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  1. *nervously laughs*
  2. Ok cool, maybe I will start another thread. Everyone is so GOOD at spending my money!
  3. Nevermind I see it now....
  4. Im not sure I follow
  5. So I have a great deal on a Marantz - 7002 receiver and a Marantz MM-9000 --5 -channel power amplifier. I have a feeling that will be a big upgrade from my Yamaha RX-V675 but I really need to hear you guys opinion. I would have no clue why I would need the amplifier....
  6. I just took stuff off of one wall and covered the holes in the wall. I am seriously considering getting soundproofing done, already have 3 quotes, because I really want to be able to enjoy all this without worrying about the neighbors. I bought it on iTunes.
  7. I hope I'm not driving you nuts but I have a few more questions What volume is considered "at reference"? So how do I get DEQ? Is it my receiver? Or an added equalizer? Pre Amps (I have no idea what those are I have just heard the term a lot lol)
  8. This good?
  9. I will try gravity again. The first 20 minutes I need to map out, because the fronts were spot on but the rears weren't getting the action I was expecting. Okay I will bump them up a lil bit (I understood that part ). Im not totally sure what dynamic eq is. Is that the receiver lowering the surrounds? or the mix?
  10. She cleans up pretty good!
  11. uhhhhhh...huh? Well we watched guardians of the galaxy vol 2 last night. Loved loved a lot of the effects all around us. The fireworks at the end especially. Also the last 2/3 chapters of Unbreakable sounded fantastic, especially when he is flashing into the other peoples lives. I really wish I had a specific (very specific) sound sweep scene to listen to. Should I get Twister?
  12. No problem, I can handle that...
  13. They sound fantastic! A huge upgrade. More importantly has been your advice to move the couch and change the placement of the rears!! Soooo...I can put those rears flat on the wall? I will have to give them a sound test first obviously.
  14. Hey guys! Well here we are, only a few short weeks and I have been able to take my theater from above average to some next level sh*t! Well for me anyways, for you guys its childs play I'm sure! We gave it the official test tonight with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, what an unbelievably huge difference all of this has made! I wish you guys could come here and help me talk it to another level lol (but spend YOUR money on ME of course) Whats next?!? I say seating.....
  15. I did this, the rears are angled towards the sweet spot but I am hoping they will sound just as good flat to the wall, otherwise they are going to be a pain to mount. I looked up speaker brackets on amazon but they all say max weight is 10lbs....these are 15 at least.