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    They can't do pushups either.
  2. "Mudshark", by Zappa, has its own fascinating storyline. Told to him at Seatac Airport by the Zepellin roadies.
  3. Everybody loves hooters!
  4. The best version of 'Season Of The Witch' on any album.
  5. Saw him as a player in the first 'Hendrix Experience' in Seattle a while back. Absolutely astounding player. Star of the show. Good show too. https://www.experiencehendrixtour.com/dates.php?show=2019-10-01 I would put John Petrucci in there as well.
  6. I see what you did there.
  7. One game in and my poor Mariners are in a familiar position. 😂
  8. Thanks for everything. The best of Fleetwood Mac imho.
  9. KlipschFish

    Why is this news

    I try to keep up.
  10. [Frantically smashing my "Envy" button]
  11. I hope all turns out well, BigStewMan! Good to see you got out. I need a good excuse, too.
  12. I have never looked to be offended. I don't even know what that means. But some things do offend me.
  13. And just like her character says, I say to some who can't get beyond themselves... "Chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help."
  14. Your point was easily understood, Bosco. And it is sadly true that many people are incapable of learning from other people's mistakes. I believe it was the OP's post that Deang is referencing that is pointless, as over 100,000 more people have died in this country, alone, from covid, than were murdered at Dachau.
  15. The original and true 'Jaws' of 1916. Terrifying.
  16. 32,000 documented deaths and we , as the US, have how many? Yeah... those numbers aren't happening.
  17. I wish I had a review for you. The original is one of the best story line gameplays, imho. I would have already jumped at TLOU ll but I have an old fatty ps3 and don't want to buy a 4 or 5 when it comes out. But the original was so good I have considered it just to play TLOU ll.
  18. If they can just hold out for another 1415 years, they won't have to tell the truth or lies anymore! An interesting question, unfortunately frought with too many political tones. The historical context of the past while will be interesting to see. If I'm still around that is.
  19. I like your style BigStewManSteve
  20. My neighbors and their dogs. Me and mine would get 'yelled' at from every window and backyard gate when we walked the 'hood these past years. Now all of those dogs and their owners are out and about where they never were before. Now my dog can yell at all of them from her window.
  21. I admire your optimism. But if they haven't figured it out by now... they never will. It isn't about staying safe or keeping others safe, to some.
  22. The exquisite Sheryl Crow. From Ringo's 80th (!) Birthday Bash.
  23. Well... I'm number 2. She says I'm the last one, however. Phew! Yeah those genes would be nice.
  24. My wife is 75. She claims the closer she gets to 95, the more she 'thinks' she may be getting old. It works great for her. So young at heart. She forgets why her hands don't work like they used to. A life long ARFNP. Retired.
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