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  1. "Hamilton" streams on Disney+. Fantastic life story, fabulously told. I loved how it was rapped. It highlights the incredible lyrics, and their synchopation, imo. I was blown away. And the recording in Dolby is one of the best from a live Broadway stage that I have heard. One of the loudest playbacks ever in our house. The book it was based on was promoted earlier in the books you've read thread. I will definitely pick this up. I'm with many here, a big fan of Ozark.
  2. "Long Haired Country Boy" The South's Gonna Do It" It seemed he loved them all.
  3. Rest in Peace https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/metallica-tribute-ennio-morricone-ecstasy-of-gold-1024601/
  4. Me too. "Old Guys Rule" ?? I can still read it on my t shirt at least.
  5. It may be something. But according to 18 U.S.C. § 2331 it isn't an act of war.
  6. ^^ Life is easier when you are young and dumb.
  7. KlipschFish


    I saw the high beams.
  8. KlipschFish


    There's a car there?
  9. KlipschFish


    I think those critters can read.
  10. LOL! ^^ 5G and Bill Gates.
  11. No, not saying that. It just has properties for exposure that most hard woods do not. It is spectacularly beautiful anywhere.
  12. Bosco was right, earlier. Some of us can be easily sidetracked. I'm hungry!
  13. If you like shellfish you will most likely love them.
  14. Redwood is fantastic as an outdoor wood, especially. But be careful with it. A sliver can be poisonous and infect quickly.
  15. You gotta be careful. Beans or no beans in chile can reach political level in-fighting.
  16. I miss the conch fritters.
  17. And that after they survived the dust bowl and great depression. I wish I knew my grandparents. My dad was 51 when I was born and all the gpas and gmas were gone.
  18. Another from San Diego I hadn't seen.
  19. I made reference to this guy in another forum. Thought I'd look it up. I've seen 7 of these at The Shobox in Seattle. Was lucky enough to win a raffle for a nice piece and do the backstage thing. One of the best (used to be $35) $40 bucks you can spend. These usually include a lot of the great artists in town at the time. I don't forget how lucky I am.
  20. KlipschFish


    Including what's going through his head.
  21. Wow, ssh. The poor kids' lungs were filled with dirt, too. Your family is tough. Credos!
  22. I didn't see her say it. The irony is thick.
  23. I wasn't the one laughing at billybobs comment. It isn't a joke to me.
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