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    (2) R-115SW dual subs
    (2) R-5800-W II side surround
    (4) 940CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling ATMOS
    Onkyo TX-NR3030 (as 7.2.4) ATMOS Surround Receiver
    Sony BDPS6500 3D 4K Upscaling Blu-ray Player
    Samsun 55" 1080 (4k TBD)
    SurgeX SX1115 surge and power conditioner.

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  1. Heart of the Sea is a must-have for ATMOS! Concussion I'm in middle of watching, good story so far but not anything special for the Dolby sound.
  2. Great to hear. Moved from Pioneer Elite to Onkyo last year so far no complaints at all.
  3. Good to know. Will be checking out Everest tonight that's just in. https://youtu.be/dOHS-mxn0RQ
  4. Gravity and Rogue Nation are both great. You should consider Mad Max too. The Minion's 2 has some pretty nice effects as well if you have children's movies. Will check out the Fifth Element remaster tonight, thanks for the suggestion Ben.
  5. Sicario. Excellent, excellent ATMOS disc and overall soundtrack. Interesting story that keeps you on seat edge. A bit gory in parts but highly recommend for the collection. http://www.amazon.com/Sicario-Blu-ray-DVD-Digital-HD/dp/B01638AYR6
  6. I got the Sony below in my signature and actually like it a lot more than the XBOX ONE or the PS3 I have had in the room. Sort of a "hold me by" unit while I wait for the 4K BDP and the 4K TV's to match up so to speak. The 75" Samsung has been getting pretty good in price at the local Costco store and tempt me every time I visit. I have some acoustic and finish work to do for the interim, the fun never ends!
  7. 007nco

    New Member

    Welcome, great story too. Been a ton of good advice on here while I try and catch up from a 20 year hiatus from Hi Fi
  8. 007nco

    New TV

    Lol a peek into the AVS forums on the video section will really give you a glimpse at how the latest and greatest gotta be good for the retailers. $6grand and up isn't hard to do. I'm in the same boat waiting on 4k BDP's. My Samsung from 2010 is ok but it's starting to get a big pink/purple streak on the right side when bright or nearly all white sections of the video source come through. Just hoping to make it until.... If it does go south I'll just get a decent midlevel price point unit top last another few years. Some good advice in above posts IMO. good luck!
  9. Watched it last night. Audio on the Blu-ray (at least the ATMOS) was INCREDIBLE. I enjoyed the movie well enough too.
  10. I asked a fairly similar questions awhile back and did a ton of research as well. If 4K wasn't just around the corner for BDP I'd gone with the 103D. Since I'm wanting to go 4K TV (and BDP when they are out and somewhat reasonably price), I bought the Sony BDPS6500 with 4K Upscaling for a total of $78 shipped off Amazon. Looks a bit sharper than my PS3 on a Samsung 1080 set and seems to play everything quickly and in ATMOS decoding that I have in the collection or Netflix both new and old. I like that I can completely turn off internet content and get right to the movie menu.
  11. EDIT: Will check out MI tonight now that I got the ATMOS working off the disc (you must select that sound option off menu) Looks like a few new ones on the Dolby site since I last checked as well: http://www.dolby.com/us/en/experience/dolby-atmos/bluray-and-streaming.html
  12. I'm a big fan of direct, if the ceiling allows it. It also allows you more options in my opinion for acoustical treatments down the road should you desire. Here;'s a quick and simple video on ATMOS placement for the overheads. I was able to keep mine in a line from the front mains as well. https://youtu.be/orkz0nplRoM?list=PLCD4593F66DC5D23C
  13. Welcome! I immediately thought the same as MLO rearranged for you above. Otherwise the Dolby and THX patterning depending on how much you do in future. Enjoy!
  14. 007nco

    Atmos News

    Don't forget that the receiver still upmixes to the height drivers. I STILL prefer the speakers doing the dury than before they were installed. It's that when it is ATMOS encoded, it really is that much more impressive. Would be a split decision depending on the current bass situation to me Fuzzy. At any rate, the progression is the enjoyment in the passion.
  15. 007nco

    Atmos News

    Had a few months to learn more, set up ATMOS and TWEAK for hours now. Only issue left to solve is if it is possible to get true ATMOS out of Youtube (just Dolby Surround on the Onk 3030) Thoughts: Frustrated with lack of Blu-ray content. Really, maybe 5 discs worth having to "demo" the system for friends. Love the tech and presence....sort of like me waiting for proper SUHD 4K TV, waiting for 4K BDP etc. hopefully 2016 will tie up these loose ends. ATMOS discs gotta own if you are ready to take the step, in order: Transformers-Age of Extinction. The beginning 5 minutes will definitely be a "grab the remote quick!" when the low end response drops, very powerful. Space ship sequence and dinosaurs pretty impressive. Most rest of the flick keeps the excitement going through the surround and overhead speakers. Mad Max- Fury Road. Virtually a tie for first; the opening sequence is very nice for a first introduction to unsuspecting listeners but just not quite the deep bass extension as Transformers. Certainly a "turn it up" sort of action movie to say the least. Gravity-Diamond Edition. Just mostly constant space surround sounds. Radio transmissions, objects bouncing and crashing effects, fun, but doesn't detract for a pretty engrossing film with the immersion in the stratosphere factor. San Andreas. Helicopters, earthquakes, buildings and structures collapsing. Film is really a "see it once" sort but nice effects scattered through the movie quite frequently to tune the sub localization and x-over points. Pixels. The action bits with video game character scenes are nice. Not thrilled with the audio on dialogue scenes, but what do we expect out of a Sandler movie anyway. Kids like it the most of the 5. Hope it helps, hope to have more to share soon. EDIT adding TO AVOID! Insurgent (Part of the Divergent series. Bought this really just for a Sci Fi sort of ATMOS experience. Tried to watch it, ONCE....TWICE.... and finally stayed awake enough to watch it in it's entirety the THIRD time. No; not just me being tired for the evening entertainment, it's simply terribly BORING. The ATMOS mixing is at best, mediocre and other than a few brief spots in the movie, not worth the purchase or Netflix. (I'm selling mine on Ebay now for $12 shipped if you really want to try for yourself!)
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