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    Main L/R: 4 Klipsch RF-7(2 Black, 2 Cherry)
    Center: 2 Klipsch RC-7(1 Black, 1 Cherry)
    Surrounds: Klipsch RB-75(Black)
    Rear Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7(Black)
    Atmos: 4 Klipsch RSX-5(Black)
    Subwoofers: 5 Klipsch RSW-15 (3 Black, 2 Cherry)
    Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3070
    Amplifier: Outlaw 5000
    Also Monster HTPS 7000, Panasonic DMP-UB900, Nvidia Shield Pro and LG CX 65" OLED

    Reading Room: KLF-30(Black), KLF-C7 (Black) w/ Yamaha RX-A2030

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  1. Looking for a passive radiator for a RSW-10. The spider has completely torn around the coil and its rattling really bad. I've glued it for now and it is doing ok, but would like to get a replacement, if I can find one.
  2. Glad you're a ways away. Otherwise I'd have 7 total...
  3. The shop that repaired mine was in Winston Salem. Triad Electronics Service. I just sold it and it ran fine for over 3 years and still going.
  4. It's #1 and called "Mule" for a reason, this thing has taken a beaten over the years for sure. That's the point though, why else would it be called "Mule" haha. One wouldn't buy this because it's a "Youthman deal". They'd buy it because it's has history and overall cool factor. Just appreciate it for what it is. I don't have the extra funds to spend on something like this, but I get it, whoever does. GLWS. 👍
  5. Wish you were closer. I'd love to get a pair of RF-83's. Never heard them but would enjoy comparing them to my OG RF-7s and KLF-30s.
  6. I had mine repaired a few years ago. Faulty, cheap, Chinese mosfets was what I was told was the culprit. Cost was around $250 to repair it and it has worked for 3 years.
  7. Bump. Been a long time, dropped price to $800. Unfortunately that's firm, I can't take any less. Need the funds for new DIY project. If interested PM me.
  8. Wish they were closer. I'd love to pick them up. GLWS!
  9. I sent him a PM a good while ago amd never heard back. I just assumed it's no longer available.
  10. I just picked up a nice 5.1 setup for my father in law. Everything is in really good shape. However, there's no feet on the RF-3 II's. I have some of spikes and rubber pieces, but the actual plastic feet that mount to the cabinets are missing. Anyone have a set? I need all 8. I'm in NC, but I'm sure if someone has a set we'll ship them. Thanks.
  11. That said, I do have a buddy that is planning on moving to Ocala, FL soon. Maybe I could twist his arm into picking it up for me.
  12. I've been in contact with @beerguy. Unfortunately I'm still waiting to see about moving one or more of my black ones. I've had no one commit to buying or trading, so it looks like I'll be sticking with the ones I have. It may be a cardinal sin, but I ordered some peel and stick cherry wood grain film. I'll compare it to the cherry finish of the others. If it looks good and protects the black finish in the process, win win I guess. That said, if someone is driving up to NC from Florida, I'd make room. Lol
  13. Yeah, yeah... rub it in why don't you. I wish my black pair was cherry, but I'm not sure I could have afforded them if they were haha. Cherry is worth nearly double market value, easy.
  14. Yeah, that sucks. You should be able to get it repaired. I hate everyone with cherry is too far away. I'm thinking that maybe I'll try to do an infinite baffle subwoofer setup when I finish the basement. Then have the my two cherry up front, place the two black ones in the back corners for balance and that way they won't still out too much. May work out in the long run, who knows.
  15. Bump. I guess there's no interest. My area seems to be a dead zone. I missed an opportunity on a cherry RSW-15 a couple weeks ago and it sold for $780. I've found a couple more but they're just too far out. Oh well, if no interest I'll just have to be satisfied with what I have. No harm in that I guess. Lol
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