passing! cheers to you all!
  8. Hey guys, I recently did a little upgrading on my main system which frees up this wonderful combination of a barely used and unaltered current production McIntosh C22III tube preamp w/ remote, original packaging, manuals & power cable ( http://www.mcintoshlabs.com/us/Products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=preamplifiers&ProductId=C22 ) and a beautifully restored McIntosh 225 tube amp from Vintage Vacuum Audio ( http://www.vintagevacuumaudio.com/amps-for-sale/ ). I'm very tempted to keep these pieces for my secondary system but it's a bit overkill and I should probably move them out to help pay off the upgrades! I'd like to keep this sale local, I'm in Los Angeles and will happily demo on my khorns! Please send me a direct message if either (or both) of these are of interest and we can talk numbers & further specifics. Cheers!
  9. SOLD- thanks! Hi folks, I yanked these AA crossovers out of my '73 K-horns after spicing them up with the Crites version. They're a bit dusty but sounded great to me. Time to pass them along to somebody else... How's $150 CONUS shipped sound? (friends/family paypal only please) PM if interested... Cheers, zach
  10. Hey gang, I'm working on a Garrard 301 build and am trying to track down an affordable Ortofon 309 or SME 3012 12" tonearm...is anyone holding? Cheers!
  11. Hi folks, Casually beginning the search for a Gerrard 301 (grease bearing in cream would be ideal)...please let me know if you have one that's for sale and running well. Cheers!
  12. hi folks, i'm looking to grab a pair of heresy's in southern california. unfinished birch is ideal but will consider any finish other than black. please message me if you're holding... thanks!
  13. hey gang, looking to grab a nice pair of 2nd hand cornwalls in southern california-- anyone holding? cheers!
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