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  1. Hey, thanks for all the great suggestions! I would be using the speakers for 2 channel music only, so I guess just an integrated amp would be good since my music comes from either my iPad or the turntable. Is there a certain wattage or anything I should be looking for?
  2. Also, is an amp necessary? Or could I always add one later?
  3. Hey Everyone, First time poster here. I'm going to sound kind of dumb but here we go. My dad just gave me his old pair of Hersey I HBR speakers. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Not a single scratch or dent. However, electronics isn't really my wheel house so I was hoping yall could suggest a nice receiver in the hopefully less than $300 range for me to hook it up to as well as maybe some pictures of the wiring (they don't have any wires which, for a millennial used to AUX cords, is confusing). I'm also hoping to get a record player to go with it. I have one now but it's cheap; record wobbles, arm is too light and skips frequently. So suggestion for a solid record player would be appreciated also. Will update as progress comes along!
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