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  1. In my mind it is technically your responsibility until the buyer receives/signs for it. But I have never been in such a situation and others may have a different experience on your dilemma. I do know shipping services across the U.S. are still having issues after the big freeze.
  2. I wanted to provide an update on my experiences with Dave's tweeters for my Klipschorns. A few weeks back Dave contacted me and asked if I'd like to try a set to see if I liked them. I had been in this thread asking about Klipschorn updates (mine are 1972) and got some great feedback from a few members. Dave mailed me the tweeters, which were very well packaged with all the wires and a set of instructions. It didn't take me long to get them installed - the first speaker took longer than the second one, obviously, and I did have some fit issues with both but nothing that required a skill saw or chisel. This is where I need to make clear that my networks have been updated from the originals and were provided by DeanG. In that network is a resistor for the mid-horn, which tames them about 6db (or is it 3db - I can't remember it's been a few years). Other than that my Khorns were stock. One OTHER very important thing to note is that about 2 weeks prior I had switched sources and I am now using a Naim Uniti Star. So while that unit improved the sound of my stock Khorns Dave's tweeters have taken them to another level. Maybe a couple levels. My first impressions after getting them installed is that it was immediately clear the tweeters were much smoother, clearer, warmer, and very complimentary of the whole system. Meaning they sounded like that is how the Khorns should have sounded when they were originally designed. I messaged Dave and asked if he had broken the tweeters in before he sent them and he said no. I was surprised by this, since they sounded so much better the minute I put them in. I've since broken them in and of course, they have only gotten better. Very sweet, detailed, and not at all fatiguing. I am hearing things in the music that were obscured before and I can listen at higher volume levels with much more clarity. I'm very happy with them and I want to thank Dave for making such a great product and offering it to me. It was either try them or possibly sell my Khorns and look for something with a more modern design, which I didn't want to do. Now, I can keep my Khorns and be happy with the sound for another 10-15 years which will take me into my 70s and after that I won't care to upgrade, it'll be my son's problem. A couple of things for you Dave, if you're looking for opportunities to improve: first, perhaps you can thin the lens by about 1/4 inch. After installing them they are not flush and protrude out the front enough to noticeably push the fabric out. Second, they are bare metal (shiny) and because they are pushing on the fabric it's easy to see them. Perhaps a way to paint them black so they don't interfere with the aesthetics? Other than those things which I can live with because of the increase in sound quality, they are fabulous. For anyone thinking about upgrading their Khorn tweeters I can definitely recommend Dave. B
  3. Bella

    Klipschorns (DFW)

    When I determine the value of speakers I prioritize condition and overall aesthetics. If they are defect-free I will pay a premium. B
  4. Bella

    Klipschorns (DFW)

    Beautiful. They look just like mine except my networks are updated.
  5. Bella


    No affil. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/ele/d/auburn-belle-klipsch-speakers/7281751875.html
  6. How much were these new? 2013, correct?
  7. I do not find these attractive at all.
  8. No Affil. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/ele/d/startup-klipsch-rc64-rf7v3/7279866316.html
  9. Dave has contacted me and offered to help. I think it is the way to go. Thanks everyone for guiding me. B
  10. Dave....might be what I'm looking for. 'Upgrade' the '72 khorns to a more modern sound w/o getting rid of them. I actually would cry if I sold them. So I'm willing to do everything first.
  11. I have crossovers from DeanG so I think they're fine. It's time to make a change I'm just not sure where to go without breaking the bank. I 'think' I can get $4k for my khorns, as they are damn near in new condition...maybe go for the cornwall IV, which I'm reading nothing but great things about. One thing left to try to validate my feelings: move the Palladium p37's into my 2.1 system and listen to them where the khorns are instead of moving the Naim into the 5.1 system. Apples to apples then, I suppose, as far as listening position is concerned. B
  12. Which is kinda of what I was afraid of...comparing old to new(er). Been thinking about selling the khorns and picking up rf7 iii's to replace them. the idea of smaller and newer is appealing, but I am not in an area where I can go and listen before I buy so I have no idea if I'd be going backwards. B
  13. This is reassuring and disappointing all at the same time. Reassuring to know my Khorns are timeless, but disappointing that I can't come closer to the sound the Naim and the Palladiums produced in my 2.1 setup. B
  14. Everything works great. I've had the crossovers updated about 7 years ago. Just wondering if there are upgrades available to improve the sound. I recently picked up a Naim Uniti Star and while it improved the sound of the khorns, it was sublime on the Palladiums. But those are all doing duty in my 5.1 and I bought the Star for the 2.1 khorns. So I'm just wondering if drivers for the mid and tweeters are available to bring me closer to a modern horn sound. B
  15. I'm to the point that I would like to switch out the original tweeters on my 1972 khorns. I suppose this is a good thread to ask in. Also, does anyone offer the mid range driver assembly?
  16. Sounds like a great deal. If you can find stock somewhere.
  17. I place more value on say a 40 year old pair of speakers that have obviously been well cared for. Anybody can find a pair of 5-10 year old horns in perfect condition. The challenge is finding that same pristine cabinet 4 decades after they were made. A much rarer find and something I place a premium on. I can always swap out the drivers if want to. And I suppose you could say I could always have the cabinets refinished. My only response is, I somehow feel that's cheating.
  18. Just my two cents, but I put more value on older speakers - especially if their condition is excellent.
  19. I'm always in the market for *mint* condition Heritage. Alas, these are too far from me. GLWS. -B
  20. Your room dimensions and those corners look very inviting for the Khorns. You are going to love them. You might even kick yourself for not doing it years ago.
  21. Hmm...that sounds a little risky.
  22. If the finish looks as good as the details (and it looks like it is) you are under-pricing these, IMO. Bella
  23. I'll not comment on the shipping irregularities. For me that's a distraction from the bigger issue, which is damage to a brand new, unopened, high end speaker system. Unacceptable. Even if the speakers had cost you $350/pr, it's unacceptable. I own Palladiums, and I will disclose that the logo stickers on them are far from being what you would expect on a premium model. It is the design however, and all you can do on that issue is demand a new sticker. However, on the damage I encourage you to pursue satisfaction till the end. Which in my mind is nothing short of a brand new, pristine replacement speaker.
  24. If Kilpsch wanted to get into that area, I would think it'd make sense for them to spin off a start-up company specifically designed for the upper echelon of the speaker market.
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