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    Living Room 5.1.2

    Klipsch RF-82 II (Front)
    Klipsch RC-62 II (Center)
    Klipsch RB-51 II (Surround)
    Klipsch RP-500SA (Atmos)
    SVS PB1000 (subwoofer)
    Onkyo TX-RZ830 (9ch. receiver)
    Sony X700 (Bluray player)
    LG C8 OLED (TV)

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  1. Maybe I got B grade? They look like yours but with imperfections. Here are a couple photos.
  2. I got them from an authorized dealer. I didn't say they looked fake, just cheap compared the my II's.
  3. So I got a pair of Reference Premier RP-500SA for Atmos and WOW am I shocked how cheap they look. The reference premier is supposed to be the better of the lineups and yet it looked like a cheap Chinese speaker. The grill cover is the worst, plastic looks super cheap, the logo paint wore off and the cloth looks like it will rip. I can also see glue on the inner cone of the woofer. WOW... My Reference II series looks classes ahead in quality. With Palladium gone, is there anything above Reference Premier as far as HT speakers go?
  4. bgalakazam

    What I Got Today!

    Verbatim HTL BD-R blurays for backup.
  5. I have this receiver with the setup in my signature. Even for a 5.0 it is able to drive the speakers quite well and the room fills with bass. Just watched Mad Max yesterday and it was amazing. As for switching sources, I don't have that need/issue so it doesn't affect me.
  6. Those look really nice. I was wondering about the RF 7s before I got my 82s, but didn't really have a large enough room for them.
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