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  1. https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/denver-klipschorns-vintage-high/7366805656.html no affiliation
  2. meeker1


    My thoughts too. Apple has a store where you can legally download music for iPods. But perhaps we’ve misread the request? I think most streaming services (paid) allow you to download local copies, which presumably is legal while you continue to subscribe. Not sure how easy it is to transfer those to an iPod.
  3. Hi all, I have put my Tangent 400s up for sale. No room for them unfortunately. Craigslist ad Location is Denver. $325 sold locally to a real Klipsch fanπŸ‘
  4. No worries - yep, the T500 I think adds a passive radiator. A shame about the vinyl wrap and thinner cabs, but the innards are great.
  5. Hi Bob, I was replying to Sparton175 in DC and the ad for $750 HIIs - a set of T400s can be had for ~$300. You could build a very nice cabinet for $450 (at least that has been my plan for the last 5 years πŸ˜†)
  6. Search for a pair of Tangent 400s (https://www.klipsch.com/products/tangent-400) - essentially a Heresy II in a larger ported cabinet (so with bass!). The cabinet is particle board rather than ply, but the crossover says Heresy II on it and the drivers are the same as a Heresy II. Not known, so can be found for half the price of a Heresy II.
  7. Thanks moray james and billybob. Yes, it's all a matter of personal taste. Let's hope someone here is convinced to give them a go and would like to swap. For whatever reason, the Tangents are not valued anything like the H2s, so a swap is unlikely. It was a few years ago, but I think I paid ~$170 for the Tangents and the seller was having a very hard time selling them for that. The scratched and stained H2s I had, I sold for what I paid for them after I cleaned them up a little ($300). Nowadays, a quick review of prices on CL of H2s in OK to nice shape go for $500-900. So unless the value of Tangents has rocketed I have a good budget to make cabs and buy upgrades to make a stellar pair of H2s to my liking.
  8. So that's option 1 or 3 and I am happy to do either. H2s are what I want. Having had both, I would be very happy with a nice set of H2s. 1 being the easiest. Option 2 was more of a stop gap, since the quality of the cabinet (vinyl wrapped particle board) is not in the same league as a 'heritage' speaker. If the Tangents have so much going for them then Option 1 could be just the ticket for someone who wants all the benefits that design brings.
  9. Those are some great looking cabinets!
  10. Whatever I do, I will likely upgrade the diaphragms. I do have a velodyne sub with DSP/room correction in the closet as well.
  11. Let me know if you want to swap cabinets! I have had both and for whatever reason, the HIIs feel less dominating in a space, and can be stacked for storage. If I want bass I have the big rig (with Yamaha NS1000Ms) I had a pair of H2s but the cabs were worn and bass drivers had something spilled on them at one point - they are a good party speaker πŸ™‚ The plan back then was to build some nice cabinets out of quality finnish birch ply and rehouse the drivers from the H2s. Then I saw the tangents on CL with pristine drivers. So I sold the H2s and bought the Tangents with the plan to still build some nice new H2 cabinets. That has not happened in a few years but I am revisiting it now. (I know, I know, should just switched the bass drivers and sold the Tangents, but the H2 cabs weren't as nice as I would like and H2 sell for twice the price of Tangents).
  12. The Tangents are, I believe, the same width and depth as a Heresy (~15"x13.5") but stand 3 feet tall. So I think just taking off the bottom ~14" where the ports are located would get you a sealed volume close to a Heresy II and likely firm it up.
  13. Hello all, I have a pair of Tangent 400s and was thinking of turning them into Heresy IIs. I have large speakers in my main system and would like to set these up in a small bedroom so need a smaller speaker. Has anyone done this? It seems all the speaker/crossover parts are identical, so it's just a matter of a new cabinet. Thoughts on these options in order of effort? 1) Find someone who wants more bass out of the H2s that is willing to swap cabinets 2) Cut the Tangent cabinet down & install a new bottom & risers 3) Build a set using a Crites motorboard ($80/pr + shipping) + new birch ply. (Sell / donate Tangent cabs) The Tangents look just like these: cheers, Dan
  14. No, I'm not serious about these, just posting for others. At some point I'd like to hear La Scalas, though. The winter project, now that the Heresy IIs are sold, is building Heresy cabinets out of birch ply to house the drivers from my Tangent 400s.
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