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  1. What you save on gas you spend on shoes!
  2. Outstanding, Derrick. Thanks for this.
  3. The sun is out today just south of Seattle!! I gotta few (at least) pounds of soaked doggie poo and about another 500,000 pinecones to pick up before the next deluge and wind storm. Ahh... home ownership. I do feel fortunate somehow, tho.
  4. KlipschFish

    Hearing Aid

    I'm using iTunes version 12.8 on my 2009 macbook pro. I stream my music via Airplay. Above the 'address bar' (there isn't one really in itunes) you have the different links for 'File', 'Edit' etc. Under 'Window', you will find iTune's built in equalizer. You can shove the frequency buttons up to effect volume change somewhat. You may know this already.
  5. KlipschFish

    Hearing Aid

    Would a nice pair of IE phones work temporarily for listening? I don't know if they are strong enough.
  6. Thanks folks. I was supremely embarassed. Normally I go to at least 2 sites for confirmation. I not only didn't do that, but, well, you know the rest. The site I saw had a pic of Willie and superimposed text stating " WIllie Nelson publicist confirms death of..." That dot dot dot slayed me!
  7. I took a headline out of a news conglomerate and, without reading, made an *** of myself. I aplogize. Lesson learned
  8. He rocked Seattle last Tuesday. I had not seen nor heard of him until the Crossroads Fest. He was the revelation of the Fest for me. I couldn't wait to see him. Not one person that I have talked to since September '19 had heard of him either. So I was not sure that there would be a crowd on hand for the show. Sold out! The crowd buzzed for him to hit the stage after the incredible opening of Dee White and his band. And his first 'song' was 4 or 5 songs long. One 7-8 second break to change guitars was the longest he went without playing. He couldn't show what he what truly capable of at the Fest or on an LP. But this is was one of the truly very best shows I have EVER seen. And I'm gettin old! The crowd was sweaty and spent at the end. A truly must see artist.
  9. Some of the most gorgeous instruments I've ever seen.
  10. I guess our crazy stories are too embarassing to mention. I will say that the ones I have are.
  11. A waist is a terrible thing to mind. Especially as we get older!
  12. Yes his solo album doesn't have quite the kick as his Band albums. Great live!
  13. KlipschFish

    MKB Tuesday!

    Saw and heard The Markus King Band for the first time at the Guitar Fest last Sept. He was the revelation of the weekend for me. He grew up in old school religion. Hell and brimfire revivalist religion. He hit the stage like a bomb. He'll be in Seattle on the 11th. Can't wait. If you like any kind of blues or any kind of heart wrenching stories... this guy is worth your while.
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