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  1. Says klipsch speaker behind the grille obviously not factory https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/atq/d/pittsburgh-corner-cabinet/7013360381.html
  2. wish it was closer I'd be interested for sure
  3. Thanks for posting these going to hold out and see if I can find some rs 52 iv so they all look the same. So if anyone sees these or has some for sale I’m all ears.
  4. Anyone selling rs42 or rs52. Looking for either of those surrounds or mahogany rb5s. Let me know if you have any or seen any for sale.
  5. i live in arlington for the next two months right in crystal city as well @opusk2k9
  6. @Rudy81 has a post in here where he is selling 2 rsw 15 passives
  7. tempting and just an hour north of you
  8. Yes and sorry for not letting you know I got it and thank you to both parties!
  9. thank you I ended up buying one off of bhenry and Rplace posted in the pony express he is actually driving from michigan to about an hour from me so everything is working out there. @wstrickland1 did you see the rsw15 parts though.
  10. I sent a pm ill let you know what he says as well still waiting on a reply
  11. https://us.letgo.com/en/product/black-home-theater-system_e2679c61-0c0f-4edb-89e9-6e552b995503
  12. I would probably include the sixes in your decision
  13. at the time didn't want to drop 50 bones on a grill that was probably going to have the pegs snapped in shipping but with a baby on the way want a grill to cover the woofer
  14. Mainly bought it to experiment with never had an external amp. I may try it in my basement setup which is a 5.2 and just hook everything up to it the RF 7's, rc7 and rs 52 and see if it makes a difference
  15. Adcom Gfa 6000 5 channel amp
  16. lol if it was for a pair this post would have been located in look what i got today thread
  17. located in my back yard basically https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1571430746273769
  18. I found an acurus but it is only a 100x3 and in chicago but only $155. I talked the guy down on the adcom 6000 to $225 but I may hold off and just keep looking. My knowledge is very limited when it comes to separates.
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