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  1. No, I'm not serious about these, just posting for others. At some point I'd like to hear La Scalas, though. The winter project, now that the Heresy IIs are sold, is building Heresy cabinets out of birch ply to house the drivers from my Tangent 400s.
  2. LOL, you guys are not helping!
  3. Thanks. Well they went locally - just the one enquiry but they took them after seeing them. Now there's funds in the kitty to order bits from Bob Crites to build new enclosures for my DIY Heresys from a pair of Tangent 400s I picked up after I got these.
  4. I really should stop looking for Klipsch on CL! http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/5833706600.html no affil.
  5. These appear to be a custom order. I contacted Klipsch because the serial number did not match the usual date codes. They could not date them, but thought 'late 80s early 90s' and the 'w/o' on the label could have been a work order number for a special shipment, possibly for military bases in Europe, but they were speculating since no records to verify the number.
  6. Thanks! Not looking at making a profit on these from forum members, since I have got some great advice here.
  7. For the $175 I paid for the Tangents, I think they are an absolute bargain. I hear they show up in thrift stores for even less, but I think they are pretty rare over here (if it is true they were mostly sold to the overseas miltary). When I pull the drivers out, I'll see if I can tell any difference between two. The spec sheets have the same part number (K-24-K) - I was not aware the magnets could differ. The tangent spec sheets lists the woofer as weighing 20 oz.
  8. I spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon spinning some Blue Note jazz albums, mostly through the Tangents. A/B switching revealed less bass and smaller soundstage from the H2s. I had turned the cutoff frequency of my velodyne sub down will listening to the Tangents, and didn't try to compensate when switching back to the H2. It's no surprise the bass goes lower given the larger volume. The bigger soundstage I put down to having the tweeters/mids higher. Overall the sound was very similar. Both sound great. Looking forward to seeing what the upgrades do. So, I think the poor rep. relative to the heritage line of the Tangents is unwarranted.
  9. Thanks! Will do. @Weber What's surprising is just how much bigger they look standing next to my Heresy speakers: I imagine the dimensions are very similar to Crites Speakers CS1.5
  10. Yes, and they actually sound great. I know most threads are pretty negative regarding Tangents, but that's kind of irrelevant when all I want is the drivers. The boxes are certainly made from lighter material - looks like particle board rather than mdf in the H2s. But frankly the mid and above sound very similar to my H2s - might even be a bit better since they are at ear height.
  11. A pair of Tangent 400s http://boulder.craigslist.org/ele/5803412657.html I am going to DIY some Heresy cabinets out of birch ply, after ordering new motor boards, crossovers, diaphragms and grills from Bob Crites. The Tangents have the exact same drivers as the Heresy IIs.
  12. I have that Kenwood integrated. Very nice little amp with great build quality.
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