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  1. I listened to the original over air KNAC in SoCal in the 70's. They had a DJ named Ronnie McCoy(sp) that had a 3 hour show playing album cuts. He came from Texas. The first show of any length of album cuts in the area. Every show started with "Foxy Lady'. I would sit at the kitchen table for the entirety. Listening on an old table top radio. He later helped fill a 3rd act in a concert featuring Quicksilver Messenger Service and Savoy Brown. His 'friends' opened the show at the Long Beach Arena and played to THREE encores before they turned and left the house lights on to kick them off the stage. The crowd was ecstatic. The friends were a little know group from Texas named ZZ Top. The rest of the concert was a letdown. Before that at an even younger age I was trasfixed nightly from "50,000 Watts!!" XERB with the Wolfman. I do consider myself pretty lucky in that. I know you can google him but there is a scene in 'American Grafitti" where kids are cruising around and the Wolfman's on the radio. Brings it all back.
  2. Good looking deck. Stacy Peralta was no slack on the board.
  3. Trump orders Gm to make more ventilators under the DPA. I think it's good. I hope it helps. I will never admit I'm not scared. My wife's 75 with asthma and a heart condition and I have black and white lungs due to job related COPD. And that in what was the epicenter for a while. It's NO wonder I have anxiety about a few things.
  4. I resemble that sometimes! Definitely not gonna tell myself I'm young anymore. I do have moments of clarity. Mostly when I sleep.... which isn't that much.
  5. We were young and dumb but we had a bunch of fun! We used to take our fins off our surfboards and ride down the walls of the LA 'River" storm drain (!) We would find where the ice plants grew and would 'surf' down on them. Crazy. Young.
  6. The first music I remember was on my mom's albums on "The World's Greatest Music" label. She had all of them. Then came the records of Musicals. Oklahoma!, Showboat, etc. Well before I had developed any of my own likes. On a whim I went into a Goodwill Store a couple years ago and found some in the discount bin! 49 cents each.
  7. My old neighborhood's streets were lined with big Chinese elms (that's not too political here, is it?) that uplifted and destroyed the sidewalks. I'm old enough to remember when the original Sidewalk Surfer first came out. Steel skate wheels. Uplifted sidewalks that they 'fixed' by throwing rocky sand into the cracks. Instant stopping power for those skinny wheels. Have a couple road rash scars from having my dog pulling me at warp speed! The good ol' days! I'm actually thinking about a new ten toes.
  8. He was a master of the half court underhanded shot. And amazingly accurate. So much fun to watch. Thanks Curly. Dad took us kids when I was very young. That bucket full of 'water' (confetti) trick made me jump. We were close to the floor where Meadowlark threw it.
  9. You like the fatties? I've always loved to cruise a long board.
  10. I don't believe I'll get one and I don't need one. I am on a pension. But I am also a landlord and my excellent tenants of 8 years are from the service industry and I will help them with a check if they need it. I have to pay what's left of the mortgage still.
  11. Rest in peace Bill Rieflin, of King Crimson and REM. Seattle boy.
  12. I renege my last statement and suggest we stop at "Yes. We know them not..." I will.
  13. I told you where I saw the news. You are welcome to see the same thing I did.
  14. I can emphatically say that I know this NM couple as well as you do. Which is to say... not at all. Now, loaded with the same amount of knowledge of this specific couple that you have, I can just as easily posit that they have made nothing but wise and satisfying decisions throughout their whole life. Until they hitched up to this non expert. And took his 'advice'. And that was their downfall. That is no more innacurate than what you post about them. And a lot more humane. Why do people think they know so much about what and whom they do NOT KNOW?
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