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  1. The cherry Klipsch RB 75's are still available.
  2. Thank you Bill, I took them off the market a few times before, but unfortunately this time I can't hold on to them any longer. Bryan if you have a UPS or FEDEX account I will ship, and I would definitely recommend double boxing even though the factory boxes are pretty good, but every time I estimate shipping I end up losing and these are being offered at a very good price as it is.
  3. Sold I am reluctantly selling these wonderful, but fairly large stand mounts because I am running out of room in my small apartment. The RB75's are the best monitors Klipsch has every produced outside of the Palladium RB 17's which list for 4K. They are dynamic, immediate, have great bass for a monitor, and are just plain musical. The RB-75's have a 1.75" compression driver and an 8" ceramtallic cone woofer. I truly wish I could keep them, but they are taking up too much space. I would prefer a local transaction, but I have the shipping boxes and if shipped these speakers should be double boxed so the buyer will only pay the actual cost of the shipping/insurance and the outer boxes/packing which will not be cheap because these are pretty large monitors, but since this pair is priced low the final cost would still be very reasonable for speakers of this quality. This pair is in the much more desirable cherry finish and I would rate their condition 7/10. Paypal add 3% and please check my perfect Audiogon feedback under guppy. Please see pictures on the US Audio Mart. Thank you for reading my ad. BTW I am located in Brooklyn, N.Y.- Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights Includes: Factory Boxes and Packing.
  4. A very nice pair of cherry Klipsch RB 75 which I am reluctantly selling because of space issues. They are in pretty good condition, I would rate them a 7/10, and they are certainly very presentable. As most people on this site know these are wonderful speakers and not that easy to come by in the preferred cherry finish. I am offering them at a very fair price, $500., and I would prefer a local sale. Please check my perfect Audiogon feedback under guppy. Pictures available upon request as I was not able to add any to this ad. Paypal please add 3%. Thank you for reading my ad.
  5. The Klipsch RB 75's are one of the best monitors Klipsch has ever produced as many the Klipsch forum members know. They are detailed, dynamic and sound big in a fairly small package. They have a large 1.75" titanium dome compression driver tweeter and a 60 x 90 tractix horn driver. Very musical speakers which I unfortunately do not have the room for any longer. This pair is in the much sought after rare and much nicer cherry finish. Please check my Audiogon feedback under guppy. Pictures available upon request or check out my ad on the US Audio Mart. Thank you. Thank You for reading my ad.
  6. I am looking for someone with experience to upgrade the crossovers of my Klipsch RB 75 speakers in the NYC area and I would appreciate recommendations. Thank you.
  7. guppy


    Cancelled. I have a nice pair of Klipsch RB 75's in the very attractive cherry finish and in 7/10 condition. I live in Brooklyn, N.Y. and I would prefer a local transaction. I will try to get some pictures up soon. Please check my feedback under Guppy on Audiogon. Thank you for reading my ad. Cancelled
  8. Please contact me if you have a pair of well cared for Klipsch RB- 75 monitors in cherry and which you might consider selling. Also if you have a pair of Klipsch Forte 2's Quartets in good condition which you might be selling in the near future. I also have some items that could be traded, but I am willing to make a purely cash purchase. I am in Brooklyn, N.Y. and I would drive around 150 miles to pick up a nice pair. The RB -75s could be shipped if the seller has some knowledge of packing. Thank you.
  9. Hello Jason, Are these still available?
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