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  1. Sounds like a great deal. If you can find stock somewhere.
  2. I place more value on say a 40 year old pair of speakers that have obviously been well cared for. Anybody can find a pair of 5-10 year old horns in perfect condition. The challenge is finding that same pristine cabinet 4 decades after they were made. A much rarer find and something I place a premium on. I can always swap out the drivers if want to. And I suppose you could say I could always have the cabinets refinished. My only response is, I somehow feel that's cheating.
  3. Just my two cents, but I put more value on older speakers - especially if their condition is excellent.
  4. I'm always in the market for *mint* condition Heritage. Alas, these are too far from me. GLWS. -B
  5. Your room dimensions and those corners look very inviting for the Khorns. You are going to love them. You might even kick yourself for not doing it years ago.
  6. Hmm...that sounds a little risky.
  7. If the finish looks as good as the details (and it looks like it is) you are under-pricing these, IMO. Bella
  8. I'll not comment on the shipping irregularities. For me that's a distraction from the bigger issue, which is damage to a brand new, unopened, high end speaker system. Unacceptable. Even if the speakers had cost you $350/pr, it's unacceptable. I own Palladiums, and I will disclose that the logo stickers on them are far from being what you would expect on a premium model. It is the design however, and all you can do on that issue is demand a new sticker. However, on the damage I encourage you to pursue satisfaction till the end. Which in my mind is nothing short of a brand new, pristine replacement speaker.
  9. If Kilpsch wanted to get into that area, I would think it'd make sense for them to spin off a start-up company specifically designed for the upper echelon of the speaker market.
  10. Goodness who cleaned those windows?
  11. Bella

    Stock tips for fun

    I've been out of the country. Otherwise I would have mentioned AMD last week, just for fun. And I still will.
  12. Bella

    Stock tips for fun

    The one month update: CDE up $1.65. Nice.
  13. Bella

    Stock tips for fun

    The one month update: AG up .45 cents. Not great, but money could have been made, just for fun. It has ran its course and I lost interest a few weeks back anyway. I missed on the AAPL short.
  14. So you went back into the archives to link another story that is FACTUAL to prove...that ZeroHedge is 'askew?' Well then, this is really going to cause smoke to come out of you ears: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-16/smith-wesson-revenues-hit-all-time-high-200-obama-election I think from now on, when I find a story I think is worth linking, I'll see if i can find it on ZeroHedge. It'll be my little 'wink and nod' to you and your unmatched skills to keep this site free of news sources you don't approve of.
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