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    HK 6800, NAD L53, KG 4.5 light Oak Kimber cable, Dahlquist DQM5, DCM time-frame TF 500, Philips 312 TT with AT 125 cart, Mac mini, Mac book pro optical out to NAD L53 audioengine B1 from Ipad to HK 6800 via Bluetooth

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  1. Just saw the pics of the guy that did the change over ..monster job for a monster amp.
  2. Take both plates off and have them powder coated shouldn’t cost too much.
  3. 2 Parasound Zamp v3 power amplifiers Stereo/mono switchable 1Parasound Zpre v2 preamp with remote In like new condition Functioning perfectly Power cords included 625.00 plus shipping More photos available
  4. Like new 450.00 plus shipping thats 2 amps for 450.00 stock photo can provide actual photos on request
  5. Oh I thought that was a sub pump ...great for low end response !!!! ha ha nice vintage speakers 😎 enjoy
  6. Run don’t walk buy them and bring the guy a bottle of wine too😎
  7. Not surprised it sold so fast. Beautiful amps congrats to both parties
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