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  1. Thank you for the welcome. We've reached out to Bob Crites for capacitors and crossovers. We'll let you know when we get these speakers playing again. Best Regards, Russ
  2. Rick, Thanks for the response. Yes, I checked tweeters. Both tweeters have same impedance readings. Will resume trouble shooting tomorrow. Best Regards, Russ
  3. Thanks again for the great responses. I will keep you posted on progress. Best Regards, Russ
  4. Big thanks to everyone that replied to my post. I will swap crossovers to confirm and follow-up with Bob Crites. Best Regards, Russ
  5. I recently purchased a pair of vintage Khorns, approximately from 1963. One speaker plays fine while the other has little to no high frequencies. I switched the K55 drivers from one speaker to another. Both K55 drivers seem to work fine in the one speaker, while not working in the other. Respective drivers from one speaker have the same impedance as the drivers in the other speaker. I've swapped out amps and cables. I've also reversed pre-amp to amp connections for left to right and changed output connections on preamp. Loosened and retightened internal wire connections on both speakers. When speakers are disconnected from amps, both speakers have the same impedance at the main terminals. Everything looks original, including the old cross-overs and capacitors. I do not know how to check cross-overs or capacitors. One speaker sounds fine while the other has no high frequencies. Pre-amp is Conrad Johnson PV8. Amps are MV60SE factory monoblocks. Hoping someone can offer some advice. It's late here so I will check post tomorrow.
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