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    So.... DID confirmed.


    Just like Brian Cranston who was once a Meth Cook, and then a Hollywood Communist on the Black list. Whew! Talk about done DID!


    I don't know. Did Bryan Cranston ever write the legal department of AMC complaining about the producer of the show he was on (after also complaining to that producer's boss several times), before burning up that character's IMDB page to destroy it and moving on to another character? I can't recall.



    I don't know about that. I do know he traded in his bald head for a handle bar mustache though.


    I'm thinking about a change too. Is MarkDeneen taken?





    A "DICK"....... by any other name.........





    What I find endearing about your "CLIQUE" is not only that it rhymes with "DICK", but the need to highlight the punchline! Like a Leno monologue, there's a big wind up, and then an aside to those who he worries won't get it (which is most of his audience), and then finally the pitch. I mean, it is oh, so clever! 


    EDIT: OMG! I almost forgot the most important part: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cop calls it in, desk calls ICE, ICE turns and says we aren't coming to get him, release him. Desk turns around and says to cop release him. Cop says to perp, you're free to go. Tells him to call someone with a valid license to come and drive him back home. No impounding of the car, no tickets, nothing. Why?


    Disgusting. I don't know why we can't make one nice clean sweep of all the trash and be done with it, do you? Alex Jones has had some mighty interesting things to say about this, and has The Savage Man! 


    At first glance I thought it was Jim Nauseum, until I looked a little closer.  A mind is a terrible thing.


    Ha. I misread it too! I thought it was Ad Nauseam.





    Nothing new about guys misreading here pal. I mean, have you not read some of these dooseys?


    So I guess me changing my name to Brock Landers is going to make people think I have something to hide?

    No but it's a much better name if you aspire to be a fictional character.



    There was once a guy here named CrankySolderHeadDude. Great character name! Then suddenly, I think he went on to "deanneG" or something much less character filled. Probably got beat down by the clique? Or is he the head of the clique? I can't quite recall. 


    We have a functional dictatorship now (since 2001). The dictator isn't a man, but a set of principles enforced at all cost. People rotate through a nominal presidency, but the policy matches on. The will of people is neglected, as proven by the researchers at Yale. Minus superficial rhetoric in newspapers and media outlets, you wouldn't know by walking around that a different guy is in the WH as years go buy. Nothing changes


    Can you provide a link for the study?



    I have no idea if there is a link. It was published a few months ago. Shouldn't be too hard to find, I suspect.

  7. Mon Dieu! Such a lack of imagination! Where is the art? Where is the poetry? The creativity?  


    To my #1 fan - JimmyJimBobJimboBoy  - keep watching each post! I guarantee you will learn more than watching whomever you were watching before I became your obsession!

  8. This guy has fast fingers but at some point it just blurs into noise and loses meaning for me. The notes lose expressiveness. It sure is interesting to see though! 

  9. Update


    An exclusive USA TODAY poll conducted by SurveyMonkey reveals 51% of 1,093 people polled on Feb. 18-19 support the FBI's request to unlock the iPhone of Syed Riswan Farook, one of the killers in the San Bernardino, Calif., shootings in December.



    The public is turning against Apple, and that spells doom for privacy advocates. 

  10. I'd be rather surprised if a two stage triode preamp will give the "Ampeg sound" of the Ampeg tube guitar amp. That sounds comes from saturating an output transformer with attending speaker.

    "Warmth" is a vague concept. Unless it's designed into this little pre stage, it's not a guarantee. Right?

    I've played a lot of Fender amps and I can't imagine trying to get the sound of a Deluxe from anything but the amp itself.

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  11. It seems like the original Ampeg device was intended to add tube sound when a guy would have to plug into a board instead of an MI amp. Hence the balanced output. In a local situation, won't you have an amp right there? Probably a tube amp?

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  12. We know that diabetes and heart disease are "food related illnesses," right?

    I doubt if it will be long before we discover cancers caused by the chemicals introduced into the meat system.

    In response to the link about slaughterhouses and feedlots, I was talking about illness from food-borne contaminants.

    OIC, you mean things like botulism? Right. Not as much as I would expect.

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