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  1. Hey all, So I am a hairs width away from ordering the in ceiling pro 180rpc http://www.klipsch.com/products/pro-180rpc-in-ceiling-speaker And in doing so I had only been looking at side profiles on where to install them in the ceiling not the top view, as you can see in the picture I attached the red circles are where I thought they we supposed to go. (The grey rectangle on the right is another couch). Now...riddle me this...if these new fangled in ceiling speakers don't have aim-able tweeters, should I be putting them where the suggested location is? I don't know how to tag Cory for these posts.....
  2. I may be exiled for saying this but has anyone seen/heard/tried these? http://www.inwallstore.com/Angled_Ceiling_Speakers_Kevlar_Titanium_Inwalltech_p/hd650_1a.htm
  3. Ok, I am going to start sniffing around and see what I can find...I am still unsure if I am going to go Atmos or not! Lol, but this THIS is a great idea and should work perfectly for my room!
  4. I just read through that entire AWESOME post, thank you so much! I will probably re read it a zillion times and takes notes BUT my big question is how the heck do you "measure" the room?
  5. Lol, not to sound obnoxious but there are only two reasons I can watch these...One is for my son, two is for the sound and three is nostalgia and four is to keep hope alive. (I'm also bad at counting) But seriously the sound is just incredible!! And until I get those sound panels if I turn it up too loud it kind of erases all of the surround effects.
  6. You think the R-15M would cut it? Sorry OP this is really saving my life over here lol
  7. Thats funny because I have RF-83, RC-64 and the 4 surrounds are RP 250s Now riddle me this batman, Those mounts you used for the bookshelves, do they have similar ones that would mount to the ceiling? Of course I will look after I send this...but in case you knew for sure....
  8. I just looked (on Klipsch) and I am not sure what the ref IVs are, BUT how much per pair are we talking (new)? $199? $249? Just curious. I wont be able to put the front heights in front of the main L and R but I can put them above and "outside" of them. Make sense? They would be above and maybe an inch or two completely on the outside of them. But I do like how you think, and I am really REALLY tempted to do this....
  9. Hey I have been thinking about going dolby atmos but my ceilings are kinda low 7.5' so its kinda hard to get the up firing speakers without putting them in really weird spots. And I do worry about in ceiling speakers that will sound too bright/hot/piercing. Could you please show me how you have the book shelf heights set up? Thanks so much!
  10. You kinda know my room by now, where are you thinking to place the bass traps? Are you meaning the corner bass traps? The two flat 4" panels for the back wall are considered bass traps because they are 4" thick. Ohohoh....what about the ceiling? I am curious to see how this turns out because if our dog barks in the basement, or I yell at the kids theres that strange metallic echo that happens. Don't know quite how to explain it. We dont have carpet on the floor, we did until the puppy came, but I just decided to get rid of it because we are constantly moving furniture or playing video games and blah blah blah. But I was thinking maybe a fun death star throw rug in the middle for fun. What say you oh Klipsch master??
  11. okay I ordered 2 of Acoustimac DMD-412 Acoustic Panels 48"X12"X2" and 2 of Acoustimac DMD-BT4000 Bass Traps 48"X24"X4" I hope that will help man.....
  12. Ok I think its time for sound panels because sometimes I am in love with this system and then I go back and listen again and think "hmmm...something is not quite right". I think that I need a panel that will go around that corner, is this something that I am going to have to make myself? I checked the three websites and I didn't see THIS type of panel. What if I did two 12"x48"x2"?
  13. Well well well...look who just has allllll the answers! I worried that the entire thing will be too bright and piercing no matter what. So when are these new bad boys gonna come out? C'mon man details, DETAILS! Pictures or it didn't happen....and I seee what you did there!!
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