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    Reidsville NC
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    Main L/R: Klipsch RF-7(Cherry)

    Center: Klipsch RC-7(Cherry)

    Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7(Black)

    Subwoofers: 4 Klipsch RSW-15 (2 Black, 2 Cherry)

    Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3070

    Amplifier: Outlaw 5000

    Also Monster HRS 2600 and Panasonic DMP-UB900

    Bedroom: RX-Z9 w/ Klipsch RB-75 (Black) and Klipsch RT-12D(Black)

    Storage: KLF-30(Black), KLF-C7 (Black), KG5.5(Black)

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  1. Decided to keep them, sorry. This post can be deleted.
  2. It's around $400 after shipping I believe. Cherry makes everything sound better! 😀
  3. That sucks. I'd like to pick it up myself, but not for what they're asking. Hopefully they'll get back with you. It's been on there for a month or two I believe, so maybe they'll be flexible.
  4. Don't know what you're looking to spend, but I've been watching one on eBay for a while now. You could probably message them with an offer. I've been thinking about it myself but I have too many subs already, if that's possible... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Reference-RSW-10D-High-powered-reference-series-subwoofer/264563630805?hash=item3d9938a2d5:g:89kAAOSwpj1drOV9
  5. Thanks, I'll let you know. Right now I'm focused on the other two models. I run mine without grills and would love the RB-5s in cherry to match my other speakers. However, I know the RB-75s to be the king. I'd honestly probably trade my KLF-30s for a pair of RB-75s in cherry, as my ears love my RF-7s.
  6. I'm currently trying to make room for other speakers and looking to sell or trade a pair of KG5.5s. They're in satin black. Previous owner put flower pots on them so the tops are a little warped but otherwise are in great shape. I'm located in the Greensboro area of NC. I'm looking for around $300 but will negotiate. I'd really like a pair of RB-75s or RB-5s in cherry. Would be willing to add cash for trade, just depends. Craigslist ad for pictures: https://greensboro.craigslist.org/ele/d/reidsville-klipsch-kg55s/7037481298.html
  7. I, too, have had luck in having one shipped to me but it was double boxed using the original box with added padding. It'd take a big, awkward box. Pete H is right, just be patient. I wouldn't go much lower, if any. I have paid between $250-600 for these. I currently have 4 and I would've gladly paid $600 each time because they're worth it to me. Just need the right person in your area.
  8. She's a beaut. Wish you were closer.
  9. The cherry is my favorite finish! Wife thinks I'm an addict but I pick these up, in any finish, whenever I can lol.
  10. That's a bit far from me, but thanks.
  11. I'm looking to replace my surrounds with something better suited due to space. Currently running KG5.5's and the living room is a bit cluttered. I'd love a set of RS-7's to match the rest, but I'd jump on a set of RB-75's or RB-5's in cherry aswell. I would settle for RB-75 or RB-5 in black though. I'm in the Greensboro, NC area. I'd even trade my KG5.5's for them if interested. I have 2 pairs, 1 walnut and 1 black satin. Both were owned previously by careless owners but I've done the best I can to take care of them while I've had them, still sound great.
  12. Located in the Greensboro area in NC. Selling my RT-12D in Black. It's in great shape, maybe a mark here or there. Grills are all good and pegs intact. Asking $700, listed for $800 elsewhere. I listed it on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, you can see the pictures there. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/338947333671234/
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