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  1. I've had a pair of CF 4's outside on a covered patio for four years now, They are MDF and I have only a little swelling on one corner that was getting hit by the sprinkler. I lightly sanded them. 1 coat shellac and some milk paint to distress them. None of which are recommended outdoors. My La Scalas are getting a coat of poly resin and epoxy paint. Keep them from getting too wet and you'll be fine but their life will definitely be shortened. Mike
  2. I can get 3 JBL 5742 for a good price. thinking of making them my final home theater LCR's. Can anyone givce me any first hand experience with them? Mike
  3. and I should probably finish my other projects first......
  4. I'm stepping outside to fire up my CF4"s
  5. I love the Klipsch community...
  6. I think my next horns will be a arai yuichi a290 home build
  7. I have space to rent.... I know it'll work I just don't know fair market value. I trust the guys completely though. He wouldn't let it out the door until it was serviced and it took him over 3 months to track down the parts
  8. Everything I read suggests the k402 is hard to come by?
  9. speaking of deals, i found a Luxman LRS stack 5m21 amp, 5c50 pre, and 5f70 tone controll. serviced with luxman replacement parts for $600 out the door. any thoughts?
  10. sounds good, can you lone me a few bucks?
  11. thanks for all the feedback. it's helping me tamper my impulses
  12. i don't trust most people to haul stuff I may want
  13. i'll see, my wants are my needs.... my attic will prove my buying is not necessitated by any rational criteria
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