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  1. Thanks for the help. Can anyone tell me what I should ask for price wise for a pair of KP 2000-Cs? For one KP 115-SW?
  2. I am trying to sell my speakers. I found very little about the KP 2000 C speakers I have and almost nothing about the KP 115 AX (I own one) which has KP 115 SW on the back plate. Any help with detais and prices to ask would be very helpful. I have seen the KP 115 in the discontinued section but have never had the grille off so not sure if it is the same one. I will get erial numbers if that will help. Serial 95215112 for KP 115-AX One of the KP 200 Cs is s/n 95276004. Thanks in advance.
  3. For sale one KP 115 SW (KP 115 AX) Upstate New York. Contact me here or markusb111 at gmail dot calm for more details. I am in Upstate New York outside of Albany. Thanks
  4. I have a pair of Klipsch KP 2000-C speakers in great condition. Have been stored inside in a climate controlled environment for their lives so far. you can contact me here with question of for details. I live in Upstate New York outside of Albany. You can also try me at markusb111 at Gmail dot calm. Thanks
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