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  1. I'm selling them because: 1. I sold all the tube gear I had before I moved out here b/c I didn't want to deal with the generated heat now that I live in the desert. 2. To replace the tubed gear, I bought a NAD M12/M22 combo and a pair of GoldenEar Triton Ones. 3. I really don't need two stereos in my house at this point. One will do just fine. I loved these speakers, I'm not offloading b/c they're inferior in any way. In fact, they actually do a number of things MUCH better than the 5k Triton Ones do (primarily low volume level enjoyment - I've never had a speaker touch these in that regard, including $8k Vienna Acoustic speakers). The speakers are still available, and I'm dropping the price to $850 inclusive of the speaker cabling.
  2. From the post it sounds like they are now on his moving truck on the way to NM. Yup, they're still for sale! I had numerous people flake in PA before they went on the truck, so they'll be available to buy in Albuquerque as of Tuesday, May 17th!
  3. I'm selling my Bob Crites Style C Cornscala high efficiency speakers. These are Klipsch Cornwall + LaScala hybrids, combining the best qualities of each speaker. They are incredibly efficient, operating at 102dB sensitivity. They're perfect with SET amps or any tube amp offering 2 or more watts. They have selenium drivers, and were finished by the previous owner. I have rated them at a 7 because there's a ~1.5" sliver of wood that chipped off the bottom front of one speaker. I still have the piece and it can easily be glued back on, I just never got around to it. SOLD Negotiating down from the listed price will result in none of the 3 extras being included. Speaker Details: http://www.critesspeakers.com/cornscala-style-c.html Not much activity here, but I have the same username on Audiogon and USAudioMart with years of all-positive feedback. Available for pickup only in zip code 87102.
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