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  1. I know some question speaker break-in, but my 7IIs definitely sound smoother after a few hours playing full range. And it's not that I've gotten use to the sound. Some of my music I've heard 30 -40 years on many different platforms and I think I know how they should sound. [emoji16] The harshness I initially heard has definitely diminished. I think I'll keep them. [emoji5] My system is working into shape. edison Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  2. My system before and after. I had to delete the original pics and repost. Notice the light switch over the right speaker. Before: Light switch disappears with the RF7s. Unboxing was a breeze with my son on hand to help. Getting them in the house was the real problem. Luckily I had a hand truck for transport from the garage. I've watched folks unbox on YouTube and they clearly put too much effort into it. LOL Open where it says open, put the feet on, flip it, slide the box off. I like to keep my boxes in case I have to transport the speakers so I didn't want to cut them up. Of course now I have enough cardboard in my garage to start a shipping business. Not to mention the pallet the RF7s and RC64 shipped on. Finally, I put the figurines on top of the speakers as a concession to she who must not be named. edison
  3. If I had paid 3-4 times the cost of my RP-280 system I might have been underwhelmed and suffer buyer's remorse, but I paid substantially less than that. Yes, there was a premium over my RP280s, but part of that was offset by my son. BTW, he ended up with my older R28 speakers and not my RP280s. They've already found their way to the basement to upgrade that system. I'm going to take some time and really listen to the new speakers. I learned with the old speakers that you may have to tweak the setup and position to get the best sound. edison
  4. Just to complete this topic. I didn't (couldn't) wait for the RF-7IIIs to come out. I did purchase the RF-7IIs for my fronts and the matching RC-64II center. Metropolis... As you suggested I did not notice a quantum leap in quality from my RP-280s, but my son definitely thinks there is some. I plan on playing these for a few days in case there is a break in period. That Pro series definitely sounds interesting, but it's a moot point until I upgrade again. We all know it will happen sooner or later. Youthman... I did not have time to do an A-B comparison with my RP-280s. I wanted to swap these out before the wife got home, but that didn't work as she had already spotted them in the garage. I figured the II series couldn't be too bad since you use them for the stereo system in your living room. For those who suggested I wait for the Fortes or Heresies, I had already made my purchase. It will be a WHILE before I buy another speaker. I was really interested in the La Scalas, but that wasn't going to work out for a number of reasons, primarily space and appearance. I stayed with black since that was what I had and they were readily available. Now if the III series is truly better and Klipsch wants to replace my IIs, I'm on board. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy my newest acquisition. Thanks to all who responded. edison (Boy, these things are massive)
  5. I went to a local "high end" audio store to audition a set of RF-7IIs, but unfortunately it doesn't stock the 7s (said it was too hard to sell them at regular prices). It did have the RP280s and they sounded fantastic, better than mine in my living room. Of course my LR will never be as well set up as that listening room. What a fun, and expensive journey. Between watches, cruising, and audio I'm spending all my kids inheritance. [emoji3] edison Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  6. Well now you've given me a whole new set of variables. I feel I've truly gone down the rabbit hole. But I thank you for that information. I've heard about the pro line, just don't know much about it. [emoji43] edison Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  7. There are a few online vendors out there. Some even have a presence on eBay. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  8. Only if you personally come to my house and convince she who should not be named of the error of her thinking. I would suggest Kevlar and asbestos at a minimum. We could make this work. edison
  9. Just re-watched the CES interview with the Klipsch spokesman where he said the RF-7IIIs would be $3800 a pair. One vendor thought the pricing would be: Series III will be September 3699 and 1699 for center edison Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  10. Okay, my adult son is salivating at the thought of getting my current Klipsch system which consists of RP280s, RP450C,& R15s surrounds. I’m keeping my R-115 subs. These would be replaced by either RF-7IIs & RC-64II, or the soon to be released RF-7IIIs & matching center. I realize few have heard the new IIIs (visitors to CES or Hope, AR perhaps). The IIIs will come in at a much higher price than I can get the IIs for currently (at least list price). I don't expect the IIIs will be discounted as much initially, but I've been wrong before. I've read about the improvements such as the new Tractrix horn, and Reference Premier style plinth and grill, but do you think the improvements will merit the new price differential. I know, how can you judge the merits of a speaker you haven’t heard or seen? If the changes are mainly cosmetic, I can live with the RF-7IIs. My son is urging me to buy now before the RF-7II stock runs low. Of course he's not exactly disinterested. He sold audio for both Circuit City and Best Buy while in college so he knows what he's getting. I've seen the videos from CES so I know what the IIIs will look like. Unfortunately, I have this fatal flaw, I like to get in early. As they say, you can always spot the pioneers, they're the ones with the arrows in the back. If I jump in now I can enjoy the IIs and not worry about the pending price increase. It's not that I'm dissatisfied with my current system, but "Please sir, I want some more," always echoes in my mind. And before you say La Scalas, WAF means the new speakers must have the same form factor as my existing speakers. She who must not be named would not take kindly to the industrial box look of the LS in HER living room. edison
  11. Got it! Turned down the gain and got it to 5. Turned the subs on full time. Sometimes I do listen. [emoji3] Next to work on the surrounds. They were left over from an earlier Klipsch R-26 system. Thanks to all who responded. My system sounds a helluva lot better. edison Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  12. Hello again. Just a few more questions regarding my setup. I finally had a chance to re-run the speaker setup program on my TX-NR636 and I don't think I like the suggested parameters. Apparently the program wants to set my RP280s as large. Front 40 Hz Center 40 Hz Surrounds 50 Hz LPF of LFE 80 Hz Distance to MLP (speakers are a full 10' apart now) FL 14.9' Center 14' FR 15.2 Sur R 7.7' Sur L 8.0' Subs 15.8' Level Calibration FL +4 dB Center +4 dB FR +4 dB Sur R +3 dB Sur L +3 dB Subs -15 dB This seems counter-intuitive to everything I've read. I understand my mains can reach down to 40 Hz, but when set that way the subs don't even come on for much of my content. When I set the LCR to 70 Hz I see the subs kick in a lot sooner. Am I correct in assuming that I want the subs to do more of the work and the mains less work below 80 Hz. Would I be better off setting my mains to 80 Hz, or just leave them where they are. That -15 dB on the sub calibration seemed awfully low so I raised it to -12 dB. I also brought my second sub to the front (not an easy task with a torn rotator cuff). It filled in the space left when I moved my right speaker outbound. I know, sound trumps aesthetics, but I've got to look at them and I convinced my wife this was a much better look. She was not happy with two huge boxes sitting in plain sight in her living room. <g> This tweaking is fun! edison
  13. Okay, gentlemen, I took your advice and moved my speakers outward. Now they're about nine feet apart. Subjectively, the sound is better at my main listening position (okay, it's my easy chair). It is better even though I haven't run my receiver's audio processing program yet. I spent about two hours after moving the speakers listening to a wide variety of music just to get a feel for the difference. Most music seemed to open up more (can't think of a better way to describe it)and just seemed fuller. I can truly say everything sounded better. Still not happy with some recordings, but I think that's probably from the way they were recorded (compression effects perhaps). I wish I could move my chair closer. There seemed to be a sweet spot about half way up the room where there was a noticeable difference in the sound. I mean everything sounded better at my chair, but boy was it better at that spot. It wasn't deep. I spent a lot of time just bicycling back and forth to pinpoint that area. I think I appreciate my speakers more after moving them outward. I think I'll be satisfied for a while. Still, when the RF7-IIIs come out, I might be tempted. The IIIs wil look just like my RP280s so the wife won't notice a difference. <BSEG> At some point I'd like to rearrange the furniture to put the TV and speakers on the long wall instead of the short wall. That's a project for another day, however. Have to work on the wife for a while. Thanks again, all those replied. edison
  14. Freeport, Bahamas; Key West, FL; New Orleans, LA; Cozumel, Mexico, and Costa Maya, Mexico. We were in New Orleans for three days. Heading back to Miami now. I can see it's more than just plugging in speakers and expecting good results. edison Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  15. I'll swap the LF with the sub when I get home. Moving the RF outbound will mean moving that chair but that will net me about four more feet separation between my mains. This would also let me move the second sub to the front, or should I let it stay at the rear of the room. My bass seems okay after moving one sub to the front. I appreciate all the suggestions. Tweaks are a lot less expensive than new equipment, although that option remains open. edison Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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