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  1. I'll take Auburn & the points for $20 please Alex.
  2. so, I'm not familiar with dBpoweramp, but I have used Audacity, and have gotten acceptable results ripping from CD. but trying to "digitize" from vinyl is a whole diff story. I've tried a number of times, trying to remember what I've tried before, make a tweak or 2, retry - but SQ really sucks. it sounds like a really bad vinyl or cassette playback. SQ is really bad. any suggestions from the group? does dBpoweramp allow input via USB feed from turntable? I looked thru what documentation I could find for a few min but did not see that called out anywhere. thanks.
  3. IDK. I inquired too but have heard nothing but crickets. it appears that the poster dropped us all.
  4. wow - really nice score. would LOVE to make him an offer. like full asking price? just. wow. I'm in awe. would love to have one of these in my neck of the woods.
  5. @Perrin I'm interested but for unrelated reasons I have logistical issues getting to you. and, I understand that we probably need to get your post count up so that we can talk business via PM. thanks.
  6. source page says they are a pair. a ragged looking one of the pair. I saw those earlier. I'm not sure I could go there.
  7. S C O R E! good job! glad someone can give them a home.
  8. n/a. came up in my CL search results. photos could be much better. but hey, for 2 C notes, what more do ya want?!? looks like Heresys. if they weren't 2 hrs from me, I'd be on the move already. wow, $200. metro ATL OTP CL
  9. I agree. That veneer, on the decorator front, no grill on the top hat, put together isn't really me either. I wish I could find a pair of KB- walnut near that price...
  10. Hi. Are these still available? Very interested and willing to come have a look.
  11. not mine. but I might help a brotha out since they are probably near me. CL link
  12. interested in this if still available. pm in your inbox.
  13. @jason str thank you for the info sir. looks good. thanks also for direct link, and link to mounting frame too. I'm obviously a newbie to much of this, and especially on this topic. about closing up the current opening: what thickness plywood "cover" would you suggest? do you think 1/2" is thick enough but not too thick? thicker? and, is there a "sealant" type product you would recommend to use on the "cover" above to try to ensure the seal? something like a foam weatherstrip sealing tape from a home improvement store? or something different? thanks much for your help sir! greatly appreciated!!!
  14. hello. I've brought home a rescue RW-10 that I am troubleshooting. I got it as a project, seller told me it didn't work. when I got it home I found that the fuse has been removed. as I explore the reason for this, I have read online about the frequent amp failures with similar powered subs. if the amp turns out to have failed, does anyone have any specific amp suggestions for replacement? factory amp is a BASH amp, spec sheet says FTC rated 260w continuous; dynamic power 575w. spec sheet link the driver looks to be fine, tests 3.8 ohms, K-1133-O are there specific suggestions from PE or similar for external amp replacement of the BASH amp? thanks.
  15. N/A - happened to come across these on flea bay. CW ii BR, seller says, and tags support iirc, 1986 models. starting bid right now = $600. who knows where it'll end up. xo are not shown, and only 1 label-s/n flea bay CW ii BR
  16. agreed, and I have done the same thing in already being older than my Dad. he was taken from us too young. had a massive stroke at 55, died of C at 57. as I approached & passed the anniv of his death when I was 57, it was difficult. I have been able to move on. either we do or we don't. hopefully we all are strong enough to pass most challenges given us.
  17. wishful corndog thinking I believe
  18. we bought our last TV - Samsung UN55HU7200 55" curved screen 4k UHD about 3-4 yrs ago. Samsung seemed to have the best picture in a close race I think over Vizio. fiance was hard to move away from the curved screen feature, but PQ was excellent. ours has done very well. not completely problem free but very good.
  19. yes, MUCH better!!! Thank you!!! riiiiiigght - McDonald's drinks. that's it
  20. but the picture you offer there is just ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. what's wrong with it? oh wait - I know this... it's the content that is ruining that shot.
  21. -js-


    oh man. wow. praying here too.
  22. yeah, I don't think laptops are typically good swimmers
  23. -js-

    DIY kit-feedback

    so does anyone have any opinions on comparison of this to any "ready-made, plug & play" products like R-115SW, any SVS products, etc.? bang per $ lol, frequency comparisons, SPL? thanks in advance. -John
  24. -js-

    DIY kit-feedback

    thanks Dave. appreciate your input as well as Emile's. and as I'm typically slow to react when needing (more WANTING than needing. I'm sure you fellas know exactly what I mean.) WAF to spend the coin, this probably won't happen anytime soon. but again, doing what I do, I like to try to gather experienced advice to try to make the best possible informed decision.
  25. -js-

    DIY kit-feedback

    I understand. mine, well my wife-to-be, has cut me off regarding speakers. she says NO MO. but she's also said "they don't get any bigger than the K horn, do they?" of course I answered with a BIG smile "oh yeah. here, check these babies out!!!" as you can see, right now our room just has little room for anything more. as a slight aside - I only recently became re-employed following a post murder merger downsizing. while job searching we were ready to move elsewhere if a good job dictated it. we didn't have to move. so that has become a hopeful elective possibility down the road. I would like something a little larger than we have now. WITH CORNERS 😎
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