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  1. Many thanks - I get the idea that the way shown in DJK's sketch was expected to play higher than the easier to retrofit PP plenum - ? Did you figure out if the University Classic throat section could be cut accurately for a modest fee *and shipped )? - I know the Classic doesn't go "low" by today's standards but would expect it to "sound good".
  2. DJK (R.I.P.) came up with an idea for a simple push pull La Scala variant with given dimensions close to that of Peavey's FH1 W-bin. I assume the inner woofer would mount through an access panel like LS and the 2nd outer woofer ("top" in his discussion) on the back of the cabinet. An access panel spaced from the 2nd woofer couples the front of that woofer's cone to the shared doghouse back-chamber volume through the channels formed by the upper and lower ramp boards. I wonder how far the top woofer's access door/cavity would have to be spaced from its cone to function properly? One goal of the design is to have a cabinet whose HF extension is high enough to meet a 1" format compression driver. Using 12pe32, it probably would subjectively have less bass weight than K33 in LS - but assume would be quite responsive. How well do you it would work in practice? The beamwidth of a mouth that size is getting pretty narrow up high.
  3. if addressed to me (?) , then the OP's 2x 4"ID by 6" long ports were used in the sim
  4. those were/are really cool. It'll be interesting to hear what's in them and more about their construction. A 12/15 scale Khorn might be fun (I can't make a square box)
  5. I'm pretty much worthless as a cabinet maker - plus need to dump a lot of stuff to make any room. (I'm in Huntington WV) As far as width, 12 inches looks pretty good vs 18 (IF I got things right) - this is with T18 poked into a corner.
  6. @M_Klipsch - besides a great build = fantastic sunburst - I've wanted one on a Karlson but know I'd have to get someone with skill to do it. fwiw a T18 sim - Scroll down below that picture for a sim of a 12 inch driver version of La Scala, which would also be an 18 inch cube cabinet 0.83 scale La Scala with Kappa12A
  7. the bee's knees ! - those resistors don't look as crazy as some things. FWIW, 50 cent Xicon resistor has very little inductance. Has anyone here tried to make a DIY "audiophile" capacitor? - (maybe thin copper foil with wax paper dielectric ?) - Have Duelund's caps "measurable" characteristics been published? I imagine autoformers can affect sound in subtle ways - at least when used as padding elements they allow smaller cap values to offset their cost. Also, limited inductance plus shunt dcr should protect a driver down low vs just a cap driven pad.
  8. I have some old Unity prototypes (old enough to see where there was experimentation on placement of the mid driver ports) - extremely "coherent". (moreso subjectively than my FR stuff) With constant directivity characteristics over 60x60 angle with DE25,, I'd guess its sensitivity ~100dB. For the low end - how much horn action are we getting in Synergy cabinet that's a manageable size and weight? What do hornresp sims say for some Synergy in that regard? (I'm/beat - be happy to catch up with Saul White and Abe Cohen with their "Classic")
  9. nothing serious - was just going to plop a K260 on top of a little custom midbass to see how it would sound vs a 60x40 "great white". I need to get rid of my FH1 so can play with other stuff.
  10. not enough space nor money - would there be anything a good deal less expensive than a K-69 to drive that 2" throat horn?
  11. here's a small horn (23" by 23" mouth) in 2 Pi with JBL M151 spec (i've several of those from the old "tent sale") - Will the on-axis SPL measure as so ? - or will there be somewhat less rise in on axis SPL in practice? The light trace is the predicted power response. in my small horn collection, I have a folded midbass horn which runs a Community 12- when asking "RCA-Fan" whether it would go higher with a 12pe32, he said 12pe32 would just tilt the response upwards. (the throat geometry is the main reason it would not go "higher" but one doesn't want to use midbass horn into beaming and rough areas anyhow)
  12. in the driver blend dept., is there hope for those who use passive crossovers, Heritage style horn setups and no DSP other than Danley's approach?
  13. IIRC, the factory graph shelved below a point - I'm not sure which horns were used. There would be no point in purchase if can't out-perform a K55V with conical adapter. How do D305 and D3220Ph perform on midrange horns? Is one better than the other?
  14. (I miss DJK too https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/189427260/dennis-j-kleitsch Dennis indicated the 1 inch throat didn't overload as quickly as the small throat. I've got one K600 horn - a heavy casting - were all K600 made that way? Also in my Klipsch stuff, I've a pair of K260 - wonder how one would work with K55V and a 1" to 2" adaptor - ?
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