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  1. I just got a call from the Klipsch dealer who will be filling my order and he is out of the RC 52 II and is giving me a RC 62 II at the same price, made my day- Thanks for all the suggestions!
  2. I just bought a new house with a 20'x20 room that will soon be my first home theater. To kick it off, since I have heard great things about Klipsch speakers I just ordered the following to start building my system: (2) RF-82 II (Left and Right) (1) RC52 II (Center) (2) RS52 II Surround rear I will be adding a sub, probably the R112 as well- If anyone could give me advice on what you feel is the best receiver to pair them with, your experiences with different brands etc. I'd like to spend under $1,500 but will spend more if I need to. Id appreciate any advice on the subject. Thanks- JF
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