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  1. KlipschFish

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    Some of your fine stuff would be in my house now if you had. That is... if it was up here!
  2. KlipschFish

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    There are two pair available at $4999 (i think) and $6000. Mixed in with the occasional (average) of about $3000. Seattle's expensive.
  3. KlipschFish

    RF82 with strange marks on drivers

    I'm curious. What would /could possibly cause that? Would something in the voice coil break somewhere, like the wire, and somehow slap the inside of the cone silly? Or some other something break loose and pin ball around in there? Those drivers must have been moving a lot to cause that. But I'll admit I'm no expert.
  4. KlipschFish

    Speakers as "invisible fencing?"

    Now I just turn the RF-7's up till nothing approaches our house. BTW we did start to 'lock' the doggy door at night!
  5. KlipschFish

    Speakers as "invisible fencing?"

    One year we had a mouse make room just inside the port of my old RF-35's. We have dogs that use a doggy door to go outside. More than once a local raccoon would come in and wash and munch on dog kibble. It usually happened late night or early morning when we were asleep. We only had signs that she would come in. She (he? I dunno) became comfortable enough to start coming in when we were still on the sofa. So much so that my wife named her "Baby". Well, one night apparently, she got wind of the mouse in the 35's and tried to get at it. I was amazed to wake up and see, the next morning, that 'Baby' had pulled the acoustic foam out from the backside of the inner 35, ALL THE WAY OUT THROUGH THE 3" PORT IN ONE PIECE!! Approximately 1' x 4' batting out in one piece. Pretty dexterous. Had to learn how to take apart MY BABY to fix. Wish I'd know of an invisible fence then!
  6. KlipschFish

    Value of Belle Klipsch other questions.

    I think those Seattle Belles were in a local shop a year or so ago. $2500 asking price
  7. KlipschFish

    Seriously thinking about this and wondering why I am wrong

    I'd rather be more ignorant and less stupid. No question is too dumb in the pursuit of information. My $.02
  8. KlipschFish

    My God this guy is making CF-4

    Agree to above. I have walked into stores (stereo/auto) with 10's of thousands of dollars in my pocket to buy. But I must not have had 'The Look' or whatever. Once I was looking/sitting inside a new showroom truck for 20 minutes without 1 person approaching me. And that's hard to do at a car dealership! Walked out many times. Paid 10's of thousands to someone else. And in fact I will pay more for good service.
  9. KlipschFish

    CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    True enough, Arrow, I drove away feeling like I got a fantastic deal. A once in my lifetime, actually. I acknowledged the original price was unreal. But I'm a rather cheapskate. Seller even helped me load. Super nice. You never know about cl encounters. And thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking/gleaning/learning from the community for a long time. Was feeling a little extroverted today, I guess.
  10. KlipschFish

    CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    TRue. But I get to rock my stuff!
  11. KlipschFish

    Crites Cornscala D $1675

    ! Good luck!
  12. KlipschFish

    CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    All but the surrounds in pristine cherry, too
  13. KlipschFish

    Crites Cornscala D $1675

    That's Portland, Maine btw. Too far from Seattle
  14. KlipschFish

    CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    Yeah.... I had my complete RF 7, RC 7, RS 7's, RSW 15 and stands for the surrounds go from $1000 to $1800 OVERNIGHT because someone from another forum called to explicitly tell the seller that he wasn't getting enough. THAT is not cool. I eventually got him down to $1250, because the seller admitted he didn't have an 'offer' for the 1800 that he wanted me to pay more than. Yes, it worked out for me in the end but it wasn't going to for a while.
  15. KlipschFish

    Your Most Favorite Performance is ...

    Thanks for the heads up! Now I'm going to maybe have a new best. Hollywood Bowl