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  1. dieter17

    RF-7, RC-7

    Sold local. Zero interest on here.
  2. Are any of these still available by chance?
  3. dieter17

    RF-7, RC-7

    Would consider trade for klipsch pro speakers of equal value.
  4. dieter17

    RF-7, RC-7

    $1200. Open to offers.
  5. dieter17

    RF-7, RC-7

    Pair of RF-7 in cherry and RC-7 in black for sale. Moving and no longer need. In Kansas City metro area. Pretty good shape, conservative 7 out 10 cosmetically. Thanks.
  6. Anybody have a single good rf-7 crossover they want to sell?
  7. I am surprised it took so long for someone to mention something about the printer. This setup is in my home office and the top shelf of the rack was a good place for my very run-of the mill inkjet canon printer.
  8. Contact me if interested. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/5385920380.html Thanks.
  9. Contact me if interested. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/5385920380.html
  10. Anybody see this on ebay? http://www.ebay.com/itm/klipsch-Chorus-II-speaker-Grills-Covers-Screens-Cloths-Original-OEM-with-Badges-/231820356826?hash=item35f991ecda:g:gHwAAOSwpRRWn9-O
  11. Correct, I took a woofer from left speaker and swapped if with one from the right speaker (one that is crackling), with the same results, the right 2 woofers crackle at higher volume. I switched the speaker outputs, right speaker outputs to left, and vice versa. The right speaker continues to crackle. Seems it has to be the crossover?
  12. Okay, I swapped one of the woofers, and the issue is isolated to the right speaker. Both woofers crackle at higher volume on the right speaker only. Visually inspected the crossover but didnt see anything odd. Any ideas?
  13. It occurs at higher volume levels. Forgot to mention.
  14. I recently purchased a used set of RF7's (and a RC7 for $1000 total). One of the RF7's has an intermittent crackling from both woofers. Any ideas what the issue may be? Thanks in advance.
  15. Them being the KLF-10's and i think it would be good to have these inserts.
  16. I bought a used pair of klf-10's that didnt have the plastic insert in the port in back. Anyone know where i could get a pair of these inserts? i am thinking about selling them. Thanks.
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