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About Me

When I was brought home from the hospital, December '44, Mom nursed me with the Original Altec 604 in mono, playing classical FM music in the background.  About eight years later, Dad sneaked ( after midnight - we were asleep) the newly-introduced  Altec 604B into our home, mounted it in Mom's Laundry-Room wall,  firing into our basement's Recreation room.  We had stereo the next AM,  when Mom and I awoke.  We liked it,  it stayed.  As a little boy, Dad and I would go on the train and visit NY City, to attend Hi Fi shows.


After Grad school, I bought my FIRST hi fi,   Tannoy 15 inch Golds in GRF enclosures, and had a McIntosh C22, and a ST-70.  Next, single and double pairs of KLH 9s,  Quad 57 ESLs,  Infinity Servo Stats, 1s with 1A panels.  Audio Research SP3A1s, D-75,  D-75A, and D-76A.  I have either owned or worked with most all of Robert Fulton's creations, FMI 80s, J-Modulars, Premieres ( 12hZ to 100 khZ, a 7-way adjustable )...widest bandwidth speaker ever made.  Had an affair with a La Scala by Klipsch briefly along the way.   Some of my friends ran PWK's corner horns.


In the late 80s on, I started to distance myself away from the better commercial / "consumer" hi fi equipment, and got interested in "professional " sound equipment,  particularly speakers.  ie: High Efficiency Movie - Theatre type speakers. ' Superb products.  I owned four RCA Ubangie ( double 15s  ) bass horns at one time, awesome, and was a very early collector - user of the RCA MI-1428B field coil drivers.  Look them up, educate yourself on -line.


I eventually improved - graduated from vintage RCA.   Between 2015 and 2016, I acquired an ALTEC VOTT A7-8 system, with 515Bs and 802Ds.   By December 30th, 2018, I finally figured out how to make them really perform, to where I was pleased.  I also discovered many of the conventionally accepted  ALTEC audiophile mods...... were bogus . 


It was a very simple solution, as to what had eluded me


(a) .......it took the best sounding amp I ever designed and built, and


(b)   I used the equivalent of 8 AWG Mil Spec silver-content wiring, starting at the amp's power transformer's  leads, and ending at the voice coil wires of the 515B,....


to get the system to really GO !!   And now, it certainly does !!


This system effortlessly takes control of the entire room, and piano playback - just boggles my mind !!   Have fun listening, I do !!

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