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  1. My friend in Chicago found a RC-7 this past weekend. I could be interested in the RB'75's though. Will keep an eye on your recent post for pics.
  2. Hey guys, my friend just purchased a pair of cherry RF-7's and is on the hunt for the matching center. It seems these things are harder to come by nowadays vs just a couple of years ago. Let me know if anyone is able to help out. My friend is located in Chicago and I'm in Indianapolis. Thanks!
  3. I would love the RC-62 but I'm sure shipping to Indiana would make this great deal not so great...
  4. After some digging today it does seem the Denon x4200 would be one of my only options with all the features I was seeking. Ebay has the x4000 new for under $600 ATM so may have to save my $500 and go that route. I can alaways look for a UHD player with two HDMI outs down the road. There's an auction for a used x4000 that ends in two days I plan to make a bid on that to see if I can save some cash. As far as audio goes I don't believe I would be missing out on much when comparing the 4000 to the 4200.
  5. Thanks guys. I just sold my soundbar in my bedroom this wk so I was really hoping to pick up an avr next in my order of operation. Buying a sub as old as the rsw makes me nervous and with my paper thin walls and neighbors so close it wasn't a top priority. When doing research on the Daytona everything I read was really positive and this is the first I've heard that the klipsch would out perform it. Guess I need to do a little more digging on that topic later today. I've read the crutchfield article when I started looking into this topic and it does help reading it again. My main confusion was with the updating which I have some more clairity on after Arrow's answer. Any other options on an avr ? It kind of feels we're between years for avr's with or without HDCP. I did find the x4200 for $975 new and free shipping. This is $175 over budget but I guess better than buying again 2-3 years down the road.
  6. Agree it's a great deal! I just thought I could get more bang for the buck (pun intended) with the Daytona Ultimax 15" build. I can't swing the $1,100 ATM. With only a one year warranty I would cry if it took a dump on day 366.
  7. 4K has my head spinning and I need some advice. I currently own a 7500 model Samsung 65" 4K tv , a pair of RF-7's , RC-7, RS-7's, and a Sony STR 1050. I had a pair of RB-61ii's and RC-52ii before upgrading to the 7 series. Those speakers are now in me bedroom with no avr. I figured why not upgrade the Sony and move it to my room. I have been shopping around and have it narrowed down between the Denon X4000, x4100, 4520ci, and the Marantz 7008. My issue is the whole 4K thing. Picture is as important to me as sound and I know none of the above models have HDCP2.2. They all have some sort of up scaling but from my understanding it won't be true 4K without the HDCP2.2. An easy solution would be to pick up the x3200 but I really want Audyssey 32 due to an odd shaped living room. I have very high ceilings in a living room that opens up into a dining room which opens up into a kitchen. I'm confused how the above models say they can upgrade to 4K but don't have the HDCP. I just want to optimize my picture and take advantage of all my tv has to offer. Something else that confuses me is that my tv says it has upscale capabilities so would I benifit by just hooking devices directly to the tv then use ARC for audio ? I've been browsing at A4L and my price range is around $800 and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get all the features I need for that price point. I guess I could always buy a 150-300 avr for my room and upgrade my living room in the future but it's had to pass up an excuse to upgrade the main system lol. P.s. I just purchased the RF-7's which are in great shape for $800 from a CL seller in Indianapolis. He also had a RSW-15 that he said he would sell for $350. I did not see the condition of the sub when I was there as I plan on a build in the near future. I have no affiliation with the seller just figured this could help someone out. Just a heads up his house is VERY cluttered. I just don't want a potential buyer to be as shocked as I was. Here's the CL link. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/5315273436.html
  8. Well that didn't work either. It appears lots of Samsung owners are having the same issue with sound while trying to use their TV apps. I'll stick with the optical and HDMI for other devices it looks like. Am I missing out on sound quality using the optical vs HDMI ?
  9. looks like I found my answer maybe this will help someone else in the same situation. I'll try once I get home from work and update. "My Sony manual says to use HDMI if the TV is ARC (Audio Return Channel) compatible so the TV sound will be output from the external speakers. Then I read the Samsung manual and it says ARC (Audio Return Channel) is only available from HDMI IN 2. I changed the HDMI cable from port 1 to port 2 on the Samsung and Netflix audio is working now! I do not have the optical cable connected."
  10. Sony Str-DN1040, Samsung UN65ju7500 , RC-7 center , RS-7 rears , RB-61ii's L/R and PL-200 sub. I know the sub needs improvement and the RB's are being over powered by the center... I couldn't pass up the deal I got on the rears and center at the time. They replaced an RC-52ii and I had a pair of F-20's as rears. Looking to move them to my bedroom for a little 3.0 set up. Keeping an eye out for a good deal on a pair of RF-7's, sub, or receiver so my sony can go in my bedroom.
  11. Zang shots fired ! hahah you got me. The Sony really does a pretty decent job but I do plan to move it to my bedroom and upgrading sometime soon. I just upgraded my center and rears to a RC-7 and a pair of RS-7's a few weeks ago so my budget is a little tight atm. I'll look more into TV settings today. On the upgrading the receiver topic it looks like the Denon X4000 could be the best bang for the buck having audyssey xt32 is a big plus for me.
  12. Hey what's up guys I've got a quick receiver set up question I was hoping to get some help with. I'm an owner of a Sony STR-DN1040 and Samsung un65ju7500. I want to make sure I'm setting up everything correctly to optimize my HT. Previously I had my receiver hooked up via optical cable but wanted to use HDMI and the 4k up scaling the Sony has. I tired using arc to the TV then my cable box to the video one 4k hdmi input on the receiver. After turning on the 4k up scaling and other hdmi options I turned on the cable and I felt I could hear a difference in quality. I quickly went to my Netflix to get comfortable and finish watching Daredevil and no audio ! I tried changing the the hdmi inputs to about every setting and still nothing. I went back to optical and the sound returned. I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of my system and you guys have always been very helpful in the past. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/5303260351.html
  14. That would work perfectly! Just what I needed. Last question of the day and I hope it's not a dumb one.... but with the wireless converters like the rocketfish do you loose speaker quality or are there any decent options out there ?
  15. Got ya. The RS-7's are going to have to be hung. Should I just use the holes on the rear of the speaker or is there a wall mount that anyone recommends ? Been able to angle the speakers with adjustable mounts would be beneficial. Thinking a little DYI project could be the best option.
  16. Happy to report I am now the owner of a pair of mint RS-7's and RC-7 ! Only one owner, boxes included, and the seller included a brand new never used extra 8" woofer ! Good get for $500. I'll probably be making a new thread Sunday or Monday about speaker placement for the rears. I'll make sure to include pics there's a few different options on where to put them. Any suggestions on cables to use? The RC has 4 hook ups when I'm accustomed to just two.
  17. 10-4 will update tomorrow once the eagle has landed
  18. Just an update. The seller got back to me and said the RF-5's would be $700 for the pair and $1200 for the RS'7's , RC-7 , and RF-5's. I assume that would be $900-$1,000 if I wanted the LRC. More than I was looking to spend at this time. My thoughts are maybe I should get the rears and center for $500 and save up for the RF-7's that I originally wanted.
  19. I'll ask today about the RF-5 and RC price. The original post was for the RC, RS's , RF-5's and two raw-12 's for 2,000. If I purchase the RS's alone $300. RS's and RC for $500. I feel I will always be wondering what if with the 5's vs the 7's the being said I have never heard the 5's. Are they more on the level of the RF-82ii's ? If I did pick up the LRC moving the RB-61ii's to the rear would be a great fit and I would just need to update the sub so have a really great system. Head spinning lol
  20. My current AVR is a STR 1040 so no audyssey but it does have a mic for calibration. The seller also has a pair of RF-5's and two RSW-12's. I think I'm going to hold out for the RF-7's and a better sub. I hear the Klipsch subs don't do well under 30hz
  21. This is why Klipsch Community is my go to! You guys rock, thanks. I think you have helped me make up my mind and I'll be purchasing the RS's and the RC this weekend form a Craigslist seller as long as something isn't wrong with the speakers when I get there on Saturday. All my furniture and speakers are black and the RS-7s are black but the RC is cherry with the grill on it won't be too noticeable. The seller said the speakers will be plugged in for me to demo before purchase. What are some key things to look for to make sure they are in good working order?
  22. Would I simply set the crossover to the same for the RC-7 and RB-61ii's to help them match or would more tweaking need to be done ? I know outlaw will run that deal again. It could be a very long time before I see a deal like this on the rears and center.
  23. I posted a similar post on AVS but wanted to get my favorite forum's opinion My current 5.1 set up includes a RC-52ii, RB- 61ii's up front, klipsch F-20's as my rears, and a BIC- PL-200 as my sub. I know my rears and my sub are my weakness but I've come across a pair of RS-7's within driving distance for $300. The seller also has a RC-7 and said if I purchase both he will sell them for $500! I feel this is a crazy deal and don't think I should pass up the center while I can get it at that price. Eventually I would like to have a pair of RF-7's up front and obviously upgrade my sub to an outlaw , svs, or hsu. I wanted to get some thoughts on the situation... I know the RC-7 will over power my RB-61ii's upfront. I'm open to suggestions ... I financially cannot spend the money to upgrade the towers at this time. Someone did inform me that the Outlaw X12 is currently on sale for $550 shipped Thanks for the input !
  24. lowest price I've seen in a long time.
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