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  1. You can go to the Belkin website, select support and type in the product model number, this should give you documentation for that device. I have a Cisco wireless router and only use one of the wired ports for my PC, but wirelessly, my phone, iPad, TV, and Mac Mini. For a test I streamed a movie to the TV, while moving music files from my PC to my Mac Mini, watching YouTube videos on the iPad and reading email on the phone, nothing slowed down it just worked. I do believe it will depend on your service provider and the bandwidth you purchased.
  2. Got to see Queen back in 1980, I was 17, fresh out of high school. I couldn't talk any of my friends into going "their loss"....This was one kick *** show that I'll never forget.
  3. Maynard, I completley agree with this and you are not wrong. Seems to me the Tube Section on The Klipsch Audio Community should already be in place and available.
  4. This is a great read... http://www.vox.com/2015/6/29/8847863/holographic-principle-universe
  5. Love this.... Ha, now ya know just one more reason im in NO HURRY to join a club that would have me as a member
  6. Turn down the tunes, and look for a house in the coutry, your hobby and this Apt aint going to work out, ya know this guy will likely call the cops next right? Yeah your right....maybe after I retire, 8 more years, I'll find my place in Hailey Idaho... Funny on the cop thing, if they were Omaha, I'd simply say "Do you want to sign in to network tomorrow" beings I live in C/B not sure how this would go over...LMAO....
  7. Folks....Saturday has been awesome Just one more and I'll shut the hell up..... Macy Gray, The Trouble with Being Myself, "The whole flipping album".....
  8. Love to share what I listen to and what sounds good here on my system Chris Duarte...Romp...My My enjoy....
  9. MyOwn

    What I Got Today!

    IbizaFlame, Awesome for you ....Happy listening!!!
  10. One more Punch & Slam tune Spoon, They Want My Soul, Knock Knock Knock Enjoy life and family and music, nothing else matters....No matter how Fu'.....up this crazy *** world is
  11. I think this would be a great name for a Tube thread on Klipsch Forum "Punch & Slam"
  12. minemark...I will find it and play it, promise I'll get back to you, Here's one with Punch and Slam.... I could only find on CD, Anders Osborne, album Peace, "Let It Go"
  13. Good afternoon on this fine Saturday... For those tube owners "me included" Do you have punch and slam? Play Awolnation "Sail" and tell me your thoughts... sitting at the 10 o'clock volume position and Flipping OMG....so I keep going louder and the neighbor comes nocking at the door..."I live in an apartment" I offer the guy a beer and he refuses asking to turn it down....I guess I'm stuck at 10 oclock
  14. Thinking Awolnation...coming to Sokol Underground July 26th
  15. This is probably a good opportunity to mention that I've petitioned Chad to try (on an experimental basis) adding another forum category- "Tubes and Klipsch." As all know, most of the speakers work very well with tube amps ranging from flea power to high power. A specific forum category for that would certainly contribute to public awareness. It certainly won't hurt sales and can only increase them. If you guys agree, send Chad an email supporting the idea. I'm hoping that if there's enough interest expressed, he'll give the idea some consideration. This is a wonderful idea... Love this quote..... A scientist is giving a public lecture. During the course of his speech, he predicts that in 100 billion years human life will become extinct. A man in the audience, obviously upset, asks the lecturer to repeat the statement. "I said", quotes the professor, "that in one hundred billion years, human life will no longer exist." "Oh, thank goodness", replies the man, much relieved, "I thought you said one-hundred million!".
  16. WoW...to many beers for a Thurstie Thursday, I meant "STEAL"
  17. I'm a fan of Bruce Rozenblit....Trancendent Sound...Thought I'd post folks still his designs and sell them on eBay " or host Amp Camp in Australia... Intellectual Propert....If you want DIY, or kits... visits his web sight....I'm telling you, if you build, or bye kits to build, or have some one else build the purchased kit you will be amazed...I cruzed his website forum for 2 Years before I pulled the trigger on what I purchased. True DIY designers.... "Bruce" deserve a break...
  18. Jacksonbart What Nora Jones' album? 1. Come Away with Me....HD Tracks 192k AIF 2. Feels Like Home....Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez DSD 3. Little Broken Hearts....Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez DSD 4. Not Too Late...Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez DSD I do have all these as purchased CD.....HiRez download is just as hit and miss as buying physical media....I can honestly say these downloads from their respective places won't disappoint.
  19. I Quacked it....DuckDuckGo.com....Google Blows It came right up
  20. Posted 25 June 2015 - 05:51 PM They don't make good house pets. I don't think birds do either....Okay you bird lovers don't hang me for this... On another note...What's Sweet???? Nora Jones on my system
  21. What do you know about hedge hogs? I had to look it up https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0AHM1uzsZiM
  22. MyOwn

    Hi-Res Audio

    Thought I'd post this form Enjoy the Music.com Hi-Res Audio Specifications Discussion To Aid Content CreatorsThe Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, established for producers, engineers, re-mixers, manufacturers, technologists, and other related creative and technical professionals in the recording field, today have announced that during CE Week they will embarked upon the creation of a series of Hi-Res Audio Production Guidelines. Their goal is to further "clarify the technology and techniques essential to producing great high-resolution music". While many major record labels, The DEG, and The Recording Academy agreed upon a common definition for Hi-Res Audio, there appears to have been some "misperceptions still remaining when it comes to the correct methods for recording, mixing and mastering these titles resulting in the creation of Production Guidelines". According to the press release we just received, topics to be addressed within these guidelines include: • The importance of providing masters that have either been digitally recorded or re-mastered from analog sources at the highest resolution possible. • The value of establishing workflow protocols and procedures for recording new projects at 96kHz/24-bit and higher. • The need for utilizing best practices when transferring analog masters to hi-res digital formats. • The importance of packaging Hi-Res Audio files with high quality digital liner notes, credits, and other descriptive metadata that complements these recordings. • The use of best efforts when documenting the origin format ("provenance") of these recordings, in order to provide as much transparency to consumers as possible. • A list of recommendations that support the minimum production requirements necessary to enable music labels to deliver Hi-Res Audio content.
  23. Thought I'd let you all know I purchased from the Klipch Gear Shop last Thursday these items 1. The Offenders Tee 2. Matte Black Coffee Mug 3. Vintage Real Wood Sign 4. Bottle Opener These arrived Monday, the coffee mug didn't make the trip, completely broken right in half. I contacted the gear store by email, and promptly got this back..... Hi Stephen, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will send you a new mug ASAP, and you will have it this week. You will receive tracking information when it leaves our Indianapolis facility. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Best regards Cybergroup International Corp. Eric Yaggi Warehouse Manager I got the replacement today in fine shape.... Thank you Eric....
  24. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisment. Better yet, having folks over for a few beers and a listen. I lked your review. I'm not one to articulate how my system sounds, I just know it gives me chills when I'm listening....
  25. Have you seen this guy WOW!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56duVYLsd4Q&feature=player_detailpage
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