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  1. Near Portland Oregon for $760. No affiliation. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/ele/d/oregon-city-beautiful-pair-of-klipsch/7083603766.html
  2. I'll have to look into it and get back to you. I want to get an accurate estimate first. Im in Eugene, OR so it shouldn't be too bad. Fed Ex preferred? -john
  3. These are sold Howdy, I have a pair of Crites Model CW1526C woofers for sale. I bought them for another project that never materialized. I've had them for a couple of years now. They have never been used. They are in the original boxes. Can discuss best shipping method. $200 plus shipping. Buyer pays Pay Pal fees. PM me if interested. -john
  4. Yeah. Hoping to get lucky. a buddy of mine got the last Eliptrac set posted here..... I'm just jealous
  5. Hi. Looking to try some different mid-range horns with my 1978 Khorns. I was seeing if anyone has either Fastlane Eliptrac or Volti V-trac horns for sale. I'm looking to pair them with 2" drivers and can make my own frames etc. PM me..... Thanks for looking
  6. sold! thanks to member speed for setting it up!
  7. Hi, I'm selling a recently purchased B&K Sound Type A/4500 Crossover pair from Bob Crites. These are for the Klipschorns but they are NOT compatible with the stock K77 tweeter. They work great with Bob's CT120 or CT125 tweeters. more information on Bob's site (see below) These go for $230 new plus shipping (about $15 bucks) I'd like to move them so I'm asking $180 plus shipping (however buyer prefers) thanks a bunch, john http://www.critesspeakers.com/bk-sound-type-a4500-crossov.html
  8. update: 7/27/16_ finally got resized images of all sides.... Hi, I'm listing my cornwalls on Eugene (OR) craigslist and wanted to post here too since I'm using the site so often. I recently got some klipshorns so these need to go. Can take more photos if interested. includes: Klipsch Cornwalls_1977 raw birch untouched (6/10 for cabinets). Grill clothes in good shape. includes: new Crites Xovers (type B2) original Xovers Crites Risers new rubber gaskets on mid-horns. I'm asking $850 and will take $800 from a forum member thanks a bunch , john
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