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  1. I believe The Australian Pink Floyd played at his 50th B-Day. It was the only 'officially approved' by PF tribute band. IIRC, some of the leads way back started the Brit show. Amazingly talented guitarists, epecially. Both bands still perform.
  2. Bucket list for me. Sec 14 Row A Seat 1-2 Stoked! Sec 309 on Saturday, but HEY! I'm there!
  3. Also, one of my Outlaw LFM plus AND the RSW 15 are directly under the wall mount. All is good on the SolidSteel.
  4. I had to do what Shakey said. When my 60 pound dog comes in through the doggy door into my family room, I can feel the vibes through our wooden floors in our living room 50 feet away. My LP-12 sits on a SolidSteel wall mount 5 feet from the doggy door. I can literally jump up and down (lightly) in front of my TT and absolutly no effect on the TT. This particular mount is more spendy than others but works well for me. But way less than a new table. 45 year old wood floors. They aren't as tight as they used to be.
  5. I hope not. I'm front row for his show in October in Seattle.
  6. Correct again, good King Friday! I haven't seen the documentary. I have watched the PBS commercial on this many times. And many times with tears in my eyes over the profound understanding by this man of our little ones. I watched Mr. Roger's with my son when he was a child. And now my beautiful grandaughter is just SO enamored with Daniel Tiger. I was surprised and elated to see that during the years that I did not watch, the great Mister Roger's Neighborhood morphed that little trolley into Daniel's life of friends, learning and good deeds. I will watch with my family as many times as opportunity allows. It never fails to make me feel very, very good.
  7. A quick search on the Klipsch Authorized Dealer locator finds 8 stores within 20 miles of Tacoma. All you have to do is call to see who (if any) has 'em!
  8. Do you have two sub outs also? Try switching them around. It shouldn't matter but you said the avr is old so... who knows?
  9. Did you go into the set up menu on your receiver and turn on the subwoofer? In your system set up, you can set levels for your speakers and set suround modes. In both your system(s) A and B, (if you use a multi room set up) you can turn on or off your surround soeakers, subs etc. Go there and make sure your system setup has the sub parameter set to 'on'. This is seperate from the' large' or 'small' speaker adjustments.
  10. No expert here but obvious to make sure the sub is 'on'. How is it set up to turn on? Is it on all the time or on 'auto'. Auto is supposed to sense the signal from the avr and 'turn on' the sub from standby. I have a RSW-15 that sometimes does not sense the signal when I have it set on 'auto'. Hence I leave the sub 'on' full time. It's a fairly old sub and the amp still works like a charm so I'm not sure if one way is better than the other or if it makes a sub amp decline quicker. But, especially at lower volumes, 'auto', on the amp of my sub, doesn't always work as intended. This may not help, but it can't hurt. (I think)
  11. Could be a new implementation of Airplay 2. Denon/Marantz are just STARTING to update some of their new receivers for AP2. Mine is so old I wonder if they'll put out a patch for it. Just strange that it stopped all of a sudden after years of working. BTW: internal channel changing or any other internal modem changes did nothing. Every time I go to contact Denon it is right at their 4pm eastern time closing. Gotta learn!
  12. Another in the Seattle area? No wonder I can't get to the deals on time! 😢
  13. I do have a brand new and unused router from the clink (no apologies...I'm a Seahawk fan...Century Link) that I could swap and try. There was a suggestion on the page you linked about simply changing the router's wifi channel. I'll see if internal changes on the router do anything. It's frustrating. I have 396 days straight of files in my iTunes music folder. There are other work-arounds to access that music but I'm spoiled by Airplay. I can't use 'the clink' anymore. T Mobile just paid for naming rights to the stadium. I think it's going to be pink now. Pink, not clink.
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