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  1. Anyone out there know what the difference is between series 1 vs series 2 in the reference line? RB-81 in particular
  2. Thanks for the reply's!!! its awesome to get more info and opinions to make better decisions!! ... I do have subs I failed mention .. dual SVS SB13 Ultra's .Also SVS ultra surrounds.. I have to keep the center as is as its in the face of the Mantel. I chose that model more the dimensions than specs as I had limited options with where I had to place it ( probably not the best approach in system design ) and thought I can't really go wrong with Klipsch ! Ive owned countless klipsch speakers over the last 30 years.. Still have my Cornwalls i bought new in 86' !! as well as a few other gems ...Was trying to blend Movies and quality 2.2.channel audio into one system.. ha ha . This all started when I downsized and moved into a smaller place a few months ago.. Wish I had a dealer close I could hear the THX and RB81 for comparison as well as the new Heresy...
  3. Hello fellow Klipsch nuts !! I'm looking for some advice/opinions on bookshelf speakers. Looking for front porting options as my placement options are on limited to the Built-in Cabinets left and right of fireplace wall. Rear ports firing back into the cabinet wouldn't sound the best I'm guessing .I Looked at the RB 82 , series 1 or 2. , Also considered the Heresy.. Im trying to come close to floor standing performance in a bookshelf. My center is a Pro-6504-L-THX mounted into the front of my hollow fireplace mantle .I Mostly listen to music/concert videos. Thanks in advance !!
  4. Im needing to replace the woofer in my little RB25's... wondering where I might find one or a suitable replacement. woofer ...speaker is a K-1129-AB 6-1/2 "
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