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  1. They are about an hour and a half each way, other photos show grills and cabinets seem to be in pretty decent shape. I do have more photos, but this one stood out as some sort of damage to the driver itself.
  2. This is a photo I have of one of them, not sure if it is the lighting, but looks like the bottom of the woofer seems to have something going on.
  3. I have recently perfected the art of repairing the glue issues, just sold a pair of KG 5.5's and both had a loose panel, and in the process of repairing the back panel on the KLF-C7 that came with them, so if that is an issue and the only issue it wouldn't scare me off. I was afraid if I hadn't asked Tangent would be a spin-off company or something that wasn't worth buying. Hopefully can get them this weekend, if so I will post updates.
  4. I have located a pair somewhat local for $100, I had never really heard much of Tangent before, I appreciate the insight, if they don't sell before I can get to them I am going to pick them up. Seller says they work and sound good, and seem to be in decent shape in the photos.
  5. I have only recently become a fan of Klipsch, I had a reference series setup a while back, while they did sound good, I felt my Definitive Technology setup sounded better. Fast forward to a few months ago, I got a good deal on a mint set of KLF-10's. I didn't know much about the line, only knew they looked good and we're dirt cheap. The sound the produce still makes me smile. Now I have run across a set of Tangent 400, and seem very fairly priced, would love to hear what people think of them. I appreciate any feedback.
  6. This was taken last week, view from the West Coast of Florida just after the rocket launched form Cape Canaveral and pierced the atmosphere. Smoke trail so high the sun was shining into it while everything else was still dark. It looked like heaven shining through upon us.
  7. I am also a fan, I love my SC-55. Never an issue and is a good looking machine. My next receiver will most definitly be an Elite.
  8. As you can see, they look identical from the front. When installed, there is no visable difference.
  9. My concern is if I reuse one of this model my Reference setup will still not be timbre matched. But I also am not sure about changing the ohm rating, and if I can use the K-137, I would have to order 3, one for each RF-35 and one for the center RC-35 to get them all to match the RF-25 that seems to have correct tweeters. Sorry for dragging this out, I am just searching for the correct information from people with more experience and knowledge than I posses. Thanks again for the help.
  10. This is the back of the unit that I removed from the RF-35
  11. They look the same from the front, the backs are clearly different. The K-137 has fins. This is the non working one that I removed from the RF-35
  12. I had seen that listed, but that is what is confusing me, the tweeter that came out of the 35, and is in the other 35 is a K-134, quick is 3 ohms. According to Klipsch, specs on the 35's indicate they do have the 8 ohm K-137, so I'm not sure what to replace with. As of now, I have one 35 running the K-134 it came with, and the other using the K-137 swapped from a spare RF-25, the K-137 tower over powers the other tower, and the center has a K-130, and has yet an even lower volume from the tweeter. None of the 3 speakers match, and its a noticeable difference.
  13. Thanks for the welcome Scrappydue, I will say the Klipsch do seem to have a better build quality than the Polk. I snagged these on Friday, I did try calling customer service but they are closed for the holiday. I will give them a call tomorrow, for some info and to order what is needed, was hoping to get some knowledge before hand. And to Schu, they do have a tweeter, I was thinking was going to be a K-137, but both of the RF-35's i have bot run a K-134 tweeter. I am not giving up on Klipsch, I LOVE the looks of the copper drivers, but I do hope to get them all up and running and timbre matched without have to buy tweeters for all. I will say on that end, Polk does have 100% of my experience parts that are advertised, and makes it easier to replace.
  14. Hello all, I am new to Klipsch forum, as I have been a long time Polk fan but recently scored some Reference sets and I have to say I really like, as I will be replacing my Polk setup with these when I get them sorted out. That said, I have a set of RF-35's, with a tweeter not working. So, I have 3 RF-25's and having one extra I swapped tweeters with the 35. Klipsch website says they all should have K-137 tweeters and my RF-25's do have, I noticed that the ones in the 35's clearly were different, K-134, but I swapped anyway thinking maybe a slightly different version of the K-137, but it isn't the case as the K-137 is a much louder unit. So, that had my gears turning so I popped open my RC-35 to check what it has, and it has yet a different, K-130. The center has very dull highs compared to the others. Now, I want to get the tweeter fixed so I can use all of my stuff, but now I don't know what tweeter I should be running, both 35's have the K-134. They all do have different sounds, the center does not match the 25's or 35's even from 15 feet away the difference is clear. I really want to be a Klipsch fan, as the looks are stellar, but I do not like the mismatched parts used. So, my main question is, did someone change tweeters at some point, or did Klipsch build these this way? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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