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  1. Hi guys I am in a dilemma I have to choose between these 2 speakers a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV in mint condition or a pair of old Modified K-Horns with the 400 cylindrical horn ALK crossover and Beyma and BC drivers. Both are at the same price? what do you guys think is a better buy? FYI My system is all tubes Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP Power and My room is 14'x18'x9' no windows perfect rectangle carpeted with acoustic panels and basstraps. So I have 2 perfect corners for the K-horns.
  2. Thanks everyone I was really thinking on getting a pair of the KPT-Jubilee/535-B since finding one in the used market is impossible, I have heard both Lascala and cornscala and lascala lacks thight and power at the bottom end. Thats the reason that Bob Crites created the cornsala (the mid of lascala and the bass of the cornwall, Please educate me why you guys love so much the bass horns. What will be the advantage of let say the Pro KPT-Jubilee Bass section vs dual AE-15 drivers per channel in a properly designed Ported Box with a Hypex DSP Plate amp? Once again thanks for all the suggestions.
  3. I would love to get a system like yours Problem is finding it K-402 are hard to find so the Jub If you had a $4k Budget for a speaker what would yo buy / build? Maybe that's a better question
  4. OK I am in a dilemma I am in the market for my next speakers, My system is all tube Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP amp with 8 KT 120 85w per channel, Primaluna Dialog Premiun Pre amp, Manley Steelhed Phono, VPI HRX Turntable with Shelter Harmony Cartidge. My current speakers are Silverline Audio Sonatina MK4, They sound Beautiful with vocals and jazz but suck big time with rock and pop. I want to move into something more appropriate for my system (tubes) that will perform great either with vocals as well as rock or pop. These are the 3 options I am considering: 1) Crites Cornscalas with ALK Extreme Slope Crossovers, B&C Drivers and Crites Woofer and and Eliptrac Horns, similar to the one built by . 2) BD Design Oris Horn with an 8" Fostex Full Range Driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. 3) BD Design Opheans M3 with BMS 4592 compression driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. Please tell me what model would you choose and why? Thanks in advanced for the help.
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