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  1. Looks like a super huge old turret board from an organ, maybe?
  2. Dad was a Pearl Harbor Survivor. On the USS California, flagship for CINCPAC. He was 'volunteered' to be on the Admiral's staff because he was the only man in the room at the time who knew shorthand. He enlisted at 17 to get off of the farm in Indiana. So after they mended and limped out of the harbor, the California stayed clear of most of the fray. So Dad was somewhat lucky in that. He was also a survivor of, what was to that day and long after, the worst Naval Maritime disaster. The disaster at Point Honda off the Ca coast in 1923. He was 18 years old then. Dad was a career Navy Man. He never did learn to swim, however, in all of his life! Dad also didn't talk of the war. But the loved to tell stories about the mishaps, comraderie, girl in every port Navy stuff. And he was a masterful story teller. He died on his 95th birthday. I love you, Dad. Thank you. And thank you to all who have served.
  3. He is back there for 2 nights. The Paramount is still the belle of the ball in Seattle, imho. And really good food nearby, which is always a plus. I feel fortunate to be near the music here.
  4. He's incredible live. Seattle in March. Gotta wait. 4th row
  5. It's actually possible now that you mentioned it! There was a time I went commando. But I meant it was all stealth fishing. The club was private and closed in the evenings.
  6. Ever bass fished at the Lakewood Country Club? Had some real porkers in there but it was all nightime commando fishing.
  7. I am not a headphone guru. But I agree the Senn 650 is a great can. And comfortable. I use it straight out of a Denon 3312ci. So with some dacs and amps it should sound even better. Look into Drop (formerly Massdrop) for their version done in collaboration with Sehnheiser. The price is unbeatable for truly great and well regarded 'phones.
  8. Hijack here. I lived across Cherry Ave from Lakewood way back. We used to watch movies at the Lakewood drive-in from the railroad cars on tracks right next to it. Then the theatre sold and new owners turned it into a porn drive-in. (what could go wrong?) So we watched porn from the railroad cars. Then the city saw a bunch of kids watching porn from railroad cars and shut down the drive-in. It never recovered. I did though! Fun memories!
  9. It's a good thing they don't show old Heckle and Jeckle 'toons then, also. Ultra violent (IIRC) and blatantly racist. Very popular for a while, too.
  10. Good luck up there. Thanks for remaining our friends.
  11. Marcus King did indeed leave it all out there. His "Soul Insight" lp is fabulous. A must see if he comes my way.
  12. Maybe you all knew it (I knew of the 30 year lost guitar) but both that axe and the kit were used on Frampton Comes Alive. I think I remember Peter saying the drum kit was found for sale on e-bay!
  13. Buddy Guy! "Sheeyitt!" He made that proclamation several times during his story telling. And that guy has stories. It's now a part of my son's and my verbiage. Thanks for all the great shots, jimjimbo.
  14. I havta live frugally to afford a Crossroads show. Half of my t shirts are that old and then some!
  15. That's what my son and I were thinking. But everything's for sale in this America.
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