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  1. Excellent! I have some Vincent Price read audio from Poe, also. His voice puts you right away in all the creepy movies he's been in.
  2. States accused of fudging or bungling COVID-19 testing data "In Georgia, one of the earliest states to ease up on lockdowns and assure the public it was safe to go out again, the Department of Public Health published a graph around May 11 that showed new COVID-19 cases declining over time in the most severely affected counties. The daily entries, however, were not arranged in chronological order but in descending order. For example, the May 7 totals came right before April 26, which was followed by May 3. A quick look at the graph made it appear as if the decline was smoother than it really was." Easy to see how good Georgia's doing!
  3. "You look lovely today, Mrs Cleaver..." Rest in peace Ken Osmond.
  4. KlipschFish

    Car Thread

    The son of my best long time friend is a pro Drift racer. He is a master rotary builder who is the only rotary user in the League. This pup belongs to an older lady who used to photograph the events nationwide.
  5. Of course our planets resources are finite. I do not want to think this is programmed. But there is really no compelling evidence to suggest otherwise, either. This is no less plausible than any other theory.
  6. They also were a victim in Bush Jr's decision to take the money allocated to the Corps Of Engineers to modify and fortify the levees around New Orleans. One o fthe first acts by his admin.
  7. Or in perpetually ravaged tornado alleys? Or along the shoreline that is rapidly expanding? Or building over and over in generations old flood plains? What's wrong with these people?
  8. KlipschFish


    That's hilarious! It reminds me of the old Star Trek about the 'Shootout at the OK Corral.' The buildings in town had a front facade, a front door and maybe a side wall. You coud've just pranced into them from any angle but everyone politely used the door to enter. I wonder if the pups moved over, would they still be as P.O.'d?
  9. This one? http://bravewords.com/news/blue-oyster-cult-concert-to-air-september-2nd-via-audience-network-dont-fear-the-reaper-performance-video-streaming BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Concert To Air September 2nd Via AUDIENCE Network; “Don’t Fear The Reaper” Performance Video Streaming August 29, 2016, 3 years ago
  10. KlipschFish


    Lol! ^^ What a poop head! That's what he gets.
  11. I wanted to 'like' your great parts and 'sad' the others at the same time. I miss live music very much and I feel like I may have to stay away for a bit longer.
  12. This was a fun thing for some. Better than space suits! Detroit-area residents lift spirits with costumed parades
  13. Picture of a photo out of the way back machine. Circa 1974. Myself, tuna. My good friend Joe. Not big but a line stripper for sure!
  14. Washington's death rate up. A bit alarming. A while back I posited on the amount of confirmed cases going up. Now this.
  15. It's that damn white dress with the gold stripes thingy again. I love sarcasm!
  16. The clouds look phony as all heck to me.
  17. I'll say you did! And Yellowfin Tuna was not too far out for a long day trip too. Poke baby! Last time I was down a friend had a bbq full of yellowtail. Soo good. The currents that hold the tuna came very close to shore in SoCal and Mexico. Wish I were there!
  18. KlipschFish

    What I Got Today!

    Did you see this kid? Skateboarder Gui Khury, 11, lands historic 1080-degree turn. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/11/sport/gui-khury-skateboarding-1080-spt-intl/index.html
  19. The dude watching all this.... his reaction is priceless.
  20. KlipschFish

    What I Got Today!

    Excellent find! Great grip. You DID ride the shit out of those wheels. Nice.
  21. Yes. The jet stream was particularly low in the northern hemisphere the months of March/April. SoCal got the brunt of what we normally get. That also happens with La Nina (IIRC) conditions, typically. La Nina is not as prevalent as El Nino.
  22. https://imgur.com/3mYLXhb Check out the first video here!
  23. CEOs asked to remove masks at Iowa roundtable before VP, governor arrive Just beyond believable. Highlight the link yourself and have a look-see.
  24. Might be an ok deal if they throw in the ship.
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