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  1. Hoshneer

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Official Thread

    I'm so excited, I'm gonna watch the previous movie in the morning!
  2. Hoshneer

    Long long time Lurker...

    That's the next step but to do it without losing my wife in divorce. [emoji23]
  3. Hoshneer

    Long long time Lurker...

    I just wanted to say hello and finally introduce myself. My name is Rex and I'm from Fort Wayne, In. I have been reading this forum for a long time just never posted. My father used to be a plant engineer at a company that manufactured speaker cones. This is where I found my love for music and audio. Growing up I was always at music stores playing with receivers and speakers. It also helped he got a good discount on some audio equipment as well. We finally moved into a large house that had a room that was made for 7.1 maybe 7.2 eventually. [emoji23] I went nuts a year or two back and finally bought my dream system at a place called HH Gregg. My other hobbies include cigars and pipe tobacco and I run a local pipe and cigar club locally. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the useful information over the last couple years and to post my picture of me loading up my car the day I bought my Klipsch set-up. I had the salesmen placing bets but I got some free twine.
  4. Hoshneer

    Klipsch Music Center Indy

    My wife actually works at Ruoff and they are a pretty great company. I was torn because of how much I love Klipsch but hoping I get to see more concerts now. [emoji23]