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  1. CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    True enough, Arrow, I drove away feeling like I got a fantastic deal. A once in my lifetime, actually. I acknowledged the original price was unreal. But I'm a rather cheapskate. Seller even helped me load. Super nice. You never know about cl encounters. And thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking/gleaning/learning from the community for a long time. Was feeling a little extroverted today, I guess.
  2. CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    TRue. But I get to rock my stuff!
  3. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    ! Good luck!
  4. CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    All but the surrounds in pristine cherry, too
  5. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    That's Portland, Maine btw. Too far from Seattle
  6. CL Austin - CBRs for $400

    Yeah.... I had my complete RF 7, RC 7, RS 7's, RSW 15 and stands for the surrounds go from $1000 to $1800 OVERNIGHT because someone from another forum called to explicitly tell the seller that he wasn't getting enough. THAT is not cool. I eventually got him down to $1250, because the seller admitted he didn't have an 'offer' for the 1800 that he wanted me to pay more than. Yes, it worked out for me in the end but it wasn't going to for a while.
  7. Your Most Favorite Performance is ...

    Thanks for the heads up! Now I'm going to maybe have a new best. Hollywood Bowl
  8. Your Most Favorite Performance is ...

    Sunday night. Key Arena. Seattle. Rush. R40. After all these years.... still amazing and Geddy's voice was as good as Ive heard in 10 years. That show just vaulted to the top.
  9. I have an older set of RF 35's. I had trouble with the jumpers on the back where you attach your speaker wires. Check to be sure you have good, tight connections there. It may not apply to you, but it is an easy check/fix.