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  1. I did not really like the occasional floor plate with the new Klipsch RF-7 III so I mounted them on Viablue QTC spikes. I think this is a lot nicer and consequently irregularities in the floor can also be easily adjusted. Which in my case was necessary and not possible with the supplied floor plate. The sound, incredible! I have Klipsch Forte III aswel as Klipsch Palladium P-38's and these really stand on their own. I really like them, incredible punchy and open. No matter how hard you cranck them they remain very smooth to the ear. Top speaker
  2. Yeah, you are right. I mark this thread for solved☺
  3. i think the 3m originally retailed for 120$. what cool is i picked mine up at emofest for 5$ a piece. cause they were demo pieces. even bought me a few spare sets and have gave them away for icing on the cake with some of my speaker sales. Cool! The 3meter version are now 35dollar. With this kind of finish, a real bargain!
  4. BOOM! i AM a palladium owner and i use three of these for my fronts: Very nice cable for the money!!!!
  5. I ended up with cheap 10AWG speakerwire from Procab. I didn't like the Mogami, it was harsh and strident sounding. The Procab however is spot on... http://www.procab.be/Producten/ProductDetail?prodId=1900
  6. As a P-38 owner (one week!) I am wondering which speaker wire you are using now? Maybe you can advise me somehow with the Pal's? Thanks!
  7. Don't bother with bi-wiring either. This is what's written in the Palladium manual: Bi-wiring reduces unwanted interactions between the bass drivers and the midrange and treble units. True bi-wiring is connecting separate cables from the bass terminals and the midrange/treble terminals to a common connection at the amplifier. Several cable manufacturers produce specialized cables where one cable jacket contains four cables, thus enabling bi-wiring within one cable cluster. This eliminates the need to run separate cables and simplifies connection. In any case, the method of connection is the same.
  8. And? What are your taugths on this wire?
  9. I just ordered some mogami 3104. This cable seems to be very popular in studios and don't break my bankaccount. With this wire I can choose between single and biwire. Thus I can experiment. I hope that when I single wire the two other wires aren't acting like antennas? But most probably this isn't the case on speaker wires.
  10. Ok guys, I've got the picture about different speaker wires, but what about biwiring Palladiums? Anyone got expirience with that?
  11. I Agree, I have to decide myself.However, the purpose of this thread is to know what other people use on their Pal's? And single wired vs biwired? And maybe we can share some ideas between Palladium owners so we can get the best out of them. Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I do not think that real expensive speaker cable makes the SQ better but I do know that different cables do sound different.Because of inductance, resistance, etc. For that reason I am interested in what other people use or have used before with sonic harmony on the Palladiums?
  13. I would like to know what you guys use for speakercables with Klipsch Palladiums and biwired or single wired.
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