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  1. Thank you all for your comments! I´ll go for Denon X1300 due to budget , but do you think that RP-160M+RP250C are better combo than RB61ii+RC62ii? Thanks in advance guys!!
  2. Hello all, I´m a newee here and I want to create my first ever Home Theater system but I´m lack of money and in my country audio stuff is quite expensive. First of all, final goal is to have 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system, but step by step due to the prices in my ccountry. I want this system for use in 80% movies and 20% music, room is small to medium and in top of that because my babies I´m not allowed to use big volume.... Receiver: Denon X520BT - $520 Denon X1300W - $840 Denon X2300W - $1100 Speakers: RB 51 II $383 RB 61 II $502 RP 160M $587 RC 52 II $391 RC 62 II $587 RP 250C $502 If you count with $1400-$1500, which configuration AVR-speaker would you choose for starting a HT system, (2.0 or 3.0). THanks in advance for your help!!!!
  3. I can get rb 61, but here those cost U$S 690!!! And I can get the old (but good reviewed) B20 for 200 from EEUU. I want to say also that this is gonna be my fist HT system, If Klipsch sound as good as Klipsch sound lovers said, I can afford in the future those rb 61 in order to complete the 5.1 system... But, should I go for 3.1 whit rc 62 first, or 4.1 with rb 61? I want this system for movies, then movies, and then ..... music.
  4. Thanks for help! I didnt follow you about the center, center is part of mains for you? or you mean that is better to have 4.1 instead of 3.1?
  5. Hello! First of all, I´d like to apologize do to my not very good English skills. I´m from Uruguay, where all new fashion technology are very expensive and there is no chance to make an acoustic test. So, here is my question: I´d like to start my HT system starting with 2 Synergy B-20 for stereo sound. After try for first time Klipsch sound quality, I´ll purchase center channel for 3.0 system. I have in mind the RC-52 or maybe RC-62. Is this a good option in order to start my HT system? My Idea is to continue with the sub and later on two tower for front channel. Thanks in advance!
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