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  1. all av receivers that I know of will use the mains to "image" or create a virtual center. This actually works pretty well and better than having an unmatched center. Spend your upgrade money wisely, meaning buy quality that you will use for many years. A lot of speakers cheap is a poor choice in my opinion. Used subs and speakers is an option. Cheaper speakers work best in back, where your current B-20 could end up some day.
  2. My opinion after years of HT in my home. In order of importance. Mains Subwoofer Surround Front Rears Use the mains you have until you feel the need to replace them, then use them for surround, later for rears. Image for the center until you need to get a center. Sub is very important, get a good one and it will last you until you feel you need to get a second one.
  3. GeneT

    Oppo Decision

    I am in a similar boat but want 4k upscaling. Problem is my bluray is is a Panasonic BD85 I picked up last year on ebay for $30. I looked for one because it had component out at 720p which I needed for my projector. Now I have a 4k LED and use HDMI so don't use the component out. The BD85 is slow. Sometimes just doesn't work and I need to run a cleaning disk. Must be pretty dusty inside. I believe there is a difference between the low priced players and the higher end stuff. Probably quieter and faster. Some put in expensive audio output capability. The Oppo looks to be a good value when compared to comparable quality. But having said that I may just buy another used Panasonic on ebay with 4k and wait for something to come along I like better.
  4. not sure I agree so much with this. Changing mains to small and letting sub handle what it is designed to do is what gives your amp a break and do its jub of providing headroom to other speakers.I understand this is the conventional wisdom, I only know what sounds best with my system. For music listening I use an expanded stereo, so the sub gets 80 and below for all speakers except the mains.
  5. I think you answered your own question. You NEED a sub. Keep the mains large but everything else small. Crossover at 80 and your system will sound amazing. Providing you get a good sub. The KG5.2 is a fantastic speaker but mine roll off below 30hz. Still like running them large however because the sound is crisp. Your amp will also be able to send better power to all the speakers because the sub is handling the high power low stuff.
  6. Space Battleship Yamato. Just watched this, again. I like it, wife not so much. Sound is good but not a subwoofer test. The first time I watched it in english. Ever since with subtitles. If you can get past a spaceship being built out of a WW2 battleship then the rest is easy.
  7. I am thinking I could repackage a 2.2 to fit my cabinet. I may look into that. I added a picture of the front stage in my family room. I only have 8" between the TV and cabinet, Cabinet will take 7" and width up to 30". The system sounds great but I am aware of you only know once you change something. I only became aware of the Crites upgrades recently so haven't done it yet (unsure of costs and improvements). I love the speakers and remember the process for getting them. Back in the day when you could actually audition equipment. The store had 3 speaker listening rooms, based on price. I used Bonnie Raitt as my test music. The KG5.2 were the finest by far from the middle priced room, I even preferred them to the KG5.5. The biggest improvement I have experienced lately has been the addition of the SVS 20-39PCi. Found a used one for a good price. I was shocked by the amount of sub bass in music, kettle drums and the like that were missing before. I had been using the JBL E250P which added some bass but was missing the teens and low twenties. And now I need to watch (listen) to all my favorite movies as they are a new experience.
  8. I really appreciate the info. I don't see how I would use those as I don't have room near the TV. So I will live with what I have and look to replace the 3 fronts. Are the Reference series better or worse than the KG's? Or just different?
  9. Thank you, I will look into those.
  10. My home theater is an odd collection of speakers with the KG5.2 as mains. About 10 years ago I got an SC1 because it has a horn and fit nicely in my cabinet. Everything sounds good, but I am sure the SC1 is the weakest link in my setup right now. I am looking for a KV3 as I have read it may be the best match for the KG's. It also comes in an oak finish which would match my room better(and would be visible as it won't fit in the cabinet). However, I wonder how much difference it really makes as the receiver compensates for a different speakers anyway. Would I end up being happier with an RC52 II? That would fit in my cabinet so black is OK, and anything else would need to sit on the cabinet below the TV, so height is limited to 7.5". There is no rush to change, only a desire to know what to look for. Here is my setup: Xover at 80hz (all speakers set small except the KG's) Pioneer SC-81 7.2 - Klipsch KG5.2, SC1 center, KSB2.1 SB, Acoustech sides SVS 20-39PCI & JBL E250P Subwoofers Appreciate any insights. Thanks, Gene
  11. Never mind. Going in a different direction. Thanks.
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