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  1. I have some spare crossover components that are in perfect working condition, contact me if interested. 2 T3As autoformers 4 2.5mh autoformers 2 125 uH coils 2 0.5mH coils 2 resistors?
  2. 001 should have been 007😁. Also,this IS the Garage Sale section...anything else?
  3. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/d/scottsdale-klipsch-cornwall-1s-and-2s/7528411653.html
  4. I read that these subs suck but wow do they sound incredible paired with La Scalas! Bridged, 2 ohm tap on one MC7270
  5. I have Lascalas and they don't have the bass Cornwalls deliver!
  6. My Sansui G9700 has 4 speaker outputs, what's different?
  7. I've heard of plenty 4 channel systems, no?
  8. I have two McIntosh MC7270 amps and four Cornwalls. Which is optimum, bridged mono or stereo mode? Thx
  9. I have to part with either my 1984 cornwalls or my 1986 cornwall 2s, any thoughts on which?
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