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  1. To long,didnt read: check your Karst region map. They might blow them walls down, I'd turn them around for the world(or half the world) to hear and so the walls keep put, unless walls don't matter. Or maybe there's a secret announcement playing on them and you or they want to hear that announcement really LOUD. Nobodys holding on for dear life so they must not be playing, just sitting there to see. Then again might be rolling by and you snapped a pic at the right moment. The trailer, 600's sitting on wood with metal framing on rubber tyres filled with standard air sitting on 8" thick concrete with Arkansas soil aimed at a target and easily doing so. The concrete may crack. If you hook up more be careful. you might want seismic graphs to prove they do disturb the ground. Caution, check the earth topology for possible damage and danger of sinkholes. Prepare if no caution is taken. Keep valuable in a safe place. The 600's may fall into the earth if not stabilized properly. furthermore the infrastructure should be periodically inspected and maintained. your safety may depend on it
  2. Yes this would be the amount of lascala(plural) I pictured in reference to comparison, ridiculous I know. The 1802 would be one of only a few choice possibilities to properly source recommended range below 50hz. The most difficult spot listening to 600's is their midbass. This was not good hearing a pair of them from my experience with klipsch setting them up. Maybe using many stacks of 600's they may not sound so limited. 5 x top,mid and bottom per side and the midrange could be adjusted and acceptable. Then from 50+ yards away extremely loud and manageable or unmanageable depending on variables. Single pair at 50 yards away was sub par. Not sure more would be better. With large pa the electronic crossover needs maintained and adjusted from song to song. 600's are no exception.
  3. Never seen you asked where I'm at. Northwest
  4. patience is such a strong suit when correctly rebuilding anything. klipsch rebuilds are so great once finished.
  5. Always figured they could be swapped out if they were equal ohms
  6. That is very good to know. Anybody with 30's should buy a quad of them. This makes my pillow softer at night.
  7. Took a while to respond. Well said. Nicely put dtel. After debating this thread it was never intended to say any klipsch speaker is bad. It is a strong fight that all klipsch are good indoors,within reason. Seems it needs to be put out there though. As xo705zf stated ref prem are good. And have been compared obviously with the likes of rf7's etc... So true outdoors is sweet spots galore for speakers especially very efficient klipsch full range. The heresy is just that heresy to sound. They will twist the mind into new ways of thinking about audio imho Still everyone should gently place there speakers outdoors for a song. The capabilities are mind boggling impressive. Then gently take them back indoors.
  8. Good piece of equipment. Should had kept the 1 I had. took 2 years to find a unit that was equally satisfying. Good time on the sale
  9. Your system is klipsch lovers known and renowned so props to you mr dtel. Those belong indoors no matter the size imo. they are gorgeous and possibly the best(sounding and visual) ever/possible imo. But They Would Sound Better Outside! No?
  10. Yes. And not done with the horns. Yes the 83's are super for 2 ch no sub. Some day I will procure khorns for my room. more effort than life offers atm
  11. Much gratitude for your wisdom sir. Did not know it was the k31. Never researched. It was a curious question or thought for the long haul/future. Knowing those are in production does clean the sweat of both brows. Thank you sir
  12. For better or worse what woofers would be proper replacements without and with network mods. For the 30's likely top notch woofers even if need updated crossovers. Any suggestions. Looked around never found a definite choice on this forum nor elsewhere for the 3. Anybody try swapping all 4 of and klf pair out for anything? thx E EDIT,ps My woofers are fine but want to try other woofers. yeah why, because there are better woofers these days?
  13. The 792 does have better control to match any mid made give or take. Their slope transition better. the 77's are nice when setup right imo
  14. 83's today and they are full of fire. 28'x14 couldn't believe its not in 1st post. Absolutely premieres are good for indoor. chorus sure. but with these new perfect corners its frustrating that khorns havnt tipped my ears. Lots of good indoor speakers out there the high end klipsch is to much imo atm
  15. my upstairs media room are 2 high end reference towers and they are so pleasing. No sub
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