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    Ruffin, NC
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    Main L/R: 4 Klipsch RF-7(2 Black, 2 Cherry)
    Center: 2 Klipsch RC-7(1 Black, 1 Cherry)
    Side Surrounds: Klipsch RF-7(Cherry)
    Rear Surrounds: Klipsch RB-75(Black)
    Atmos: 4 Klipsch RSX-5(Black)
    Subwoofers: 5 Klipsch RSW-15 (3 Black, 2 Cherry)
    Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3070
    Amplifier: Outlaw 5000
    Also Monster HTPS 7000, Panasonic DMP-UB900, Nvidia Shield Pro and LG 77C3 OLED

    Desktop: RB-75 and RSW10 with Yamaha RX-A2030

    2 RT-10D(Cherry) and RSW10D(Cherry) waiting on amp repair

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  1. BATMAN5892


    Sorry, they just sold.
  2. BATMAN5892


    I have a nice pair of KLF-30's and C7 that I'm thinking about letting go of. The 30's are in really good shape, well taken care of. The C7 is in good shape, but not as nice as the towers(different previous owner). The 30's did have slight rattle a few years ago, so I removed the drivers and put a little Liquid Nails in the corners and it eliminated the issue. I also have the grills and they're all in good shape. Looking to sale the set for $1600 or I'll trade for a 77" or 83" LG OLED, also needs to be a CX or newer. I would consider some RF-83's and RC-64 as trade, and may also consider some RSW-15's and RT-12D's or even the new RP-1600SW. Other than those specific models, I don't really need anything else. LOCATED IN REIDSVILLE, NC
  3. Like The History Kid shows above, they have three mounting holes. Where my system is in the basement and the ceiling is unfinished, I have them tucked in between the floor joists firing directly at the seats. They also can be swiveled up/down and left/right to aim perfectly at listening position. They can be found fairly cheap and we're a super easy solution for me. Took just a few minutes to mount and then adjust. They are perfect, but they sound great to me.
  4. Not quite that far, but I will be going to Hickory for a day or two. That won't be for a few months though.
  5. I currently run 4 of these for my Atmos speakers in my original 7 series Reference system. I read years ago that they were fairly close as far as timbre matching. They do great in my opinion. Really nice speakers for the size and money. GLWS!
  6. Not trying to ship. I don't have the original box and don't trust it to make with shipping these days. Sorry.
  7. KLF-C7 in pretty good shape, not perfect by any means. I moved my Legends out of the theater awhile back and only use them for 2 channel. Could use funds for other projects and have no need for this center anymore. $300 obo. Located in Reidsville, NC.
  8. Wrong side of the country, otherwise they'd be off your hands and in my house. Great price, GLWS.
  9. That is a good deal for someone. I have no need for it, but if you were local I'd pick it up just because. I'm sure someone will get it soon.
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