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  1. Thanks for all of your feedback! My room is actually quite large as it is a loft. 10'w x 20' deep. Sofa is 10' from the speakers. Ceiling is 18' high. Another factor is I have to limit the speakers to a maximum height of 26". So that narrows it down to Heresy, KG4, or KG 3.2. My last option would be to explore newer Klipsch bookshelf speakers and pair with a used powered subwoofer. Does anyone have any experience with new Klipsch speakers? Are they any good? SB-2 or RB-61 are both available in the $200 range. thanks!
  2. I have never owned Klipsch, but am excited to get into the game! I have a Fisher 400 tube amp so will be using these for 2 channel music but also watching movies. I am looking on Craigslist but wanted to try the Klipsch forum additionally for perhaps find something someone had been thinking of selling but hadn't the inspiration to do so yet...
  3. Looking to buy a pair of Heresy, Forte, Quartet, KG4, KG 3.2 or similar. Pickup within 100 miles of Los Angeles. thanks!
  4. FIrst of all I am new to hi-fi. I am looking at a set of KG4 for $200 on craigslist to hook up to my Fisher 400 amp. Anyone have any experience with this combo? Will the ~25ish WPC of this amp be enough for these speakers? Also, I am new to owning speakers of this age 25+ years old. What should I plan to have to repair / replace? I am already gearing up to do my first cap upgrades. thanks!
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