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  1. Told him I'll take it all for $1000.....we can meet at the new City Hall/Police Station next to the park.......... crickets so far......
  2. starting to feel like this is a scam or it's all hot....just replied that he would throw in a set of JBL EON 515's with stands for $1000.....
  3. Thanks...thought about shooting low and offering $750....but $800 seems fair I currently have a RSW-12....anyone that can compare the RT-12D to it?
  4. Local guy on a Swip-Swap Facebook page has a full 7.1 RF-83, RC-64, RS-62 and a RT-12d.....all in Cherry finish except the RS-62's Guy seems to really need to get rid of them...sent me a PM saying he'd take $1200obo....thinking I could grab it all for $900 This seems too good to be true....or is that about market for this gear?
  5. Morning all Been a few REALLY busy weeks. Got a lot of the little "annoyances" fixed on the Volvo.....runs like a scalded dog...holds a good 14lbs of boost when in it...been extremely happy with it so far. Tallied up for all the little stuff I've spent getting it back into daily driver condition....I've got right at $2000 in it....guy stopped by the house on Monday asking about my little Civic....told him it needed a Transmission Lockout Solenoid but that it had 78,000 original miles and that A/C and all power worked....he took it for a drive and came back an offered me $2000 "as is" So broke even!!!
  6. Me and my wife Susan when we dated in 8th grade (circa 1984) My wife and I when we decided to throw everyone a curve ball and start "dating" again at our 25th reunion) Me and my personal hero (refuse to refer to him as my Step-Dad....he raised me from 3 years old)
  7. JEFKlipsch

    What I Got Today!

    Thanks...dad had a Auto Shop growing up....so kinda born into it....and a big reason I went another direction for a career. I like turning wrenches occasionally....I don't want to "have" to do it everyday. Have plenty of friends that are ASE Mechanics...they love seeing me get my "precious hands" all greasy...lol
  8. When it ran and wasn't on fire.....I absolutely loved my MG.....probably why I kept it for as long as I did. Rebuilt motor with Piper(?) cam, port matched head/intake, header and dual webber side drafts. ran straight back to ANSA tip....man that thing sounded glorious
  9. JEFKlipsch

    What I Got Today!

    Besides the machine work...yes Also found out yesterday (first real day of "day to day driving") that it's actually not the radiator leaking.....have a coolant bypass heater hose with a split in it.....it'd be easier to replace the radiator....this one is a bear to get to....
  10. JEFKlipsch

    What I Got Today!

    Didn't "get it today"....but did get it on the road this past weekend. New to me...2004 Volvo S60R....bought it with a blown headgasket....had head/block decked and pressure checked...went ahead and replaced timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, tensioners, pulleys, coils packs, wires, plugs, all gaskets (head, intake/exhaust manifolds, etc...) and a bunch of other hoses, vacuum lines, charge pipes replaced with silicone upgrades. Has aftermarket downpipe, stainless exhaust and a very conservative tune....approx. 325hp I'd guess at this point with it hitting about 17lbs of boost. Needs a new radiator soon....plastic end-tank separates from core under boost...loosing coolant.....may go ahead and upgrade to a Front Mount Intercooler while replacing it. Paint is excellent...tires nearly new....probably replace rotors and pads soon as well. Not bad for $1800 invested....and a few weekends of work....was a fun ride into work this morning for sure....has the BEST factory sound system I'm ever heard....Harmon Kardon speakers with alpine amp...(4) 8" woofers (2)6.5" mids (2) 3" mids and (4)1" tweeters....run by a 75watt/ch Alpine amp......Navigation updated with 2016 maps/POI...leather is nearly perfect
  11. First car was a 72 MGB...#1 accessory I had with me at all times was a fire extinguisher....thing nearly burnt to the ground probably 8 times....became VERY familiar with the very beginning smells of electrical fires....
  12. Left the house about 5am but left a Card, Box of Chocolates and a bottle of her favorite local San Sabastian Vinter's Red wine.....put a post-it on the wine "Will You Be My ValenWINE?" cheesy....yes......brownie points....most definitely
  13. Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm Eagles - Hotel California Fugees - Killing Me Softly just 3 of a hoard of others that I use....but those seems to stay near the top
  14. Yeah...he's going back over today to see if all the equipment is there...said there were a few Oscilloscopes, few "boxes" that looked like Tube Testers and a bunch of other stuff. He's worried she junked it all yesterday. I told him the same thing....anything with a cord...grab it.
  15. How about Whatever I want I can keep (including any equipment).....I help catalog it and sell....I keep 50% of profits
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