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  1. Bump. Price for the cabinet is now free to a good home.
  2. Staunton is about 2.5 hours from me (I'm in Alexandria VA). So not super close, but closer than MN.
  3. Just listed a pair yesterday on the garage sale forum with upgraded Crites tweeters and crossovers. Located in northern Virginia.
  4. Sorry for not including a price. Was looking for $75 (again I'm in the northern Virginia area). Thanks all for digging up the additional history.
  5. These speakers are from the original line of Klipsch Heresies which have a significant audiophile following. I upgraded them with the Crites crossovers and high frequency drivers which definitely improved and smoothed out their sound. Cabinets and grills are showing their age - see pics (I never got around to the refinishing stage). Currently they are on angled risers, but I also have the original even bases. I'm still looking for the pics of the insides. Pick up is in the northern Virginia/DC metro area. Price is $500 (PayPal fees extra).
  6. This is a vintage cabinet for a Klipsch Rebel corner subwoofer. I purchased it with the intent to rebuild it, but lost time and momentum. To be functional it will need a 15" driver as well as an amp to drive it (I have a new plate amp that I'd be willing to add for $75). Pick up in the northern Virginia/DC area.
  7. See http://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Integrated-Amplifier-Tube/Fisher/X100-C/classic-integrated-amp/131081
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