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  1. Thanks, My room is a little over 12 ft. wide and I have two rows of (3 each) seats but I have a low ceiling (less than 8ft.). I was wondering if the Klipsch atmos speakers would be good for the wides. I have 4 in-ceiling speakers for atmos. I currently have two R-41's in my upstairs tv room and I could move them to the ht room to try it out. My tv room would suffer a little, but the ht room is my priority.
  2. I am looking for advice on adding speakers to my existing system. I currently have a 7.2.4 system and would like to upgrade my Onkyo TX-NR3030 receiver to a Denon H8500 adding overhead front and back height speakers. I want to mount them on the walls/ceiling. My current system is all Klipsch with the exception of the JL 113 subs. Any thoughts or comments is appreciated. Projector: JVC RS600U (calibrated) Screen: Stewart Filmscreen 123" Studiotek G130 Receiver: Onkyo TX NR3030 Disc Player: Oppo 205 and Oppo 103 Mains: Klipsch RF-7 ll's Center: Klipsch RC-64 ll Subs: 2 - JL Audio Fathom 113's Surrounds: Klipsch R-62's Rear Surrounds: Klipsch R-5650-Sll's Overheads: 4 – Klipsch R-5650-Sll's Rack: Middle Atlantic
  3. I have about 16 inches from the frame to the floor
  4. The problem with moving the screen is access to the rack area. The only place I could put the AV equipment was under the basement stairwell. If the screen is brought forward it'll be very difficult to access the equipment. The decision as to the room depth was affected by structures outside the theater room and I couldn't make it bigger. The 64 is actually in front of the screen and if I went with two subs, I was going to have one on each side of the 64. That's about the only configuration that will work.
  5. I don't have any space to spare, even behind my seats. I have two rows (3 and 3)of reclining theater chairs and the only area I could add anything to is under the rear row riser but even that isn't high enough. I have bass traps in every corner (vertical and horizontal) along with traps on the walls. All this turned my once spacious and open theater room into something comparable to a cabin of a medium sized airplane. It's very comfortable, but tight. They'res just not alot of space available.
  6. I want to thank everyone that participated in the complete dissection and slicing and dicing of my question. There are so many subtleties involved and I know very little about this subject.....but I am learning. My biggest issue (besides ignorance) is space. My screen starts 19 inches above the floor and approx. 8 inches off the ceiling. It's tight and there's barely enough room to squeeze another sub into my room that won't interfere with viewing my screen; so I am leaning towards the smallest footprint times two.....at least that's my logic. All four corners have bass traps and no room to put them except directly in front of the screen area. Although I've fallen off the wagon a few times, I've always believed in supporting American made products but when I look at my current setup it's pretty revealing. Oppo, JCV, Onkyo; and I recently bought an LG OLED set (South Korea?). I think my Stewart screen and Middle Atlantic rack are still made in the U.S. It's kind of amazing and sad.
  7. My new sub will have to have a smaller footprint than the one I have now, especially if I want to add a second so there are some realities I won't be able to experience.
  8. That's one of my issues, available space.
  9. Yeah, although the term "the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin" didn't originate in the audio/visual world...I am sure there is some relevance to those bad boys!
  10. Yeah, the Fathom 113 is somewhere north of 4K but "in the day" the 12D was also a hunk of change. I think I am ready to ratchet things up in my HT room and I'll make the switch to the JL sub.
  11. I have an RT-10D in my TV room and I am happy with its performance even though my wife complains about it. My HT room is sound proofed so the sub(s) can "stretch their legs" and I won't catch any heat. Thanks for your input.
  12. I currently have a 7.1.4 system in my HT room: Klipsch R-7 ll's mains Klipsch RT -12D sub Klipsch RC-64 ll center Klipsch RS-62's surrounds Klipsch R5650 S-ll's rear surrounds Klipsch R5650 S-ll's overheads (4) My room is 12x21 ft and I am entertaining selling my Klipsch sub and adding Jl Audio Fathom 113's. Can I get some opinions on this? Would they be to much for the room? Any feedback would be appreciated. My system includes: JVC56U Projector Oppo 103 D Blue Ray Player Onkyo TX NR 3030 Stewart StudioTek G130 120 inch screen
  13. It sounds like my same build. When I looked at your framed out walls, I thought it was my basement! I also did it myself (along with the entire basement) and it took 2 years. I started with a brick ranch with a full unfinished basement and a center post supported load bearing beam. I removed a dropped ceiling and built insulated outside walls and double staggered stud inside walls with two layers of 5/8inch drywall with Green Glue on each side of the wall. My room is 12.6 wide and 21 deep and I could only get the ceiling up to 7' 6" high. I also had to re-route 25 ft of trunkline and several heat runs to make the theater room as unobstructed as possible. Because I put the equipment rack under the stair well, I had to completely rebuild my old staircase and finish it out the same as the side walls. The ceiling is also two layers. The room has 6 seats, 3 being on a riser. I insulated the riser and added led lights at the base. The theater is painted a flat light grey (ceiling and walls) but the screen wall and 6ft. of the ceiling and side walls are flat black. I made bass traps for the side walls (4) and corner traps in the vertical corners and horizontal ceiling corners with acoustical rock wool and fiberglass. All joints were caulked so well with Green Glue caulk that I think the room might actually be able to hold water. My ceiling is so low that my screen frame is only a couple inches from the ceiling. For lighting, I added 8 light cans with a rf controller. Since the room was completed, I've added 6 speakers and changed my AV receiver. I have to say that I will probably not see the inside of a commercial theater again (Iam 67), and I won't miss having to climb into a freezing car on a cold, windy winter night for the drive home. My wife and I love movies and this was the best investment I ever made! My theater consists of the following: Projector....JVC 56U Screen.......Stewart Studiotek G130 (120 inch) Blue ray.... Oppo 103D AV.............Onkyo TX 3030 Speakers Mains............Klipsch RF-83 Center...........Klipsch RC-64 Sub...............RT-12D surrounds.....RS-62 rear surrounds.....5650 W-ll Overheads (4).....5650 W-ll TV Room Display.........LG EF6500 4k OLED AV................Onkyo tx5800 Blue ray.......Oppo 95 Speakers.....Onkyo (replacing)
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