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  1. I know. I lived there for years. I paid the State tax. My reply was for Gilbert who was not sure which state HE was referring to. The walkout was in Oregon.
  2. Disgruntled because I don't have that kind of money! Not hard to understand
  3. Ok last one I promise https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/eld/d/olympia-klipsch-klipschorn-demo-sale/6920499280.html If I sound disgruntled, well, I am!
  4. Or a pair of Hll's for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!
  5. PNW is out of control on pricing. Want some CWll's for $2500? And that's REDUCED from $3000. I've seen others joke here about owners being men who put up for sale to please the wife and purposefully over price so it won't sell. I can't help but think there is a lot of that going on.
  6. My wife saw it in the theatre. She raved about it. I didn't want to go until after I read a review and it was too late.
  7. Sadly yes this is so true. I have made it through many days by singing along to tons of blues tunes. Sharing the grief, so to speak. I wish I were an artist. I have the depression to be good! (only joking, by the way. I speak from my own experience. Wouldn't wish depression on anyone. Or make fun of those who are)
  8. Yes. And sometimes the lyrics mirror our own travails and it helps us knowing that we are not alone.
  9. Waters song writing has the life experiences and writing chops behind it. Gilmour's musicianship is undeniably greater. What is seared into our memories from music? You know the cut to the chase lyrics are fairly concise and to the point. The stories resonate with us. Memorable. The guitar solos have such power or finesse and emotion that stirs our souls. I do know, personally, there are some who don't 'feel' music. So the art of including your soul in your performance is somewhat 'lost' in their expereince. But not me. Music heals my soul and I can easily divvy up what is that stirs it. Sometimes the story... sometimes the way it is told.
  10. My hindsight is much better than my foresight. Thanks for the belated offer! I was comfortably numb by the time the staff person led us down to our seats. The closer we got, the more I lost my mind.
  11. Another bucket list for me. I took my age old friend to see the 'Rattle That Lock' show at the Hollywood Bowl. Flew down from Seattle. Had TRUE 3rd row seats in the pool section. 25 feet away. Glorious! Magnificent! Cost half an arm but I used my messed up one so not so expensive! An all time show for me.
  12. $5000.00 pair of La Scalas on Offer Up. Good Lord!
  13. Condition. Beat all the hell up condition. Boat anchor is a euphemism I use for mostly useless junk. Put it on the end of a line or chain and dump it in the water.
  14. What the heck is up in the great PNW? Cornwalls marked DOWN to $2500.00 from $3000. K-horns marked DOWN from $5,000.00 to $4000. Boat anchor Belles Marked DOWN from $3500.00 (iirc) to $2400. And in beat all the hell up condition. $2000.00 dirtscalas, er, I mean LaScalas. KG 4"s for SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS! Yes, and the $1500.00 Fll's. There is a little of everything listed up here now for the first time in a while but none of it is attainable at worthy price. Nothing like what I see anywhere else in the States CL listings. The only decent listing is a for a pair of Quartets in excellent shape for $575.00. And I don't know if THAT is even a good price. I've been waiting/looking for years. I may have to just go new. Sheesh.
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