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    Reidsville NC
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    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-7(Cherry)

    Surround: Klipsch KG 5.5(Walnut)

    Center: Klipsch RC-7(Cherry)

    Subwoofers: 4 Klipsch RSW-15 (2 Black, 2 Cherry), Klipsch RT-12D(Black)

    Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3070

    Amplifier: Outlaw 5000

    Also Monster HRS 2600 and Panasonic DMP-UB900

    Bedroom: RX-Z9 w/ Klipsch KLF-30(Black)& KLF-C7

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  1. That's a bit far from me, but thanks.
  2. I'm looking to replace my surrounds with something better suited due to space. Currently running KG5.5's and the living room is a bit cluttered. I'd love a set of RS-7's to match the rest, but I'd jump on a set of RB-75's or RB-5's in cherry aswell. I would settle for RB-75 or RB-5 in black though. I'm in the Greensboro, NC area. I'd even trade my KG5.5's for them if interested. I have 2 pairs, 1 walnut and 1 black satin. Both were owned previously by careless owners but I've done the best I can to take care of them while I've had them, still sound great.
  3. Located in the Greensboro area in NC. Selling my RT-12D in Black. It's in great shape, maybe a mark here or there. Grills are all good and pegs intact. Asking $700, listed for $800 elsewhere. I listed it on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, you can see the pictures there. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/338947333671234/
  4. Searching for a RC-7 in cherry and a couple of black RS-7s, maybe even RB-5s in cherry. I'm located the Greensboro area of North Carolina. I got a sweet deal on RF-7s and want to go ahead and do a full set.
  5. If I were closer I'd happily get atleast the black one. I have a black RSW-15 already and it could use a companion. However, I'm In NC. So there's that...
  6. Youthman, I've watched a couple of your videos on YouTube showing off your theater. Very nice! If you get those IB subs done just let me know, I'd love to have a 2nd one.
  7. I'm looking for an Earthquake Supernova 15. I have a 10" and 12" version. I would like to try a 15". I don't really care if it's a MKIV, MKV, or MKVI; just depends on price. I'm located in the Greensboro area of North Carolina. I'm also interested in a second Klipsch RSW-15. I prefer black, but wouldn't hesitate to take a RSW-15 in cherry or maple. If you're far away but willing to ship, let me know. Just PM me with details. Thanks!
  8. No marks like bumps or scratches. Just spots where my hands have rested beside the touch pad, which should come off with alcohol. Full warranty ends at the end of August. I will extend the warranty before then.
  9. No, I still have it. Didn't have any interest so I'll probably just keep it.
  10. I'm having trouble with my RX-Z9. I bought it used off of ebay a month and a half back and for a month it worked flawlessly. One month in it started having an issue. When watching a couple movies, at some point into the 2nd it would cut off the right main channels. Both A and B for the right side would cut out. Everything else plays fine, including all left channels and other surround channels. The Z9 is notorious for getting hot, so I figure it's something to do with that. Well now it seems it takes less and less time before it cuts those 2 channels out. The last time I tried it before tonight, running my old set up with a pair of KG5.5's for mains, it lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Tonight however, running my newly purchased KLF-30's, it lasted a whopping 20 or 30 minutes. Could it be a simple fuse issue, or is it going to be complicated? Could it be where it's working too hard sense I'm running no center and sending that to the mains? I figure I need to get a separate amp for the KLF-30's now anyway, so worst case I'll use preouts on the Z9 and run them that way. I understand the Z9 is old, but I figured it'd be better than a newer, weaker and "cheaper" yet more expensive model receiver, if you get what I mean. Any input is much appreciated, as I still have much to learn.
  11. Probably the sound of the speakers. They are different than most Klipsch. I've read that they need to be raised up so the horns are ear level, but they lack the impact, in your face, and "Klipsch" sound that my KG5.5's have. Thus I'd rather have something else. I can't complain though, they do sound good and I paid very little for them. Hopefully picking up a pair of KLF-20s and either putting the CF-2's in the back or selling them to a friend who is just starting to get into home theater.
  12. I'll take $2,500 from fellow members or even friends of members. I'll take partial trades, just make an offer.
  13. Feel free to make offers for trades aswell. I'm looking for a couple RSW-15's, another pair or KG5.5, RF-7, maybe RT Series subwoofers and other big RF or Legend series too. Worst I can say is no. Thanks!
  14. I'm selling my Alienware 18. It is the top tier model from last year and still under warranty! Has the i7-4940MX extreme processor factory overclocked to 4.4GHZ, 980M SLI with 8GB VRAM, 32GB RAM, 516GB SSD + 1TB HDD, DVD Drive running Windows 8.1. Like all Alienware laptops, it is equiped with Klipsch speakers! I have the original box, brand new charger and additional charger, and 18 Vindicator backpack. I'm in Reidsville NC, and asking $2,700 for it. You can transfer the warranty under your name. This laptop was originally over $4,700, asking nearly half retail. They are selling for over $3,000 without factory warranty. PM if interested.
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