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  1. he left them in the weather and they are trashed. hes a friend and will reimburse me
  2. done deal then. a lot less the what i see them listed for
  3. My buddy has a pair of 1984 La Scalas with the AL crossovers ..I have the Some AA crossovers. Are the Speakers good and should I buy them if the price is good?
  4. So I bought a pair of LaScalas I intended to use on an enclosed screened in patio. My friend paints boats and said he would paint the boxes in awlgrip which is a industrial strength all weather marine paint. Well, I never got the boxes back but I have the drivers and crossovers. I'm a decent carpenter and would like to build my own boxes. I would appreciate help with plans and advice on how to go about this. Mike
  5. I just want it to be fair. I'm not looking for an incredible deal(though it would be nice) and i don't want to get hosed. Mike
  6. I hope so; Im willing to drive to surrounding states as well
  7. are these still available?
  8. Want K Horns Cabinet and Xover condition not important. Drivers must be in good condition Mike
  9. rmichael21

    KLF 20

    KLF 20. I bought from original owner for $650. I had to choose between these and Aerial 10t's and Aerials barely beat them out and not in every way. I would like to get $650. will not let me upload more pics? grills are perfect. speakers great . some minor imperfections on cabinet Mike
  10. I need a pair of KSP -S6 to complete my home theater. Mike
  11. brought them home! I overpaid but it was 15 min from my house. no hassles no worries. I hooked up just one speaker and played chitlins con carne by SRV and smiled listening to music for the first time in a while!! I am definitely a 3 way horn guy!!!!
  12. , Yes pie sliced logos.. funny you should mention respecting PK. I want to here them as he intended so I'll be very careful about "upgrades". Everyone has there own preference which I completely respect , I just know from experience they don't always match mine. thanks again for everyone's help. I've owned a few Klipsch but these will be my first LS
  13. now I have more questions. are the tops supposed to have screws? these are all black, badge is in upper corner, squawker isn't completely smooth but seems like from casting. is this normal? I just want to be sure. I do not have pics, saw once and gave a down payment. I prefer to believe people but you never know..
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