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  1. jason - I appreciate the advice - Randyh - "baby" in this case a fully scaled cabinet down to 12 inch size. I have a Belle scaled ~0.83 PWK had a Runt La Scala for 12" which was not fully scaled. That's a K601 on top and a Blu Ray in the mouth to give a rough idea of size - its made of 15mm Baltic birch.
  2. I'm pretty sure 15mm with a few braces will do it and would do for much bigger horn - but not so sure about 12mm. A 0.8 scale La Scala would be about a 19 inch cube. I've a bunch of hernia and like to keep weight down as much as possible. La Scala's "ramps" would be the only back panel bracing. Back chamber volume would have to be reduced to limit over-excursion beow cutoff.
  3. their specs are always coupled with a dinky little wavguide so its somewhat difficult to ascertain (with my lunkhead brain) how they'd perform with real midrange horns. I'm pretty sure they would not shelve below ~1K2 as with the 7 inch diameter mouth waveguide. As expected 3 inch col model reaches somewhat higher than the 4" coil model. A 22lb driver for $135 is something - something for non portable use. (there is a neodymium equivalent)
  4. It woujld be a pretty proiject for suire. It made me think of Thuras speaker - That would be sustantial size wise http://www.itishifi.com/2016/05/loud-speaker-for-auditory-perspective.html
  5. Some of these have very good dyjnamic range and suitable for giving your Klikpsch (and other speakers) some excercise. I don't know why Ami Kim's video pasted a picture but that's not a bad thing. KICK IT LIKE BONHAM (Derek Smith) YOUTUBE CHANNEL Selected Drums - No Music - Led Zeppelin - Various vintage kits https://youtu.be/jog3BMxh_D0 https://youtu.be/6Fm4fJTDr68 https://youtu.be/LfPea4VOU7Q https://youtu.be/d1S-RVDZv64 https://youtu.be/run5wGzSqtw https://youtu.be/ohcpNCShZ4k https://youtu.be/o-dVOIaompM https://youtu.be/bWPte6-VThw https://youtu.be/K_mYI2CTlUI https://youtu.be/MTe4bFhIGzM https://youtu.be/1GUDANwTY5s https://youtu.be/Z1oZIfXsNO0 https://youtu.be/A_iczNszk7k https://youtu.be/NhWImcVAnNg https://youtu.be/avze_cXsvCw https://youtu.be/pzdf75gp0qk https://youtu.be/uC-fN6EEbBU https://youtu.be/AloeiUWqvUM https://youtu.be/LfPea4VOU7Q https://youtu.be/dfLQaboaa84 https://youtu.be/o-dVOIaompM _______________________________________ Buddy Rich rare "Wind Machine" on Johnny Carson Tonight Show 1979 with solo https://youtu.be/cwwm4yvYCoc The Magic Band - John French aka "Drumbo" drum solo - Under The Bridge - 2013 https://youtu.be/pIY5TnVmSLQ Am Kim Han Bennink - Wes Montgomery: FINE JAZZ TUNE https://youtu.be/iEOg9ColCbQ Rich Versus Roach - Figure Eights https://youtu.be/sOmMTGI9KkY Fred Astaire's Best Scene - A Damsel in Distress https://youtu.be/yTH9VwACh7o Chick Webb playing Gladstone "Hand Sock Cymbals" - DOG BOTTOM https://youtu.be/ubzssJeP7Ko Buddy Rich Double Bass Drum Solo 1949 NY Paramount (does that pre-date Louie Bellson?) https://youtu.be/g-zM45GpKiE Jimmy Miller -The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women - drums only. Isolated drum track https://youtu.be/4VGLGCEKDs0 THE ROLLING STONES - Honky Tonk Women(ORIGINAL DRUMMER Charlie Watts) https://youtu.be/m5mkEeA-p2M Johnny Carson 1963 on The Jack Benny Show https://youtu.be/0SS16APU65E Bob Crane on The Red Skelton Hour / These Boots Are Made for Walking / 1967 https://youtu.be/JUNH5sIs-lY Patrick McGoohan (beleive there's a ghost drummer but he sure had most of the moves) https://youtu.be/hl5p80BMHYk American Patrol featuring Mel Torme on drums https://youtu.be/FF1myyptonE Keith Moon - Isolated track "Won't Get Fooled Again" https://youtu.be/NJH8DmPfVmU Buddy Rich with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra 1943 "Well Git It" https://youtu.be/HLFUoPqkGwQ Wind Machine - Butch Miles 1992 https://youtu.be/_mq-YUEdfLY THE CLASSIC DRUM BATTLE: Huub Janssen - Charly Antolini - Pete York https://youtu.be/xRK-xitY78g Headphone Treats - Ludwig House Kit Test Drive https://youtu.be/3MRhneF-mvc John Bonham - Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain - Isolated Drum Track https://youtu.be/lWnhz1ZcF74 John Bonham - Led Zeppelin - Isolated Studio Drum Tracks/Outtakes RARE https://youtu.be/kG0fNoj6r-Y How To Kick It Like Bonham - A Drum Tuning Tutorial https://youtu.be/gtGavIi3LfE Jo Jones - The Drums (Full Album/Vinyl) 1973 https://youtu.be/u-ISYjH89uY Jo Jones, a magician on drums, in Caravan https://youtu.be/eANTTBvIXmI Lionel Hampton at age 80 vs Duffy Jackson https://youtu.be/iQAezj4Hmb4 SIDNEY CATLETT (great drum solo) with Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie - 1945 - "Hot House" https://youtu.be/7TUtN-YMC4A BABY DODDS (Full Film) -"NEW ORLEANS DRUMMING" https://youtu.be/1IMMeEWD-2A Louie Bellson - 1957 Skin Deep Solo https://youtu.be/nBQWaCLlK9Y Thomas Lang: Improvised Drum Solo https://youtu.be/maFPX4a4Tq0 Here's an awesome Rock Drummer Behemoth - "Conquer All" - (DRUMS ONLY) https://youtu.be/4CSSKz7ffJI If Phil Rudd Played Jazz (ft. 66Samus & Cameron Fleury) (comedy) https://youtu.be/A22ysOHAmS0 Lemmy Tribute by Steve Clarke 2016 https://youtu.be/CuMZ9N4nabQ Fool In The Rain (Led Zeppelin); Isolated drums by Sina https://youtu.be/noq7gx90AKs Rick Beato - Top 20 GREATEST Drum Sounds Of All Time https://youtu.be/CUhLQY0XxUg Ultimate Vintage Drums Comparison https://youtu.be/ohuh0rbXI6c Steve Maxwell Vintage Drums - (Rogers Louie Bellson Endorser Drum Set - 2/17/15) https://youtu.be/0LZXUtzAsco Steve Maxwell Vintage Drums - INCREDIBLE!!! Rogers 20/12/14" Cleveland WMP!! https://youtu.be/H8U6ulVUBEA Vintage Chops and Grooves Part 1 - Sticky Wicket https://youtu.be/N45DtWoV_l0 Vintage Chops and Grooves Part 2 New Orleans and Early Jazz - Sticky Wicket https://youtu.be/WI7RGExiuuI Vintage Chops and Grooves Part 3 - Chicago Jazz and the Road to Swing https://youtu.be/vFvsZ-g0HV8 1898 Style kit playing along with Scott Joplin pianola "Maple Leaf Rag" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N45DtWoV_l0&feature=youtu.be&t=790 Ludwig & Ludwig 1920s New Orleans Drum Kit - Sticky Wicket https://youtu.be/_Zl_z4n_T9M Also, a later kit from the swing era: Slingerland Radio King Drum Solo - Sticky Wicket https://youtu.be/v-T45fXyA10 DAFOS - The Beast https://youtu.be/oNSjB65278U A&F Drum Co. Artist Mogan Cornebert https://youtu.be/ilnRTC83JEw A&F Drum Co. 14x40” Kick https://youtu.be/1iRPHDimYCg A&F Drum Co. 6" Raw Brass Snare https://youtu.be/AqK7dRuhRMI A&F Drum Co. 6x28 GONG Snare Open Low Tuning https://youtu.be/IjN3g6z07ZE A&F Raw Brass vs Ludwig Black Beauty - Snare Drum Shootout (Comparison) https://youtu.be/sZkGyLCRCh0 A&F Drum Co. Antique Red Club Kit https://youtu.be/VeV5TxA4bOA A&F Drum Company Mahogany Club Kit with Ramy Antoun https://youtu.be/ngSyYIIZx3w A&F Drum Co. 10x14 mahogany Club Kick https://youtu.be/7LmZH-joxLQ A&F Drum Co. 4x18 Gun Shot Snare https://youtu.be/7SpLxGFL3xs Nour Baladi (Solo Drums) - Amir Sofi https://youtu.be/RNuFcegJImU Drum Cover/Drum Solo (DRUMS ONLY) - Stay Crunchy - Ronald Jenkees - panned https://youtu.be/yRcRjjUXQ7g
  6. tough call - on the real cheap (like $24 on sale) and with a somewhat "V" shaped response, the Monoprice "Retro" (which appear toi be a Superlux product) can be pretty good. I don't like my Fostex T20RPMKII much - inefficient and with cavity resonance. I often use re-capped ancient 2-way Stanton Dynaphase 60 with a JLH circuit Chi-fi amp (great amp). My Schiit Vali 2 blew up with high Z heapjhones (funky Koss 250ohm) on a drum track. Phillips SHP9500 are decent headphones, open back, low clamping force and run around $75 new. Go over to head-fi - super best audio friends and head-fi and see whats currently happening. Amazon's reviews and feedback can be useful too. With a portable player, I have some Zagg wood cup cans which sound pretty good and can be found new for around $25 shipped.
  7. That horn would look very nice - did you work out its hornresp model yet ? Re: BFM - although gentle curved folds, one would have to still deal with directivity issues (matching the midhorn) It still might be a really good folded horn down to 70Hz or so., At least BFM builds light. Beck's Califronia is like a free standing box version of the K-horn Here's one of my FH1 outdoors I need to get rid of my FH-1 pair so to have space for my K15's
  8. Hey Andy - yeah on the Karlson speaker - great cabinets when loaded right.
  9. it would tend to increase the dispersion over part of its range . Say the oval is 6 inches high and 3 inches wide - then the horiaontal dipersion would be improved and things less beamy compared to the speaker's full diaphragm being used. As long as the cone can't hit the baffle, give it a try. Here;s an oval lens I tested years back on a 15 inch woofer (solrry for the wrong smoothing but relatively speaking it shows the effect) Note how close the "on" to 45 off horizontal axis traces are for the case with the oval lens vs no lens in the 1-2KHz region. Your slot would have its effect a bit more than an octave up vs the one in this picture. The use of those goes back at least to the time of G.A, Briggs and the R-J Enclosure. Later in BBC monitors. Currently JBL uses a modified oval slot in one line of their speakers. If the JBL slot were used to make a modern "R-J", it would look something like my crude mess below. The R-J vented its backwave through a slot. The first slot in the prototype was rectangular. The first production R-H had a lopsided "diamond" slot and the final slot was something like a lemon shape. In some cases, such a slot could be used to get a better directivity match to a tweeter horn/waveguide at crossover.
  10. just wondering as Raymond Newman did great bifurcated horn work at EV
  11. How tall is the mouth? - it looks roughly 14.5-15" high from that picture. Did it use a K22E? Did PWK leave a graph so we could compare to LB76?
  12. PRV's D270PH-S - rated for a 500Hz crossover. $35. (Horn on data sheet not identified) This might be nice for the diy-er on a budget who wants to make La Scala or Cornwall type. https://prvaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/PRV-Audio-D270Ph-S-Datasheet.pdf
  13. A question, lets say I wish to emulate (in the simplest "passive" fashion) a SE tube amp's major response and Z-out characteristics with a cheap TPA3116D2 amp - what might the network look like? Could it be as simple as an air core inductor with some resistance? I don't have a ciruit modeler to look at Z-out vs F plus the learning curve now might be tough. There used to be a program called ACNAP which could use simplified transconductance models rather than curves to roughly approximate a tube amp with output transformer Z-out. It would be interesting to hear how close - or far away the hacked cheap amp would perform vs the tube unit. I have a cheaper version of the Breeze - -$25 shipped from Amazon with 14.5V 4.5A power supply - only used so far with headphones where it does a very good job. Its binding posts look very delicate. I've not opened it. The somewhat lower voltage supply might help it live if caps aren't great.
  14. Jeff, might this be done successfully (noting limitations) on a smaller scale with a 6BQ5? FWIW I'd guess a tube driving a MOSFET (like the Bravo/Indeed headphone amps but with real voltage swing vs starved anode area swing) might (???) be better on the cheap than a poorly executed PP tube amp. I dumped my EAR 509s in the 80's as felt they made Ivan Kozlovsky sound "old" ( he was 70 at the time of that recording - lol) GREAT build - neat report.
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