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  1. Here we are, results up to date, ....................one month and a day : Jeffrey Medwin
  2. Stocks are only off about ten percent this week. [Moderators deleated, DO NOT give investment advice on here. The question was what do you predict, not "what should I do."] This is the best investment strategy I can personally think of here, and its the same as I suggested in the 1-27-20 thread. We are in to sell out TVIX today in the 115-126 range, just half of it. Good luck to all. This is interesting , and I hope to help . Jeffrey Medwin
  3. No, not at all. I suggested on 1-27-20 that everyone go 95% into cash, and 5% into TVIX. I only divulged, to make a point, that I personally was 100% short. What I do for myself, has little to do with my fiduciary / sense of moral responsibility when posting publicly on 1-27-2020 for others. That 95% Cash-5% TVIX is GREAT advice still, IMHO, except NOW, you are ( almost ) ALL down 10% in your stock portfolio's total equity, " behind the eight ball ". You have to wait for a sharp-brief rally to TIME the portfolio change. That is extremely tricky to do. The rally upwards off of this initial move down will typically be brief, lasting two to three and one half days. IF you don't sell out all long positions into that , you might sell out, or be sold out due to margin calls, at the bottom in total disgust. Just remember, the TREND is your friend. In Bull Markets, you buy the dips, sell the rallies. NOW, in Bear Markets, you need to act totally vice-versa. Sell into rallies, never buy a dip, unless ....... its TOTALLY climatic in nature, such as the DJIA dropping 10,00 points in two trading days, after a prior big decline. My direct personal experience, starting-out as a Registered Representative at the TOP of the 1969-70 eighteen month decline, is that 95% of the Stockbrokers in my office, about 45 guys and gals, will NOT be of any help, they were useless in a Bear Market. Nice as people, sweet, but useless. I still recall their ashen faces. Jeffrey Medwin
  4. Joe, See if there is a HAM RADIO group in your area. Contact the President and ASK for suggestions among his ( or her ) members. One of the guys will do it for you. Is it ARRL ?? Jeff Medwin
  5. A GAP is a unfilled price in a bar chart, could be up or down. Some technicians feel " all gaps eventually get filled ". Jeff
  6. Polizzio, you haven't figured it out yet !! I said " at the bottom" there is a gap to fill 62-66 bucks. No one knows where / when this bottom will be. It will not be on the fourth day down. I am looking for $20 to $50 on MSFT too !! We dropped 84% in 1929. 2020 was 50% more over-extended than 1929, my posts from Jill Mislinsky CLEARLY show this. But you were all greedy, rather than being fearful. Whats to say the market drops 90% in value this time ? We were ALL set up for it !! Even Warren Buffet , on this Monday, said the similar, except " 50% or more " and " anything can happen ". Jeff
  7. The last time we had a gap down, as we did Monday, was in 1930. ( See my post above ) The market subsequently lost 80 + percent of its value. It took 21 years, for the Dow to just get even !! In a BEAR market, unless you are a super sophisticated short term trader, which you aren't, you do not " buy dips", but instead, you SELL stocks into EVERY rally. The post I initiated on January 27th, 2020, was for everyone on the Forum to go immediately into a 95% cash position, and put 5% into TVIX, an " inverse " Exchange Traded Fund. See my " out of the blue" post / thread, here : https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/188726-stock-markets-may-be-interesting-this-upcoming-week/ Since then : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My advice was met with disbelief and derision, to the point that the Forum powers that be, elected, after the gap-down day, to lock that thread. When I divulged I was 100% short the market, here was one Bull's reaction : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have discreetly left off the above poster's ID, ............................but the post was done 1-27-20. My ONLY suggestion now is the same, REVERSE your thinking : you should SELL into volatile but BRIEF rallies, and as TVIX dips in price on a volatile rally, BUY up to, but no more than, 5% into it. One of two things will happen, you will lose that 5% , or at the bottom, TVIX MAY increase twenty-fold and be equal or exceed in equity, the 95% you have liquidated into CASH. CASH never goes out of style. Protect it !! Buy some junk Silver Quarters or Dollars with your pocket money also, as a hedge. Good luck and best wishes to all. Jeffrey Medwin
  8. Hi Joe !! You realize, spending money for the auto bias mod will not change the sound of the amp, for the better, one iota?? Proper mods, spent on upgrading specific parts, or power supply enhancements, will . Is that amp and circuit ultimately worth modding, VS, say, maybe a new pair of QuickSilver Mid-Monos or a Carver Crimson 275 ??? Jeff
  9. Hello, I will take the CJ Preamp. Mine died last night !!! Thank you. Pay Pal OK ??
  10. Hello Emile !! The Latino ST-70, with minor mods, has the potential to display considerably more definition, and dynamic range contrasting, than the stock Latino amps do. It is not uncommon for most commercially manufactured tube amps ( eg : Inspire, Decware, QuickSilver, Latino , etc. ) to need small mods, which they respond well to, to get them to play better. The reason for this is very simple, and its usually not that the Manufacturers are dumb. The Manufacturers have to compete with other Manufacturers, for YOUR stereo amplifier money. This leads to them knowingly cutting costs, to remain priced fairly. I suppose the saying is " There is no free lunch ". Many amps need better execution, that............. is the usual situation. Jeff Medwin
  11. We just experienced a price GAP, on the Dow Jones Chart , and ............in the Down Direction. See History, all data below : The difference between 2020 and 1929, is that we are over - valued on a Price VS Earnings ratio, by about 50 percent more in 2020, than in 1929 ( see " D. Short Investment Advisers " web site, Jill Mislinsky's columns ),............ In 2020 Jill says we are in the 100th Percentile of 1871 - 2020 in stock valuations. Note above circled data, on that ONLY other GAP DOWN in market history. Dow Jones eventually dropped 84% in its value. Draw your own conclusions. Above is just the facts. Things certainly change in 90 years, but the ONE common denominator is : it is PEOPLE buying and selling to psychological extremes of human greed and then human fear. Jeffrey Medwin We have just had two days in a row of 3% or more down. How does this relate historically ?? See 1%, 2%, and 3 % below, Thanks, Charlie :
  12. Maynard, I understand Crowhurst's discussion. His ideas, and yours, are valid for the average attendee. For commercially manufactured tube amps ( ....and high efficiency speakers ) that I feel are worthy, I personally traveled from KC to Denver ten times, as a private unaffiliated party, over a dozen RMAF shows. Why ? To hear one audio display, and any of the better contenders presenting. My scrutiny, interest and opinion formed .... is very well-versed, and it is hardly that of a casual attendee. Most who will comment - may have not heard this audio display I discuss one time, let alone ten times in a dozen years. Show results certainly vary by the way, from year to year !! I believe only Mr. Moray James , on this Forum, has posted herein about being at RMAF, when he attended a big after-hours tube amp shoot-out and heard said monoblock SE DC 2A3 amps. Jeffrey Medwin
  13. Agree. Nor is mine any less true, to the best of my knowledge, he has never attended a RMAF show over the last dozen years, to hear what I was referring to.
  14. You are entitled to go on record, but everyone should realize, there is a very high probability you have likely never attended multiple RMAFs, nor have you, and many others, likely ever heard these tube amps I am discussing !! Likely, its totally out of your realm of experience, listening-wise. There is a considerable LISTENING differences, between all the pedestrian made-for-the-consumer amps and world-class builds. Jeffrey
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